Does Kmart Make Keys?

Kmart is a big box retail store in the USA. Kmart is a subsidiary of Transform SR Brands LLC since 2019. Founded more than 100 years ago, Kmart is headquartered in Michigan. Its stores are in the USA and around. Kmart’s total ten locations’ merchandise includes clothing, shoes, beauty products, healthcare, accessories, food, sporting goods, etc. but does Kmart make keys? How does Kmart make keys and what does it cost?.

Does Kmart Make Keys?

Kmart’s big box retail store offers key making facilities in its stores. You can make spare copies of your home, office, and car keys from Kmart retail stores in the USA. However, there are very limited Kmart stores in the USA.

Does Kmart Make Keys? 

Yes, Kmart retail stores do make keys. It copies your house, office, car, and other customs in the key-making kiosk. Notably, presently only three Kmart stores are operating in the USA. Hence, only people who live near these three locations can choose Kmart’s key-making kiosk for key copying. Others have to depend on other stores for key making.

Kinds of Keys made by Kmart

Kmart copies standard and some specialized keys through its kiosks. You can take your house keys, office keys, car keys, and other custom keys to Kmart retail stores to make spare copies of your keys. 

Key Duplication at Kmart

Kmart has a kiosk for key-making. At the kiosk, a machine scans the original key and then makes its copies by cutting. The benefit of a key-making kiosk is that it can save your keys virtually after scanning them. Later on, if you lost your keys the virtual image of the key could be used for making a duplicate key.

To make copies of your keys from the Kmart’s key making machines, follow the below-given steps- 

  • First of all, make an account on the website of the key-making kiosk that Kmart has. It is important if you want to save the digital copy of your keys. 
  • Once the account is created go to the Kmart store and find the key copying machine. 
  • Firstly, choose the type of key that you are going to put in the machine. The types are standard or specialized keys. Then there are a few other questions related to key and key copying. Answer them all. 
  • Put the key inside the machine. 
  • The machine will then read and analyze your key and save its digital copy and return your key. 
  • Then, if you had commanded to make a copy now it will give you the spare key in a few minutes. However, if the key is specialized it may take a few days to complete. This type of key will be later delivered to you via mail. 

Most of the key-making kiosks work similarly. However, at Kmart Mister Minit also provide a key-cutting and key-making facility. Minister Minit is at shop number 9 at the Kmart center building. The shop is open from 09:00 AM t 06:00 PM on weekdays. However, the time for Saturday is 09:00 AM to 05:00 PM and for Sunday is 11:00 AM to 05:00 PM. You can visit Minister Minit during these hours for key-cutting.

Cost of Key-Making

The cost of key coping depends on the type of key that you put for coping. Normally, a standard house or office key only needs cutting to prepare. It requires less time and effort. Hence, the key coping cost of such keys is between $1 to $10. 

But if the key is specialized, key coping will cost you higher. Based on the technology used for making and the complexity of keys, the cost of coping with specialized keys is determined. Some auto keys make cost you around $100. But at anyway, key making kiosk costs you less than a locksmith.

Kmart Stores in the USA

Kmart stores are continuously shutting down in the USA. Presently, there are only three Kmart retail stores in the USA. Hence, only people living around these three locations can copy their keys from Kmart’s key-making kiosks. The three cities where Kmart still operates are-

  • Bridgehampton, New York 
  • Westwood, New Jersey 
  • Miami, Florida 

Other Places to make Spare Keys 

There are only three Kmart locations in the USA that may also close like other stores. Therefore, you need to know other places where keys are copied. In the USA, various departmental stores, grocery shops, retail stores, and home improvement stores provide key-making services. You can also go to key making kiosk for key copying. Following are key making options in the USA- 

  • Walmart 
  • Home Depot 
  • Dollar General
  • KeyMe kiosk
  • Minute Key kiosk
  • Local locksmith, etc.  


Kmart has very few outlets in the USA now. Hence, does the key-making facility is available at all stores is not sure. However, Kmart does provide a key-making facility as per the information. It has a kiosk and Minister Minit for key-making. You can copy car, house, office, and other custom keys from Kmart retail stores. Not everyone can go to Kmart stores for key-making. Notably, Kmart uses a machine to cut your keys and give a duplicate of your keys. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What other services does Mister Minit offer at Kmart retail stores?

Answer: Other than cutting keys in Kmart retail stores, Mister Minit provides some repairing services. It repairs your shoes, watches, and iPhones. 

  1. Why are Kmart stores closing in the USA?

Answer: Kmart once had more than 2,000 outlets in the USA. But now it has only three. After the bankruptcy of 2002, Kmart’s fall started. Later, it wasn’t able to compete back with other retailers and departmental stores. 

  1. Is it difficult to copy a car key?

Answer: The older car keys were easy to copy. But nowadays, specialized car keys come for extra security. These keys have an RFID card embedded in them. Hence, for coping car keys, the RFID card has to be read and decoded. Therefore, coping with car keys is difficult. 

Does Kmart Make Keys?

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