Using Lowe’s Credit Card To Buy Gift Card

Lowe’s is an American retailing brand of home improvement. The company was instigated on 25 March 1921. Lucius Smith Lowe is the founder of Lowe’s. This company is considered the second enormous hardware chain in the United States. The company has its headquarters in Mooresville, North Carolina, US. Home improvements can be a very hectic thing, right? Hiring a contractor and everything can be a little out of your budget and time, that is when you should decide to do everything by yourself. Can we use lowe’s credit card to buy a gift card?

Using Lowes Credit Card To Buy Gift Card?

The Lowe’s Advantage Credit comes with various benefits as well as disadvantages. The Lowe’s Advantage credit card can also get used to buy another gift card. The article is about Lowes credit card, where it can get used, advantages and disadvantages. 

What is a Lowe’s credit card?

The Lowes credit card comes with various benefits like it offers six-month special financing, zero annual fees, and 5% off every day. The company offers this card to all the customers who shop often from their store. This card also has a high APR of 26.99%, which might cause problems for the customers who fail to pay the amount within the given time. If you are not a regular customer of Lowes or do not shop often from their store, there are alternatives to Lowes credit cards as well.

Can we purchase any gift cards with a Lowe’s credit card?

Absolutely yes, the customers are eligible to buy any gift cards with the help of a lower credit card, but they need to keep one thing in mind, the 5% discount offer will not be applicable to this purchase.

What are the benefits of Lowe’s advantage card?

The benefits of lowe’s are as follows:

Project financing

The company makes this option available for their customers because they think that there should be multiple options for payment of big projects. So, for orders above $2000, the customers can ask for any financing option because it won’t be automatically applied. The customers need to keep in mind that the 5% offer will not be applied to such financing options. The following options are provided by the company :

  • 36 monthly payments at 3.99% APR
  • 60 monthly payments at 5.99% APR
  • 84 monthly payments at 7.99% APR 

5% every day 

The customers making their purchase through the Lowes advantage card will get 5% off on each purchase. The customers need to remember that this 5% offer will not be applicable to employee discounts, gift cards, or military discounts. This offer is also not comprehended in some brands. 

6-month financing 

This option does not offer a 5% discount. The brand has provided this option on orders above $299. If the payment is made within six months of the purchase date, the customers will get charged 0% APR. If the customer is not able to meet the requirements, then he/she will be charged 26.99% APR. 

Is 5% offer better or special financing?

Well, that depends on the customer itself as they are given the option that they will get 5% on every purchase or special financing. The customers cannot use both options, they need to choose one. If you choose the first option, you will get 5% on every purchase, but if you choose the special financing option, then you need to pay your amount within six months, then you will be charged 0% APR. 

Are there any drawbacks of Lowe’s advantage card?

Yes, with every benefit, there come drawbacks as well. The biggest drawback of Lowe’s advantage card is its high APR which is 26.99%. So if a customer chooses the special financing option, they must pay their amount within six months to avoid the consequences. The drawbacks of Lowes are as follows:

  • The company will charge you $38 for late fees
  • High APR 26.99%
  • No cash advance option
  • No free shipping or extended returns

Name the alternatives to Lowe’s advantage card?

The alternatives to Lowe’s advantage card are as follows:

  • Chase Freedom Unlimited Card  

This card does not have any complications and offers 0% APR for 15 months. It also offers 1.5% cashback, 6.5% cashback on travel purchases, and 4.5% cashback on pharmaceuticals and dining.

  • Chase Sapphire Preferred Card  

This card offers the best travel rewards. You will get 25% value when you redeem for hotels, car rentals, airfare, and cruises. If you spend over $4000, you will get 60,000 bonus points. This card is the best option for any wanderlust.

How to apply for a Lowe’s Advantage card?

The process to apply for a Lowe’s Advantage card is quite simple, you just need a sufficient credit score to get approved, and you also need to be 18 years old or above to be eligible for this card. You can apply online or in-store. Some customers will get selected instantly, but some might be on the waiting list but will get informed within 7-8 days. 


To sum up, everything that has been stated so far. The Lowe’s advantage card is beneficial to all those customers who shop often from Lowes. They can even use this Lowe’s advantage card to buy any gift card. This card offers two options of special financing and a 5% discount on each purchase. Now, it is up to the customer what they want to choose as per their requirement. The customer needs to make their payment within six months if they choose the special financing option, or else they will face the consequences.

Using Lowe’s Credit Card To Buy Gift Card

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