Best Buy Dead Pixel Policy

Dead pixels are not a common defect in brand-new electronics. It mainly occurs due to the manufacturer’s error during pixel assemblage. But when you discover a dead pixel on your new laptop, desktop, television set you just ordered from Best Buy, what should be your next course of action? Most companies have a policy that guides their response during these occasions. So what is Best Buy’s dead pixel policy?

Best Buy’s dead pixel policy acknowledges that the dead pixel is from the manufacturer, so they will allow customers to return electronics with dead pixels with an option to either refund or replace the product. You can also call on their affiliate company, Geek Squad, on issues of repair.

What is Best Buy?

Best Buy is the largest consumer electronic retailer in the United States. Its services include the sale, repair, and tech support of consumer electronics. Apart from its massive presence in the United States, it also has a presence in Canada, Mexico, and China. Best Buy has an online store that caters to the needs of the online community. The company also has subsidiaries that deliver various services like repair services in the case of Geek Squad, Magnolia Home Theatre, and Pacific Sales. 


What is the Best Buy Warranty Plan for Dead Pixel?

Best Buy does not have a warranty plan. What they do have is a Geek Squad Protection plan which protects customers after the expiration of the manufacturer’s warranty. This protection plan is handled by Best Buy subsidiary, Geek Squad. The Geek Squad protection plan covers a whole lot of issues that are not covered in the manufacturer’s warranty. Geek squad employees are professionals who are qualified to handle all repair issues and render necessary tech support to customers when called upon. This warranty plan is available on-site, off-site, and remotely.

How Can I Purchase a Geek Squad Protection Plan For Dead Pixel?

To purchase a Geek Squad Protection plan, you need to have bought a product from the Best Buy store and have the receipt to prove it. Best Buy allows customers to purchase the Geek Squad Protection plan 60 days after the product purchase. The protection plan can only be purchased at the Best Buy store. You need to tender your receipt to purchase the plan to verify the purchase. The Geek Squad Protection plan costs $199.99 per year, and this includes unlimited tech support and free installation on Best Buy products.

Does Best Buy Warranty cover Dead Pixel?

The Best Buy warranty covers dead pixels either through damage while handling or the manufacturer through the Geek Squad Protection plan. However, Geek Squad mandates that the dead pixel damage must be at least three pixels before being taken care of.

Can I Return a TV with Dead Pixel to Best Buy?

You can return your TV with dead pixels to Best Buy and ask for a replacement, repair, or refund, whichever suits you. This can only take place within 14 days after the day of purchase for most products. Still, the Geek Squad protection plan gives you an extension after the expiration of the manufacturer’s warranty. Note that Geek Squad mandates a minimum of three pixels of damage before a repair occurs.

Will Geek Squad Repair Dead Pixel due to Accidental Damage? 

Geek Squad will repair any dead pixel damage of up to 3 pixels with no extra cost or hidden costs. All you need to do is to have a subscription plan with Geek Squad and have them do their job either in your house or in their office.

How long will it take Geek Squad to repair Dead Pixel Damage?

This depends on the type of repair undertaken and the scale of the damage done. It is important to note that the Geek squad does not only do repairs but can replace and refund your money to the current market price.


Apart from the manufacturer’s warranty which has an expiration period and only covers non-accidental damages, Best Buy offers its customers the Geek Squad Protection plan to further protect their appliances against damages, both accidental and manufacturer’s faults.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a coverage limit to the Geek Squad Protection Plan?

Geek Squad will only collect your electronics to repair, and if that is not possible, you can ask for a replacement or a refund.

When does my Geek Squad Protection Plan start working?

The protection plan starts immediately after you purchase the plan or the product from Best Buy.

Can I only use the Geek Squad Protection Plan on Best Buy Purchases?

You will get unlimited tech support from Geek Squad if you have a subscription plan.

What is the duration of a standard Geek Squad protection plan?

A standard geek squad protection squad is only valid for two years with an option of renewal.

Best Buy Dead Pixel Policy

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