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For a good reason, soy sauce is one of the most well-known Asian ingredients. It enhances the flavor of food. It is fine if you cannot find it or want to eliminate soy from your diet. Simply are using these soy sauce alternatives. Soy sauce, also known as Shoyu, is a versatile sauce found in many Asian dishes. It keeps adding salty umami flavor and enhances the flavor of foods. Soy sauce gets produced by fermentation process soybeans and wheat to Aspergillus mold. Among the ingredients are soy, wheat, and salt. Some alternatives to soy sauce are Tamari, sauce shoyu, amino liquids, coconut amino, mushrooms, the paste of anchovies, and tomato paste, as mentioned in this article. Let us see more about Soy Sauce Alternative

Soy Sauce Alternative


Tamari is a Japanese-style dish made from fermented soybeans, giving it a flavor similar to Chinese soy sauce. However, Tamari and soy sauce differ principally in two ways. For starters, Tamari is denser than soy sauce. Second, unlike soy sauce, which includes wheat, Tamari does not.

Tamari is an excellent choice for those looking for a gluten-free soy sauce. However, as more brands began producing Tamari, some began to add wheat to their gravy; therefore, verify the bottle before using it if you have gluten sensitivity.

Sauce Shoyu

Shoyu Sauce is a type of Japanese soy sauce. However, unlike tamari, it contains nearly 50% wheat. As a result, it is slightly sweeter than soy sauce. Despite being slightly sweeter and far less salty than soy sauce, it is an excellent substitute! It is especially good for substituting for soy sauce in sauces and other sauce-based dishes. Shoyu could be used in any recipe in place of soy sauce; even so, you may want to sprinkle of salt to control out the sweetness get a saltier flavor profile similar to soy sauce.

Amino Liquidos

Liquid amino is a whole protein amino acid source. The nutrient in liquid amino emerges from soybeans, giving them a taste similar to soy sauce. However, the soybeans in liquid amino are not fermented. Liquid amino, like Tamari, is gluten-free. In reality, brands like Bragg’s are always gluten-free, so liquid amino is an excellent alternative if you get worried about wheat in Tamari.

Because liquid amino has a milder flavor profile than soy sauce, this can conveniently be used as a 1:1 replacement for soy sauce in either dish.

Coconut Amino 

Coconut amino is really a type of liquid amino acid that is derived from the sprout of coconut palms rather than soybeans. Because they are gluten-free and soy-free, they make an excellent soy sauce swap for anyone with allergies. Whilst also coconut amino seem to be free of the two ingredients that make up soy sauce, the taste is eerily similar. It does, however, have a sweetish flavor profile and less sodium. You can simply replace coconut amino for soy sauce in just about any recipe that calls for soy or gluten.

Sauce From Worcestershire

You might be surprised to learn that this sauce across the pond can be used in place of soy sauce for most meals. Worcestershire, like soy sauce, undergoes a similar fermentation process, giving it a strong salty flavor profile. Worcestershire sauce, on either hand, is more difficult to make than soy sauce since it contains many ingredients, which include anchovies. As a result, if you really are vegan or vegetarian, you should avoid this option.

Worcestershire sauce has a stronger flavour than soy sauce. As an outcome, it is critical to begin without it and add as needed. Begin with half the proportion of soy sauce called for in the recipe and taste it.

Paste Of Anchovies

Think again if it’s difficult to imagine adding anchovies to the Recipe that calls for soy sauce. “It adds umami as well as salt, so that it can serve that purpose,” Lipton explains.


When you get down with your last fall of soy sauce, your favorite pizza topping can come in handy. As per Carnivore-is author Beth Lipton, when soaking dried mushrooms in water, retain the liquid excluding all the sediment, then season with salt but also add to stir-fries as a flavoring agent. She suggests porcini mushrooms, which are widely available in supermarkets.

Tomato Paste 

Tomato paste, which is used to thicken sauces as well as tomato-based stews, will give you a taste of food hit, according to Lipton. While tomato sauce is much sweeter than soy sauce, less salty, and much less common in typical Asian dishes, Lipton says it makes a great substitute, especially when heated, which deepens the flavour.

Umeboshi Vinegar 

Umeboshi Vinegar is sold in stores under the name Ume Plum Vinegar. This vinegar is made from sour plums that have been salted as well as weighed bottom until a salt water forms. Because of the salt concentration of the brine with in vinegar, which mimics the flavor notes of soy sauce, this alternative appears to work well for a soy sauce substitute. It also can be characterized as fruity or sour.

Conclusion on Soy Sauce Alternative

Using soy sauce suitable alternatives in one’s cooking may require some trial and error, and there are plenty of choices to try. For specific recipes, some alternatives may work a lot better than others. You may decide that a more costly option is better for entertaining, while a less expensive option is fine for everyday cooking. Fortunately, several more soy sauce substitutes are available. Some soy sauces are made without wheat. These are known as ‘Tamari.’

Frequently asked questions

Q) Why should you stay away from soy sauce?

A) One reason you might want to avoid soy sauce has been its primary ingredient, soy. Soy is a popular allergen, particularly in children, with 0.4 % of them allergic to it. Some children surpass their soy allergies, while others do not.

Q) Is soy good for you?

Soybeans are high in nutrients and plant compounds. Diets high in mildly processed soy foods may provide a variety of health benefits, including better heart health, fewer menopausal symptoms, as well as a reduced risk of certain cancers.

Soy Sauce Alternative – Know more

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