Does Goodwill Have Wheelchairs?

Does Goodwill Have Wheelchairs?

As awareness surrounding the needs of specially-abled people increases, steps to increase their level of accessibility to public places, and inclusion in social circles are taken on a significant scale. It is often seen that people with special needs have to take a huge medical loan to sustain their hospital trips or buy wheelchairs or physical aid instruments to help them combat their disability.People born with leg differences, have amputated legs, or are paralyzed from the waist below use wheelchairs to gain mobility, at least to a certain extent. But before you shell out a huge amount on these wheelchairs, try to look for them at your nearest Goodwill branch. If you are not sure of the availability, this article concerns itself with wheelchair facilities provided at Goodwill, which is one of the most common places to visit for a regular American resident, so read on to know more. 

Does Goodwill Have Wheelchairs?

As is popularly known, wheelchairs can cost abnormally high and are not accessible to the lower-income groups. Institutions like Goodwill, Salvation Army, The American Red Cross, etc. always have them available at the price of dirt. Not only do Goodwill sell wheelchairs, but they also include ramps alongside their staircases to facilitate a healthy and accessible environment for their people in wheelchairs! The world can learn from them.

American Disability Act Of 1990:

American Disability Act of 1990 prohibits discrimination against disabled people, be it in any form- lack of employment and educational opportunities, transportation, or general accessibility issues. Under this provision, several measures have been taken to include the specially-abled section of the society in day-to-day activities plus facilitate their mobility.

For more detailed information on the same, please visit:

What Is Goodwill?

Goodwill is a non-profit institution that provides training and education to individuals who have some sort of limitation to themselves when it comes to getting jobs and is essentially a community-based service that aims to enhance the productivity and efficiency of the people. 

It was founded in 1902 by Reverend Edgar Helms in Boston in the United Nations of America, and originally, they collected household essentials and clothing from richer parts of the neighborhood, hired unskilled labor to repair or mend any broken items, and then donated 100% of its collections to the needy. 

It is funded by a chain of more than 3200 retail thrift stores, all of which are their independent units as well. There are roughly 165 Goodwill stores in America and Canada combined, and they operate in other countries like Mexico, Brazil, Venezuela, and South Korea, among others.

Goodwill has trained millions of people and helped them become financially stable. 

FUN FACT: The logo of Goodwill is a ‘g’ at first glance, but is actually designed to look like a smiling face!

How Do You Donate At Goodwill?

Goodwill only accepts donations of items that can be resold or reused at their retail thrift shops, or online. The most common donations are clothes, bags, watches, furniture, and home décor. 

You can also thrift their items at a Goodwill branch near you, or just log on to to browse through their products and shop. This way, you are shopping sustainable and cheap, plus you know your money goes to a good cause. 

How Does Goodwill Support Specially-Abled People?

This is just one of the many stories that prove how accommodating Goodwill is to its differently-abled employees and consumers. It also supports the National Disability Employment movement by ensuring equal representation, inclusivity, and encouraging a team-spirit-based work environment. Head over to to learn more.


It is high time that the stigmas or prejudices against specially-abled people are combated, and facilities like wheelchairs are made cheaper and more accessible. If you were wondering how to get a quality wheelchair or crutches at cheap rates, Goodwill is the place to be, along with the other chains mentioned above. You can both donate and buy the same from Goodwill- if you are lucky, your Goodwill chain might even give them to you free of charge!

  1. How do I get a free wheelchair?

You can get one at government programs like Medicaid and Medicare, The Wheelchair Foundation, and other programs for senior and disabled people. 

  1. How do I donate a wheelchair?

You can donate a wheelchair to organizations like The Wheelchair Foundation, Wheels of Mercy, Wheels of Mercy, etc.

  1. How much does a wheelchair cost in general?

It might range anywhere from USD 500 to USD 1500, or more.

  1. How much does Goodwill pay its disabled employees?

According to statistics, Goodwill pays wages as low as 41 cents per hour, which is below legal standards. There have been controversies regarding this exploitation of workers.

  1. Does Medicaid pay for wheelchairs?

Yes, it pays for both normal and powered wheelchairs.

Does Goodwill Have Wheelchairs?

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