Who makes dishwasher detergent?

Electric dishwashers have eased up the process of cleaning your dishes and utensils by replacing the manual labor that was required to clean the dishes; dishwashers also don’t let the water affect your hands in any way. Although the majority of the task is now done by the dishwasher, it still needs a detergent to clean the dishes properly.  There are several dishwasher detergents available in the market, some of the companies that manufacture dishwasher detergents are: Finish dishwasher detergent, cascade dishwasher detergent, Palmolive eco dishwasher detergents, Amaze! Dishwasher tablets. Dishwasher detergents are available in all kinds of forms like dishwashing liquids, gel, powder, tablets, etc. The various varieties of these dishwasher liquids only make it better for the buyer to choose from a whole lot of options and choose according to their needs and also see for themselves if the detergent caters to the customers and satisfies them. 

Who makes dishwasher detergent

Popular Detergent Brands

These are some of the popular brands that make dishwashing detergents:

  • Lemi Shine
  • Finish power up the rinse aid 
  • Cascade platinum plus 
  • Finish quantum 
  • Bubble Bandit 
  • Glisten booster and freshener

Having looked at some of these dishwasher detergents, let’s sort these dishwasher detergents according to the various needs of the customers.

Sorting Dishwasher Detergents

Listed below are the detergents sorted according to your needs:

  • Best dishwasher detergent overall- Finish dishwasher detergent tablet.
  • Most budget-friendly dishwasher detergent- Cascade complete gel dishwasher detergent.
  • Best gel dishwasher detergent- Better life dishwasher gel at amazon
  •  Best liquid dishwasher detergent- Palmolive eco dishwasher detergent
  • Best dishwasher detergent powder- Ecover dishwasher powder 
  • Best pack of dishwasher detergent- Cascade complete actionpacs
  • Best dishwasher detergent for hard water- Amaze! Dishwasher tablets
  • Best Rinse aid- Lemi shine shine & dry rinse
  • Most eco-friendly dishwasher detergent- seventh generation dishwasher gel. 

Sourcing Detergents and Comparing Prices

These detergents can be sourced from several offline as well as online stores:

  • Finish Powerball Quantum Detergent- This can be bought on Amazon for $27 or from Target stores at $7 and there are normally 22-84 tabs present. It is available in powder, gel, and liquid tablet form.
  • Cascade complete gel dishwasher detergents- This can be bought on Amazon for $12.99 onwards and is available at Walmart and Home Depot for $6. And is manufactured in the form of a gel.
  • Better Life naturally crumb-crushing dishwasher gel- available on Amazon and Walmart for $14 and Bed Bath & Beyond for $7, and is available in the form of a gel.
  • Palmolive Eco dishwasher gel detergents- available on Amazon for $9 and Walmart for $14 in the form of liquid.
  • Ecover dishwasher liquid- can be bought on Amazon for $47 and at Walmart for $26, available in the form of powder.
  • Cascade Complete ActionPacs dishwasher detergent- Available on Amazon, Walmart, and Home Depot for $19 in the form of liquid and powder packs.
  • Amaze! Premium all-in-one dishwasher tablets- Available on Amazon for $10 and Walmart for $70, in the form of liquids and powder tablets. 
  • Lemi Shine Shine + dry rinse natural dishwasher rinse aid- can be bought from Amazon for $18 and at Walmart for $4 and at Target for $10, available in the form of liquid.
  • Seventh generation dishwasher gel- available at Amazon for $37 and on Walmart for $13 and on Target for $8 in the form of a gel.

Tips to Buy a good Dishwasher Detergent 

You should keep the following tips in mind while shopping for a detergent for your dishwasher: 

Dishwasher detergents are available in three forms— powder, gel, and tablets. Powder detergents normally need measuring out and if not put in the right quantity they may not clean the dishes properly or leave residue on the dishes, however, it is the best option if you are looking to clean bigger pots and utensils.

Gel variants of dishwasher detergents are mostly ineffective against most of the utensils as they leave behind residue and don’t dissolve easily except glassware.   Tablets are the most effective and mess-free alternative among the three options of detergents available as they don’t need measuring out the accurate amount and they clean better than the other options but they also are the most expensive option out of the three. 


Good detergents to wash your dishes have been in demand since its invention. It has not only eased up the process of cleaning your dishes or removing all the oil, grease, or any kind of stains that are left from the food that you eat. If not washed properly there may be stains left on your utensils which does not give a very good impression of you. Thus, a household must invest in a good detergent.

Frequently Asked Question:
  1. Can I use the normal dishwashing liquid and soap in my dishwasher?

No, you cannot use your regular dishwashing soap or dishwashing liquid for washing utensils in a dishwasher.

  1. When is a rinse aid required?

You should use a rinse aid when you want to clean your utensil and dishes of any residue and to that end rinse aid is normally used with powder detergents. 

Who makes dishwasher detergent?

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