Does CVS hire felons?

A Brief History of CVS

CVS is very popular for its pharmaceutical services, yet it didn’t start selling pharmaceuticals until 1967, when it established two locations in Warwick and Cumberland, Rhode Island.

In Lowell, Massachusetts, Stanley and Sidney Goldstein, together with business partner Ralph Hoagland, founded the first company shop in 1963.

In the U.S and Puerto Rico, approximately 9,900 retail establishments are employing over 300,000 people as of 2019.

Medical, prescription, dental, and vision insurance, as well as life, accident, and disability insurance, paid time off, tuition reimbursement, and a shop associate discount, are all available to employees.

And it is for this reason that over 300,000 people work there.

If you’re looking for new employment, you might want to look at CVS. Employees at CVS have access to a variety of perks, competitive pay, and the opportunity to develop new skills.

However, if you have a crime, some employers will not accept you, leading you to wonder if CVS hires criminals. I had the same thought, so I did some further research. Here’s what I learned about CVS’s hiring procedure!

CVS does recruit felons in specialized positions; but, as of 2022, this doesn’t guarantee CVS employs all criminal who applies. Felons are not permitted to work in management or the pharmacy at CVS. Every potential employee is also subjected to a background check at CVS.

Continue reading if you want to discover more about CVS’s employment procedure, drug testing policies, and more. I’ve looked at every detail you require!

Would CVS Employ You Whether You Have Committed a Felony?

With something like a felony on your background, it is feasible to be hired at CVS. Certain situations, however, may preclude you from being recruited at CVS.

CVS also prohibits employees with a criminal conviction from working in the pharmacy department of the store.

Will you be able to work at CVS if you have specific convictions?

Certain offenses automatically exclude you from working at CVS. However, criminal offenses like as theft or other violent felony are typically grounds for dismissal from CVS.

Even so, you may always ask the recruiting manager at a CVS near you if you’ll be qualified for a post before applying.

Does CVS hire felons?

CVS Hiring Process Affecting Factors

CVS will not turn you down even though you have a criminal record. Each applicant will be evaluated individually.

  • CVS analyzes the following critical aspects throughout this process:
  • The time has gone since the conclusion of your sentence.
  • Type of felony conviction
  • It didn’t matter if the crime was violent or not.
  • The recruiting manager’s own beliefs and opinions
  • Describe your history and introduce yourself.
  • Being honest about any criminal convictions
  • CVS undertakes a background check to safeguard the corporation, its workers, and its consumers.
  • A typical CVS background check takes roughly a week.

Does CVS drug test employees?

Employees at CVS are subjected to drug testing, especially those vying for roles in the pharmacy department or management.

Some CVS employees claim that they have never been drug tested by the firm, therefore it may differ by area.

CVS is obligated to perform a drug test if there is a major accident. If CVS administers a drug test, it is generally a urine sample that is reviewed, and the findings provided by a third party.

Is there a background check at CVS?

To safeguard the safety of the business, its workers, and its customers, CVS performs background checks on all potential employees.

So, if you have a crime on your record, it’s preferable to tell the hiring manager about it before they do a background check on you.

Furthermore, addressing your criminal background in a forthright and respectful manner reflects favorably on your integrity and improves your career prospects.

CVS Background Checks: How Much farther Ago Would They Go?

Most CVS background checks examine a person’s past seven years. However, certain background checks will go back much deeper in time.

Some states, however, make it unlawful for every felony charge data longer than seven years to surface on a background check.  Some of these states are:

  • California
  • Colorado
  • Kansas
  • Maryland
  • Massachusetts
  • Montana
  • Nevada
  • New Hampshire
  • New York
  • Texas
  • Washington

How Much does CVS Pay? 

For entry-level professions like sales staff and cashiers, CVS offers an average of $15 per hour.

Keep in mind that the salary may vary depending on your region, so it might be greater or lower than $15 per hour.

Employee Benefits from working CVS

CVS provides several rewards to its workers in exchange for their services. To encourage recruits, certain CVS shops and warehouses provide sign-on incentives of up to $1,000.

CVS also guarantees that the benefits are tailored to provide high-quality, low-cost treatment to match individual requirements.

Financial Benefits

CVS workers have access to a variety of financial advantages in addition to healthcare:

  • 401(k) plan inclusion
  • Plan for Employee Stock Purchases
  • Discount Program for Colleagues
  • Assistance with education
  • Wages are competitive.
  • Possibilities for advancement

Additional Employee Benefits from working in CVS

CVS is concerned about its workers’ well-being, whether they are on the job or not. Employees at CVS have access to a variety of supplementary perks, including:

  • Vacation time is compensated.
  • Vacation time
  • Personal time
  • Parental Leave with Pay
  • A customized wellness plan (designed to help employees improve and maintain their health and provide resources to do so)

If you want to learn more, check out our articles on how to stop shopping at CVS, the CVS dress code, and the CVS drug test.


If you’ve had a felony on your record and wish to work at CVS, you may be eligible for certain roles. Theft and violent criminal convictions, on the other hand, may disqualify you from working at CVS.

CVS also performs background investigations and drug testing on new workers to guarantee the store’s, customers’, and employees’ safety.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long would it take to receive an email from CVS with a job offer?

A: It takes about two weeks to receive an employment offer email from CVS. 

Q: Has CVS ever employed felons?

A: Yes CVS has employed felons in the past. 

Q: Does CVS have special programs for hiring felons?

A: CVS, unfortunately, does not have any special programs for employing felons. 

Does CVS hire felons?

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