Lowe’s Return Policy Without Receipt – Read To Know More

With over 1,730 locations across the US, Lowe’s is the second-largest home improvement retailer in the US after Home Depot. It is famous across the country and sells a wide range of products for DIY projects, gardening, home renovation, etc. One of the main reasons behind Lowe’s popularity is the company’s business model of understanding the market and offering competitive prices to its customers. Read further to find out more about Lowe’s return policy without receipt. 

Lowes Return Policy Without Receipt

It is always tricky and almost impossible to return any product without a valid receipt. However, this is not the case at Lowe’s. The home improvement company accepts returns from its customers without a receipt. 

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How To Retrieve Lost Lowe’s Receipts?

Before going to Lowe’s location to return the purchase without a receipt, there are two ways through which one can retrieve their lost receipts for the purchases they want to return. Let us take a look at them.

My Lowe’s Account

Customers who possess it can get complete information about past purchases by logging in. All one has to do is log in to MyLowe’s account, search for recent purchases, locate the purchase and print the receipt.   

Credit Card Statements 

Customers who don’t possess the account could access their past purchases if they made payments via credit card. First, one must visit the card issuer’s website, log in with credentials, and request the card statements. Then, visit the store with the transaction ID proof of the purchase and the items you wish to return.

How Does Lowe’s Return Policy Without Receipt Work?

If you aren’t successful in retrieving the receipt, you can still return your purchase. Lowe’s returns without receipt policy vary from location to location. The policy grants exclusive rights to the Store’s Management for issues related to returns without a receipt.

To return the purchase, one needs to visit Lowe’s location with valid ID proof and the contact number used to complete the transaction. Using these details, the Lowe’s Associate searches through the system’s database to get details of the purchase.

As discussed earlier, since the approval of returns is entirely at Management’s discretion, they have the full right to refuse or limit the returns of items without a valid receipt. If the returns are approved, the customer is compensated through in-store credit of the product’s current selling price.

Exceptions To Lowe’s Return Without Receipt Policy

While the company’s website doesn’t list different exceptions for returns without a receipt, it is understandable that the exceptions are the same for both with and without receipts.

The following are the exemptions to Lowe’s return policy-

  • Products placed for returns must fall within the refund period. Depending on the products, some have a 48hr return period, while some have 30 and 90 days. 
  • Certain products like TVs, plumbing equipment, Air Conditioners, liquid paint, etc., must be returned new, with valid proof of purchase.
  • Items purchased through any gift cards aren’t eligible for returns.
  • Holiday items can only be returned during the holiday season.
  • Installation, shipping, and delivery charges are non-refundable.

Customers can get more information on Lowe’s return policy by visiting the company’s website.   

Things To Keep In Mind While Returning At Lowe’s Without Receipt

Understandably, the returns without a receipt are entirely subjected to the company’s discretion. The extent to which a return policy is executed in a particular location depends on the Management. So, it is always advisable to stay informed about a store’s policy before purchasing.

One should keep the following things in mind while returning a product at Lowe’s without a receipt.

  • Products purchased at a particular Lowe’s location can only be returned at that location.
  • Customers should carry a valid picture ID, the product to be returned, the purchase’s payment details, and contact number. 
  • The Management of the store decides compensation to the customer over returned product. Mostly, customers are compensated with in-store credit for the product’s current selling price.
  • The Store’s Management decides on the number of returns one can make without a receipt. 


After shopping, no one cares about receipts until they think of returning the product. As of 2022, Lowe’s accepts returns without receipts. However, the location’s Management has the complete right to refuse and limit the number of returns made without receipts. Customers can return eligible products without a receipt at Lowe’s stores by producing a valid picture ID, payment details, and contact number. The customer is usually compensated through in-store credit.  

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does Lowe’s Reprint Old Receipts?

While the Lowe’s associate helps you track down your past purchase, the company doesn’t reprint the receipts as this process is mainly done during returns or while processing refunds.  

  1. How Many Times Can I Return To Lowe’s Without A Receipt?

Returns at Lowe’s without a receipt are entirely subject to the system’s and management’s approval. Lowe’s Store Management reserves complete rights to refuse or limit the number of returns without a receipt.

Lowe’s Return Policy Without Receipt – Read To Know More

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