Where Are Nomatic Bags Made?

Nomatic is a company that specializes in bag production ranging from commuter sizes to travel-friendly bags. It was founded in the year 2014 by two cousin brothers; John Richards and Jacob Durham.

Where Are Nomatic Bags Made?

They designed an innovative wallet and decided to launch it on kickstar. Being their first try out, they were expecting to reach 50 orders and marked a target of $20,000. To their utmost awe, their product attracted up to 6000 orders, and they ended up realizing $2.2 million. This was their first milestone in becoming a global brand. It started in Salt Lake City Utah and has remained its headquarters.

Core value 

Nomatic bags are known to possess many outstanding values that have distinguished them in the market. Some of them include:

High-Quality Products:

Nomatic uses tarpaulin; a very strong durable, waterproof and flexible material in production, with reinforced stitches. Also, the products are designed to be water-resistant which makes them quite suitable for travel. 

Unique and stylish designs:

Nomatic brand combines the uniqueness of being simple yet stylish to create amazing designs for their users. 


Nomatic bags are versatile. In that, a particular bag can serve more than one purpose. 

Numerous functional compartments:

Their bags are known to provide the best comfort and convenience for users. Each bag contains many features that are supposed to have a place for everything.

Some of the features include: 

Innovative strow-away strap system:

The Nomatic backpack has a shoulder strap that can be snapped away when not in use. While checking in, in an air flight, it allows for easy grab by its side handles, avoiding dangling stripes. 

Retractable Key Leash:

This feature allows for the safe keeping of keys. It comes with a backpack and a travel pack. You can pull your keys out whenever you wish to use them. 

Magnetic Water bottle pocket:

This feature comes with the backpack and the travel pack. Users can comfortably travel with water bottles without any fear of having other belongings drained. 

Cord pass-through:

This is found in the backpack. It allows the user to securely charge their phones in public places and even make use of their headphones. While the phone is placed in the bag, the charging cord or headphone cord passes through the cord pass-through. 

Roller bag sleeve:

Every Nomatic bag has a built-in sleeve that allows users to conveniently connect their backpack to any rolling suitcase. 

Waist straps:

The Nomatic travel bag and travel pack come with an adjustable waist strip; thick and well padded that gives a comfortable fit during usage. 

Laptop compartment:

This is amongst the pockets found in Nomatic bags. It comes in different sizes for different laptops depending on the bag type. 

Quick access Fleece:

It’s a compartment for valuable possessions, to keep them intact and safe. 

RFID Blocking and lockable pockets:

This is a pocket that comes with a lock and is lined with the RFID blocking for maximum security. Sensitive documents like cards and money can be put there. 

Hard shell pocket:

This serves as a sunglass pocket available in all Nomatic bags to keep glasses safe during travels. 

Notebook Pockets:

All Nomatic bags have a notebook compartment to keep notebooks, for easy access especially while on the go.

Hidden Pocket:

Every nomatic bag has a hidden pocket for more valuable items like gold and even a Swiss passport. 


Nomatic products are quite innovative. As a result, they have acquired the best backpack of the year. 

A lot of things contributed to initiating their innovative ideas. 

  • They listen to their customer’s needs
  • They prioritize quality in their strategy
  • Their product serves many functions.

These have resulted in the creation of a brand with high-quality unique designs and most functional products.

Nomatic Products

Nomatic brand produces different kinds of bags and accessories used for different occasions. 

Their three main products include: 

Nomatic backpack: 

  • This is the smallest of them all. 
  • It is featured for everyday use mainly by commuters. 
  • It is very stylish and has many compartments. 
  • It is 20L sized with an extra 4L expansion. 
  • It has many pockets with the RFID pocket providing strong security. 
  • The chord pass-through feature made it possible for users to recharge their phones while using it. 
  • The laptop sleeve could fit a 15 inches laptop. 

Nomatic travel pack

  • This serves as a better option for short-term, one-bag travel with a maximum of 10 days. 
  • It is well organized for a stress-free travel
  • It is 20L sized with an extra 10L expansion. 
  • It is stylish and has many compartments. 
  • The Mesh divider serves as an additional pocket in the expanded mode. 
  • It has a magnetic water bottle pocket. 
  • It has comfy straps. 
  • The laptop sleeve could fit a 16 inches laptop. 

Nomatic travel bag

  • This is the biggest of them all and fits for long-term travels. 
  • It comes in two different sizes: The 30L size and the 40L size. 
  • It has many compartments like shoe compartments, and a magnetic bottle water pocket; separate from the main compartment, including a bag for laundry. 
  • The shoe compartment is separate from the main compartment,  and the top access point. 
  • There’s also the underwear pocket and the hip belt. 
  • It is usually used by laptop-based digital nomads, airport/bus station/train stations, and hostel-style travelers. 
  • The laptop sleeve fits a 16 inches laptop.

Nomatic Accessories 

Nomatic bags come with certain accessories that serve the customer’s needs. They include

  • Toiletry bag
  • Vacuum bag
  • Laundry bag

Life Warranty 

Nomatic brands give a lifetime guarantee for all their products. This is a result of the uniqueness of their product quality. The brand is therefore responsible for the repair of any form of defect on their products. 

The customer will, however, take care of the shipping cost. 


Nomatic brands started in Salt Lake City Utah. With their ability to maintain a reputable brand, their product has been distributed to almost every corner of the world. 

Where Are Nomatic Bags Made?

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