Who does Zazzle use for shipping?

If you are looking for customized gift services, Zazzle is a must-check website. Zazzle is an online marketplace company that sells personalized gifts and products in America. The company was founded in 2005 in Redwood City, California, USA, by Robert Beaver, Jeff Beaver, and Bobby Beaver. Zazzle works on the concept of creativity. Zazzle has a gift for every occasion you want to send to your loved ones at affordable prices. So, Who does Zazzle use for shipping?

Who does Zazzle use for shipping?

Zazzle uses OnTrac, United Parcel Service (UPS), or United States Postal Service (USPS) shipping services. Zazzle use UPS and USPS to deliver the parcel in Washington, Oregon, California; they use services from OnTrac.

Zazzle Shipping Prices 

The shipping rate is based on the package weight (in lbs), dimension weight in inches, the distance between origin and destination place, and which service the customer chooses. You can pay using multiple payment options such as Google Pay, Master card, Apple Pay, Visa, PayPal, and American Express. 

Zazzle Free Shipping

Zazzle Membership program offers its customers free shipping. The programs are:

Zazzle Black Standard

Under this membership, customers get unlimited standard shipping on the qualifying products at an affordable price of $9.95 per year. You can try the free trial service for 30 days before purchasing this program.

Zazzle Black Premium

If you are a regular Zazzle customer, this service is for you. Zazzle Black premium offers unlimited express shipping of packages within 2-3 days and unlimited standard shipping on eligible products. Zazzle Black Premium comes with an expensive little side at $39.95 per year. 

Benefits Of The Shipping Services For Zazzle

Benefits Of UPS Services 

  • Zazzle is integrated with UPS, which provides its logistic solutions to the company.
  • You can manage courier services online by yourself, from creating a label and packaging to track.
  • Specializes in handling complicated tracking and multiple tracking at a time.  
  • Provide excellent services for handling large size package 
  • Beneficial to small, medium, and large businesses. Also, they encourage women entrepreneurs to connect with UPS Women Exporters Program
  • Operates domestic and international services

Benefits Of USPS Services

  • USPS offers similar services as UPS
  • Beneficial for small businesses as they offer reward points 
  • Directly print your labels from your printer
  • You can shop stamps, cards and envelopes, and other shipping-related items from them.
  • Good for mail services
  • Domestic and International packages services 

Benefits Of OnTrac Services

  • Faster delivery services. OnTrac delivers the parcel within one to two working days. 
  • Provides two levels of services:
  1. Sunrise Service: Orders deliver before noon time on weekdays, and on Saturdays, parcel delivers before 2 pm. This is a time-definite service.
  2. OnTrac Ground Service: Parcels deliver by the end of the day. This is a day-definite service. No time window is specified for OnTrac Ground. 
  • Security: Provide the ‘Signature Required’ option. You have to select the ‘Signature Required’ checkbox on OnTrac shipping software or WebOnTrac. There is one more option called No Release Signature. Under this option, customers aged 18+ will have to sign and show a government-issued ID as proof. 
  • Declare Value: For damage protection, OnTrac offers to declare value. The order value ranges from $100 to $25000. Customers can claim the value. 
  • Late-night pickup and next day delivery at Ground rates
  • Same day parcel delivery with OnTrac Now service.

Zazzle Shipping Period

UPS and USPS ship packages everywhere in the USA. UPS ranked as the world’s number one company in shipping. OnTrac is a logistic company that provides regional shipping services in the western USA, specifically in California, Arizona, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Utah, Idaho, and Colorado.

Zazzle serves its customers in the USA and 200+ international destinations. Therefore, shipping time depends on the services the customer has opted out of and the final destination. Five options are available on the Zazzle site. The customer has to choose one of them. They are Zip PLUS, Zip, Express, Premium, and standard. Express, Premium, and Standard shipping operate at a domestic and international level, and Zip PLUS and Zip only work domestically, i.e., in the USA.  

Express shipping is the fastest mode of shipping. For domestic services, Express shipping takes 1 to 2 business days to deliver the parcel from the shipping date. Then comes the premium service, which takes 2 to 3 business days, and standard shipping services take 4 to 7 business days. The business days are Monday to Friday. Express shipping takes 2 to 7 days to deliver the package for international shipping. On the other hand, standard shipping takes 4 to 21 days to deliver the order depending on the destination.


Zazzle works to deliver creative, personalized, and customized products to their customers. Therefore, they offer an easy and secure shipping process by partnering with UPS, USPS, and OnTrac. The shipping estimates and shipping days depending on various factors, such as distance from the origin, size, quantity, weight, etc. If the package is bigger, it can take additional days to ship.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does Zazzle Deliver My Package On Saturdays And Sundays?

Answer: No, but they can pick up your package on Sunday and deliver it on Monday

  1. How Do I Use Zazzle Site Creatively?

Answer: If you are creative enough, you can make money by selling the gifts you designed on their site. You can buy or sell wedding and other invitation and greeting cards, customized clothing, electronic accessories, stationery, mugs and pillows, and many more on the site.

Who does Zazzle use for shipping?

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