Google Competitive Advantages

Google LLC, founded in the year 1998, is an American multinational technological brand that is a subsidiary of Alphabet Inc. Initially begun as a search engine, the company has undergone a massive transformation in the past two decades with them making a contribution in every technology-related field such as Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, entertainment tools, physical devices, and so on. Google is a part of the acclaimed “Big Five” of the US, with the other members being Meta, Amazon, Apple, and Microsoft. Google has a number of advantages over its competitors such as the financial advantage, brand value, and technological advantage. In this article, we are going to have a look at the competitive advantages of Google LLC.

 Google Competitive Advantages

Brand value of Google LLC

Google is perhaps the most recognizable name on the internet as of today, with many people even associating the name of the search engine with the very existence of the internet itself. The company has worked hard over the years to become what it is today, and the remarkable quality of its products that have made so many lives easier has made Google a household name. People trust Google LLC. 

Technological Advantage

Google provides the technology on its search engine that claims to conduct 99% accurate searches in 20% reduced timings. The infrastructure underneath any of Google’s services is top-notch and the company continues to work to improve its services and strengthen the bases. The company also boasts of the world’s most powerful and energy-efficient data centers.

Market Share

Google enjoys a huge market share worldwide. A survey in 2019 confirmed that nearly 70% of internet users preferred to use Google as their default search engine. Not only this, but Google Chrome is also the most used browser among the users by a large value. The huge market share makes it much easier for Google to market new products and also get valuable reviews from the users.

Advantages from widespread products/services

Google has a product in almost every aspect of modern technology (such as AI, IoT, Cloud Computing, Utility apps, etc.). Thus, the company competes in all fonts with the competitors. Loyal fans of Google would not be left disappointed that their favorite company’s products aren’t available for a specific category.

Free cash flow

Google is one of the most profitable companies in the US, with the annual revenue crossing $250 billion in FY 20-21. With gross margins of nearly 60%, the company enjoys a free cash flow. This makes it possible for Google LLC to spend extra funds on advertisements, new products, and innovations as well. Google has also invested in many start-ups and businesses that have had considerable success in the past.

  1. Quality of employees
  2. Google is renowned for hiring the brightest minds at the company. Students and aspirants from top universities and companies want to join Google at some point in their lives, with a survey in 2019 confirming that 55% of the IT working population considered Google to be their “dream job”.

The remarkable quality of the people hired to ensure that the company is able to provide the best of its services.

These are the main factors that set Google apart from its competitors and give them a competitive edge over others. However, this list is not exhaustive.

Conclusion on Google Competitive Advantages

We have seen in this article that Google does enjoy a lot of advantages over its competitors and is in fact, a step ahead of most of them. However, with the advent of new and new technologies every day, Google has its task cut out to retain the popularity it enjoys and be a pioneer in the new developments. The efficient leadership team at the company, coupled with the tactical acumen with which the company has been run till now, does forecast a very bright future for Google LLC ahead.

Frequently Asked Questions on Google Competitive Advantages :

Question. Who are the major competitors of Google?

Google faces stiff competition in a number of sectors from different companies. Companies like Yahoo! and Bing provide Google with tough competition in the native search engine business. On the other hand, Amazon and Microsoft virtually work in the same category that Google does, thus, providing direct competition to Google LLC.

Question. Should Google be worried about its competitors?

While Google does have a considerable advantage over its competitors, no company is ever safe in the IT field with new and new technologies coming into the limelight every day. As such, anyone who makes the next big breakthrough would have an edge over others.  

Question. What are the main factors that decide the competitive advantage of a company?

Competitive advantage does not have a specific well-defined meaning as such, but it does depend on a variety of six factors including price, location, speed, quality, selection, and turnaround. 

Google Competitive Advantages

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