Is Veritas Jewelry Real Gold?-Let Us Know

Veritas Jewelry is a UK-based company that was founded in the year 2004 with the aim of revolutionizing the jewelry industry as it was and merging the best of innovation and tradition. The company has undergone massive growth since its inception and is one of the largest jewelry brands today, not only in the UK but worldwide. Veritas Jewelry has a highly esteemed line of customers, with some of its most notable clients including Buckingham Palace, Bentley, Breitling, etc.

Is Veritas Jewelry Real Gold

Veritas boasts of a huge variety of products and the company does use real 22 karat/24 karat gold in making their jewelry items. The purity of the gold used by Veritas can be verified with the help of certified hallmarks from reputed jewelry companies.

Veritas Products that Use Real Gold

Veritas manufactures a wide range of items that contain real 22k/24k gold. Some of these jewelry items include: 

  1. Veritas Chains and Necklaces: The company manufactures a wide variety of chains, for men, women, and unisex as well. All of these chains are hallmarked and made from real gold.
  2. Veritas rings: Veritas also supplies different rings that are made of pure gold. 
  3. Other items: Additionally, other items such as pendants, ear pins, nose pins, etc. are also manufactured by Veritas Jewelry that is made of pure 22k/24k gold.

Pricing of Gold Jewelry at Veritas

Veritas Jewelry items are expensive because it uses real gold to manufacture its products. The price of Veritas gold chains varies from anywhere between $500 to $5000. Similarly, the rings can cost one anywhere upwards of $750. The diamond products are also quite expensive, with the cheapest one coming at around $1000.

How to identify Real Gold

There are a lot of jewelry companies that claim to use real gold in their jewelry items. As such, it becomes extremely important as a consumer to be able to verify whether or not a jewelry item contains real gold. Real Gold can be identified using:

  1. The easiest way to identify real gold is by using the hallmark symbol. The symbol contains information on whether 22k or 24k gold was used in the making process.
  2. Another way is to simply put the gold item inside a jug full of water. A real gold item would sink to the bottom of the container whereas a fake one would float.
  3. One can also simply contact customer care at Veritas. And enquire about the raw materials used for making a particular product.

Other Jewelry items found at Veritas Jewelry

In addition to pure 22k/24k real gold items, Veritas uses several other raw materials and technologies to develop its products. Such a list would include:

  1. Diamond and other precious stones: Veritas uses real certified diamonds in its products. Several other precious stones are also used. All of these items have been certified by a trusted company and bear a hallmark of purity. 
  2. Goldplating: Using this technology, a coating of a more expensive metal (like gold or silver) is deposited on a less expensive metal. Veritas uses gold-plating to manufacture 14k/18k gold jewelry products as well as silver products. 
  3. Silver and stainless steel: These items are also in great demand in the market due to their durability and the dazzle they produce. 

Customers can rest assured of getting exactly what they pay for and in case of any complaints, they can reach out to the customer support cell at Veritas Jewelry.


We have seen in this article that Veritas Jewelry does use real gold in making its jewelry items. The company backs up its claim of using 22k/24k gold by providing certified hallmarks. In addition to gold, Veritas may also use real silver, stainless steel, and other precious stones in the products. The innovative designs of the products coupled with the certainty of quality make Veritas a favorite among customers. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Question. Who are the main competitors of Veritas Jewelry?

Veritas jewelry faces stiff competition from a number of players in the mid-to-high range jewelry market. The competitors consist of traditional companies such as Links of London, Monica Vinader, etc. to more recently emerging companies such as Pandora and Tatty Devine. 

Question. Does Veritas sell its products online?

The answer to this question is a resounding Yes. Veritas sells its products online through its website as well as many other third-party sites like noirfonce, Wingbling, etc. Additionally, people can always visit the store locations of Veritas to purchase any items. 

Question. Is it worth it to buy jewelry items from Veritas?

As already mentioned above, Veritas uses real gold and other precious stones in its items, thus, making the items more expensive. Although they have to pay the extra amount, people can rest assured about the quality of items they are getting and expert craftsmanship as well. 

Is Veritas Jewelry Real Gold?-Let Us Know

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