Does Denver Zoo Have Wheelchairs?

Does Denver Zoo Have Wheelchairs?

In this article we will see whether Denver zoo have wheelchairs or not? Zoos are the perfect destination for an outing. They are adventurous, educational, and a breathing zone out of the hectic lifestyle. Children especially love to visit zoos and see the different types of creations that reside in this world. 

The Denver zoo is one such place where you can find peace and enjoy your weekend with your family. It provides certain facilities which most people are unaware of and one such is the rental wheelchairs facility. This article tells you about this particular facility and how you can make use of it. So go on and read it.

Is the Denver Zoo famous?

The Denver Zoo is a zoological garden located in Colorado state of the United States of America. The Denver Zoo came into being after the mayor of Denver, Thomas S. McMurry, got gifted an American black bear. It was under the guidance of this mayor that the foundation of the Denver Zoo was laid. Today, the Denver Zoo is famous for its unique setting. It is based on the principle of Carl Havenback which stated that the animals in the zoo should not get trapped inside cages, and people should view them at eye level. It is due to this peculiar feature that the Denver Zoo has so much footfall.

Does Denver Zoo have wheelchairs?

In a zoo, you have to walk long distances Because the animals are spread out over a vast area. There are some people who want to visit zoos, but cannot due to this problem. But in the Denver Zoo, this kind of inconvenience does not arise. It provides wheelchairs and other strollers for rent for people with special needs. Not only wagons, but they also provide volunteers who help the individuals in need. You can book your rental wheelchair in advance so that it is ready for you when you arrive. You can collect your wheelchair from the Safari Outfitters at the entrance gate of the Zoo.

What types of wheelchairs are available?

The Denver zoo provides you with a choice to rent the type of wheelchairs that you are most comfortable with. It provides the following types of wagons:-

  1. Push Wheelchair – This is a normal type of wheelchair that can be rented for differently-abled people, who cannot walk long distances, or are injured, or are not fit mentally. The rental for this is $10. 
  2. Electric Convenience Vehicle – an electric convenience vehicle or EVC is a motor vehicle for independent mobility. It is for a single person, under 400 pounds and above the age of 18 with a valid license. The rental for this is $25.
  3. Safari Jeep – To have a lifetime experience, a safari jeep has two seating and some storage space for children to enjoy. The rental for this is $10. 
  4. Wagon – Another stroller for children, you can also put your extra belongings, lunches, or anything to keep your hands free and enjoy the environment of the zoo. The rental for this is $10.

If you rent any of these strollers, you will get access to them for your entire visit of one day.

Where else are wheelchairs available in Denver zoo?

The Denver zoo provides wheelchairs only for rent. You cannot purchase them. If you do not want to rent a wheelchair from the Denver Zoo, you can purchase it from a nearby shop. You can also bring your own wheelchairs and strollers. However, there are some places where you will not be allowed to use a wheelchair.


You can easily rent a wheelchair or a motor vehicle for moving around in the zoo. Be it the children, elders, or any person with physical or mental disabilities can enjoy this beautiful ecological atmosphere. You can take along your wheelchair as well. And now that you know this facility, do share it with the others!

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Where can I book a ticket to Denver Zoo?

You can go to the official website of the Denver zoo. Then you can click on visits under which you will be able to see The tickets option. Under that, you can book tickets according to your convenience. 

2. Which animals are in the Denver Zoo?

You can find the African penguins, lions, wild dogs, American flamingos, Siberian tigers, Asian elephants, Asian otters, California sea lion, buffalo, clouded leopard, golden lion tamarin, great hornbill, grizzly bear, Komodo dragon, and many such exotic specie, that are difficult to find anywhere else. 

3. Are there any restrictions on visiting the Denver Zoo?

You need to book your tickets beforehand because the Denver zoo has only unlimited capacity for each day. There are as such no restrictions on visiting the zoo. However, you should be at least 16 years old in order to visit the Denver Zoo. If you are below 16 years of age, you must be accompanied by a person more than 16 years old.

Does Denver Zoo Have Wheelchairs?

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