Does Fred Meyer Buy Back Jewelry?

Does Fred Meyer Buy Back Jewelry?

Fred Meyer is a known brand among the people of the United States. It is one of the go-to jewelry stores. It even has exclusive designs, which make people notice them from a distance.It started as a catalog showroom but slowly converted into a jewelry company that has dedicated itself to making premium quality products. If you are a Fred Meyer jewelry fan, You should be aware of its return policy, just in case you need it. It has a return and exchange policy, which gives you enough time to judge whether the jewelry is suitable for you or not. To know more about Fred Meyer buy back jewelry, read the article.

Does Fred Meyer buy back jewelry?

Like many other jewelry companies, Fred Meyer has a flexible return policy. Not only jewelry but any of the items purchased from Fred Meyer can get returned to the store within 60 days or two months of the purchase. The procedure for returning jewelry and other merchandise is different in online and retail stores. The jewelry must be in an unused or new condition along with the original packaging, payment receipt, and certificate. For returning an item in a store, you can locate the nearest Fred Meyer jewelry store and return it within minutes.

What is the process of returning jewelry?

If you want to return your item online, you must follow the given steps:- 

  1. Visit the official website of Fred Meyer.
  2. Click on Customer service.
  3. Click on the Return Request Forms option.
  4. Fill in all the required fields.
  5. Click on the Look Up Order option.
  6. Enter your Purchase Order Number.
  7. After your item appears on the screen, click on the Return Item option.
  8. Submit it. You will receive an automated email confirming your return request.

You need to return the jewelry buy on online to a Fred Meyer store. The responsibility of mailing or delivering the product is yours. Fred Meyer provides some recommendations for you to ensure that you deliver the package safely. You will receive the refund in your original method of payment.

What is Fred Meyer’s Loose Diamond return policy?

Loose Diamond is an interesting collection of diamonds where you get a wide selection of loose diamonds in peculiar shapes and at comparatively lower prices. You can even customize your designs and get the gemstone cut. It also provides a collection of designer diamonds from all over the world. Even this segment has a written policy in which you can return the item purchased within 30 days of ordering it. The procedure for returning these is the same as other jewelry.

What is Fred Meyer’s Diamond trade-in policy?

This policy is for all jewelry lovers. If you have a diamond from Fred Meyer, you can trade-in and purchase a new diamond worth double your old diamond. This policy is only eligible for diamond products and not other gemstones or precious stones. The diamond products are not applied to semi-precious and precious diamond products. You can trade-in your diamond anniversary bands, loose diamonds, Three store rings, platinum gold, diamond bracelets for both, men and women, and diamond mountings. For a trade-in, you need to bring the original receipt of payment and the certificate.


Fred Meyer has been a reputed jewelry brand for many people in the United States of America since 1973. It has a return policy under which it takes back jewelry within 60 days of its purchase. If you have bought the jewelry from an online store, you need to mail or courier it. If you have bought it from an offline shop, you can go to the store to return it. It has a separate policy for Loose Diamonds and even has a diamond trade-in policy. So, Fred Meyer even gives you a chance to exchange your product, if you are not in the mood to say goodbye to your jewelry.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Are Fred Meyer diamonds real?

Fred Meyer provides real jewelry and provides the certification when you purchase any item. Be it a diamond or any other gemstone, or even watches, all of them are legitimate. 

2. Are Fred Meyer jewelers and Fred Meyer stores related?

Yes. Fred Meyer stores are a subsidiary of Kroger. They are primarily hypermarket superstores that have expanded their horizon and become a one-stop for all the items. So the included jewelry and Fred Meyer jewelry is a subsidiary of it. It can also be found under the name of Littman Jewelers.

3. What if I lost my certificate?

The certificate is crucial in any of the policies relating to returns and exchange of Fred Meyer jewelry. If you have lost your certificate, you will have to pay a heavy fee of $200.

4. What is Fred Meyer’s exchange policy?

You can exchange your product within 60 days of your purchase if you have bought it from an online store. If you have bought it from a retail store, you have up to 90 days to exchange your items. For exchanges as well as returns, customized rings, designs, and other personalized jewelry are not applicable.

Does Fred Meyer Buy Back Jewelry?

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