Does IKEA Move Furniture?-Know More


When it comes to modern furniture for your home or workplace, IKEA is the first name that springs to mind. Their modernly designed furniture, which they excel at with their interior design work involving eco-friendly technology. Among other goods and services, they specialize in ready-to-assemble furniture, home accessories, and kitchen equipment. They do, however, charge a lower price for each product they design than other brands. Let see does IKEA move furniture?

Does IKEA Move Furniture?


IKEA is a Swedish multinational corporation formed in 1943 in the Netherlands. Since 2008, it has become the world’s largest modern furniture shop. IKEA is a global retailer of modern, pre-assembled furniture. The majority of their furniture is pre-assembled so that their customers may assemble it themselves without hiring a professional. This makes it easier for their customers, but it also helps reduce production costs and transportation costs.

IKEA furniture is simple to put assembled, but it can be challenging to take disassembled. You disassemble the furniture to move it, and moving furniture from one location to another without causing damage is extremely risky. 

They do not currently move furniture but plan to do so shortly soo. They do, however, provide easy professional assembly services for furniture which are user-friendly and thoughtful. The objective is that by showing consumers a less harmful way to disassemble their furniture, they will be more likely to proceed with their IKEA furniture or pass it on to someone who is taking it in. 

How does IKEA’s assembly service work?

Though many of their modern designed furniture comes preassembled, you can assemble it yourself using the directions that come with it. However, if you want to save time, choosing their professional furniture assembly service is a smart option because it is safe and convenient for you and your furniture.

If you buy online or when you’re at home with your purchases, you can book your appointment on their official website. If you bought it from their store offline, you can book it there as well. 

Select the products you’d like assembled in your Shopping bag, as well as the date and time that are most convenient for you. The professional assembly crew will be available for additional processing as soon as it arrives.

The cost of an IKEA assembly service begins at £25. You’ll be paid a fixed amount based on the products you want to be assembled, and you won’t have to pay until the job is done. At no extra charge, the task manager will secure items to the wall according to the product’s assembly instructions.

You can save documents and spare supplies just in case you got some issues later with your furniture. Plus, by using their skilled assembly service company, you can enjoy your furniture and your 1-year workmanship guarantee along with it.

How long does it generally take to assemble IKEA furniture?

IKEA furniture requires a specific amount of time to assemble, depending on the type of furniture. If it is preassembled, it will take less time to assemble than if it is not assembled. It is not an enjoyable task to complete on your own, but it takes around an hour and a half on average.

Even if you purchase an IKEA sofa, it is not assembled as displayed in the store. It should be assembled by professionals. A bed, on the other hand, needs to be assembled as well. Likewise, the duration of the assembly differs from one to the other.


IKEA is known for its inexpensive modern and eco-friendly furnishings. These pieces of furniture are preassembled so that you may put them together yourself, but if you want to transport them from one location to another, IKEA is now offering to do it for you. It is safer to have it moved by experienced movers to ensure that your furniture is not damaged and is in good working order. They can assemble it for you and provide a one-year guarantee with their skilled assembly service.

  • How difficult is it to relocate IKEA furniture?

IKEA furniture is not easy to put together, but now that it offers preassembled furniture, it is simple to assemble on your own. However, disassembling and moving it to another location is challenging, therefore you must first follow the disassembling and reassembling instructions before proceeding to overcome these obstacles.

  • How can I move heavy furniture effortlessly?

The heavier furniture components may simply be dismounted, and the jointed pieces from the large piece can be unloaded.  Sliders, which are special pads made of plastic, rubber, or belt that go underneath furniture legs to make loading your truck easier, can be added.

  • What is the name of the IKEA assembly service company?

IKEA’s TaskRabbit collaboration is being pushed out in stores and it is also available on IKEA’s official website. Customers can appoint a tasker to assemble purchased furniture for a fixed price as soon as one day after the purchase to get it done. 

Does IKEA Move Furniture?-Know More

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