What Channel Is SYFY On DirecTV?

According to survey reports, people spend 3-4 hours on average in front of their television. Though over time, a significant number of programs transferred to the OTT platform, there are some hidden treasures available on traditional cable. If you are nerdy, who enjoys science in entertainment, and a user of DirecTV “Which channel should you add to your favourites? ” Let see What Channel Is SYFY On DirecTV?

What Channel Is SYFY On DirecTV?

What channel is SYFY on DirecTV?

Syfy is a science-based channel that broadcasts science-based fiction, horror, and fantasy programs. Syfy was launched on September 24 in 1992. The SYFY channel is owned by NBC Universal television and streaming, which is part of Comcast’s NBC Universal.

Founded on June 17, 1994, DirecTV is the number 1 satellite tv service provider in the United States. Owned by AT&T and TGP Capital, DirecTV has 15.9 million customers across the nation. They mostly operate in the United States, Latin America, and the Caribbean.

The DirecTV cable network offers a large number of channels to help you spice up your entertainment routine. If you enjoy science and are seeking a channel that satisfies your need for both pleasure and education, look for channel 244 on your DirecTV cable account.

List of shows to enjoy on SYFY:

SYFY offers a fair amount of science-based programs for people of all ages. The following is a list of a few programs and series:

  • 12 Monkeys: (Science, Fiction, Mystery, Drama)

The show is inspired by the movie “12 Monkeys” released back in the year 1995. It’s a story about two strangers who team up together to defend the planet from the 12 Monkeys Organization Army. They went back in time together to rescue the planet from them.

  • Ghost Hunters: (Paranormal, Reality, Documentary)

This documentary series is about the Atlantic Paranormal Society’s paranormal investigations. They go to the most haunted locations and investigate the truth behind them.

  • Alien News Desk: (Comedy)

Alien News Desk is an animated comedy series starring extra-terrestrial news anchors Drexx Drudlarr and Tuva Van Void, who report on Earth’s news from an alien perspective.

  • Van Helsing: (Horror, Drama, Action)

The program tells the narrative of Vanessa Van Helsing, a young woman who regained consciousness after a long coma. She discovered that vampires had taken over people and that she is humanity’s final hope. Her blood is unique in that it can transform vampires into humans.

  • Resident Alien: (Comedy, Fiction, Drama, Mystery)

The story of an alien who crashes lands on Earth and is assigned the mission of swiping humanity. He took on a new name and began working as a human pathology physician. When he is forced to do an autopsy on a person who died under odd circumstances, he realizes that he needs to learn more about humanity.

  • Chucky: (Fiction, Horror, Drama)

According to the show, Jake Wheeler brought the doll from a yard sale for his school project. Soon after, he realizes that the doll is possessed by the spirit of serial murderer Charles Lee Ray after a series of horrifying incidents in the town reveal the doll’s involvement in murders. He also learns about Charles’s childhood.

  • Astrid & Lilly Save the World: (Fantasy, Drama, Thriller)

The story of two BFFs Lilly and Astrid unintentionally establishes a portal to another reality that allows the beasts from that dimension to escape. Now they have a challenge in front of them to save the world from these creatures.

SYFY Channel has a large number of programs and series. They offer varieties of shows and series for customers of all ages. Apart from that, the channel broadcasts good movies and sequels regularly. You can watch the channel to enjoy a movie marathon. The shows and series are also available on other platforms like Netflix, Hulu TV, etc apart from SYFY App at subscription cost. 


On your DirecTV cable package, you may watch a wide range of popular channels. They feature a wide variety of popular channels to watch for people of all ages. However, if you’re seeking a channel that combines study with fun, go no further. You should tune in to SYFY on channel 244 on your television.

Frequently Asked Question:

Which channel number SYFY is available on Dish Network?

You can enjoy the SYFY channel on channel number 122 in SD and on channel number 9432 in HD on Dish Network.

Where to watch SYFY for free?

You can enjoy watching SYFY programs on the SYFY App for free. You can enjoy videos and a few free episodes on the SYFY app.

Is SYFY on Amazon Prime?

You can enjoy the SYFY channel on Amazon Prime.

Is the SYFY app free?

You can download the SYFY app free of cost. You can enjoy videos and a few episodes from shows and series without a subscription.

What Channel Is SYFY On DirecTV?

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