Does Rogers & Hollands Buy Back Jewelry?

Does Rogers & Hollands Buy Back Jewelry?

We will see about Rogers & Hollands buy back jewelry policy in this article.For some, it is the collection of stamps, or for some, it is collecting vintage cars. For some, it is collecting watches, and for some, it is jewelry. Everybody has a leisure hobby, a certain product for which they never think again before buying. 

If you are a jewelry lover, it must be hard for you to resist some elegant jewelry. Rogers & Hollands has been providing you with embellished jewelry and luxurious products for more than 100 years now. Their jewelry is widely known for fine craftsmanship, consistency in quality, and constantly rediscovering the old designs. One of the important things to know before buying jewelry products is its return policy. This article will give you the exact information you need to know if you ever need to return a Rogers & Hollands product. 

Does Rogers & Hollands buy back jewelry?

Rogers & Hollands Is one of the most trusted jewelry and luxury products companies in the market. And certainly, its return policy is also very hassle-free and stress-free. Rogers and Hollins buy back jewelry if you apply for a return in two months or 60 days of buying the jewelry. Some jewelry items have a more lenient policy as they can be returned within 100 days from buying the item. And in exchange Rogers & Hollands provides you with store credit. You can contact customer care through their live chat or email them at or call them on 708-679-7588. After that, they will guide you through the entire process.

What is the procedure for returning jewelry?

The procedure for returning jewelry is different in stores and online. If you bought it in a store, you will have to return it to the store. You need to take your item and the billing receipt for proof of the purchasing date. Thereafter, your money will get refunded in the method you purchased it. and only to the original purchaser. For online returns, the procedure is a bit different. For returning online, you need to ship the merchandise to the given address:-

REI Guest Service Dept. 

P.O. Box 879

Mattes on, IL 60443

You need to be careful while shipping the product and ensure your package is safe. If you sort of mishap or accident occurs, Rogers & Hollands will not hold any liability for it. Rogers & Hollands uses USPS service to deliver all its products. You can also use the same shipping service to ensure that your returned item is safely delivered.

What are the conditions of its return policy?

For returning the jewelry, you will have to keep in mind certain guidelines, pertaining to which you will be able to return your product:-

  1. Items should not be tampered with or damaged.
  2. All sorts of free gifts given with the purchase have to be given back in a new condition.
  3. Resizing the ring or altering or any sort of activity that would make it exclusively your product is not eligible for a return.
  4. If you got your product customized or resized after the purchase, a restocking fee of 10% of your original purchase up to $75 will get charged.
  5. The returned item should come in its original packaging with the billing receipt.
  6. If any pieces of the returned product are lost or missing, a fee of up to $50 will get charged.
  7. Your original shipping charges will not get refunded unless the product was delivered defective or damaged by Rogers & Hollands.

What is Rogers & Hollands diamond trade-in policy?

Rogers & Hollands provides a very interesting policy in which you can trade a diamond for another if you have purchased it from a diamond collection at Rogers & Hollands. You can upgrade your diamond and double the trade-in value. This facility is available at all retail stores as well as online websites of Rogers & Hollands as well as its subsidiary Ashcroft & Oak. Diamond purchase from any other jewelry company is not available for this trade.


Rogers & Hollands provides all sorts of ornaments that would add value to your collection. But sometimes it might be that you do not like the purchases made in a hurry. For that, Rogers & Hollands provides a return policy. You can return your purchased merchandise within 60 days. This return policy is applicable in the case of exchange also. You can get a refund or store credit if you want. Rogers & Hollands also provides a diamond trade-in policy. 

Frequently Asked Questions 
  1. Does Rogers & Hollands deliver internationally?

Rogers in Holland is an American jewelry company that ships products within the United States. It is not currently available for shopping outside the US.

2. Does Rogers & Hollands buy jewelry?

Rogers & Hollands does not buy jewelry from any other company. It, however, does have some trade and policies, such as the diamond trade-in policy mentioned above.

3. What is available on Rogers & Hollands?

Rogers and Holland is primarily a jewelry company where rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, anklets, and diamond studs are available. Apart from jewelry, high-end watches of Coach, Hamilton, Citizen, Tissot, Movado, G-Shock, and Bulova are available.

Does Rogers & Hollands Buy Back Jewelry?

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