MetroPCS Error 1 – Learn More About It

MetroPCS is an American telecommunication company popularly known for providing wireless services to its subscribers. It is a brand of T-Mobile. Other than providing wireless services and a broadband connection MetroPCS also provides people with smartphones. They sell affordable phones with advanced features. MetroPCS services and phones are used worldwide by people who are looking for something Affordable, Advanced, and worth it. Here, we will have an in-depth analysis of MetroPCS error 1.

MetroPCS Error 1

Sending text messages is one of the very common features of a smartphone, and so many people love this feature more than a phone call, but the problem occurs when a smartphone is not able to send messages anymore and shows an error. 

Yes, MetroPCS smartphones sometimes show an error called “MetroPCS error 1” and this error inhibits people from sending text messages. Now, there could be many reasons responsible for this error, but the most common and sensible reason is having issues with your network connection. Here, we will discuss briefly how network connection and all the other reasons can bring errors on your MetroPCS smartphone and how to fix it. 

A possible reason for the error to occur is: 

Issues with your signal and bad network connection: Whenever you get this MetroPCS error 1 while sending your messages, you should first check your network connection, as, if your connection is bad, you will not be able to send messages whatsoever. If you are traveling, then your phone may show roaming which will also inhibit your ability to send text messages. 

To check whether your phone has a network connection or not, just see the signal from where you see your notifications. If you see any signal bars then that means your phone has some connection, but if not, then you need to change your location to a place where you will receive signals. Once your smartphone has signals you will be able to send messages effortlessly.

Solutions on how to resolve the error 

  1. Check your network connection: As we discussed above, one of the main reasons why you are not able to send your message is because of your network connection. It is slow or not available, or your phone is roaming. If you are traveling, then it is possible to lose your connection but, if not then, you must contact customer care and let them know that your MetroPCS smartphone is having a network issue and they will help you resolve it anyhow. 
  2. Reboot your phone: In this generation of smartphones and iPad’s whenever someone’s device hangs, does not work Properly, or shows any kind of error, then, a reboot is the first thing that comes to our mind. So if your MetroPCS is showing an Error, then you should reboot it and then see if the error goes or not. Rebooting your phone is a pretty easy task. All you need to do is press the power button for 5 seconds and, four options will appear on your screen, click the one that says reboot and, your phone will get rebooted within a minute. 
  3. Recheck the phone number: This is something very basic, but who doesn’t make mistakes, right? So, just in case you cannot send your messages, you must recheck if you have entered the number correctly or not. If your number is correct then, you should try sending messages to other contacts on your phone as it will get you confirmed, if the error is just for that one person or everyone else.  
  4. Text your center number: last but not least, text your center number. Everybody has a center number responsible for handling SMS operations on their phones. So, if your SMS services are not working, then you know who to text. Your phone already has that number, but you need to reset it before using it. For changing the number, just go to your message settings, search for the center number, and request an update. 


What is MetroPCS, and what is MetroPCS error 1 was discussed. We got to know about the reasons why you were getting this error, and the things that can be done to resolve this issue were also discussed. As a result of MetroPCS error 1, the users of MetroPCS are not able to send their texts or messages to anyone in their contact list. As a subscriber of MetroPCS, it is very common, to get this error. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I am not able to send a text to only one particular person. What could be the reason?

The only valid reason for this problem to occur is that you are sending the text at the wrong or invalid number. 

  1. MetroPCS data is not working. What to do?

This is because it’s time for you to change your APN on your MetroPCS device. Changing the APN will help you resolve the issue. To do this, go to settings -> more-> mobile networks-> access point names and menu. 

MetroPCS Error 1 – Learn More About It

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