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The assumption that Netflix is the best synonym for entertainment is not incorrect. It was launched in the year 1997 and has since progressed to become the top streaming service on the planet. This streaming service has made a global image for itself by offering award-winning TV shows, anime, movies, documentaries, and other content that is only accessible via internet-connected devices.


Netflix is most outstanding for its content and is also quite reasonable as a package of entertainment-related streaming services. You can watch whatever and whenever you want, with no interruptions from advertisements. Every week, they release new movies and TV episodes, ensuring that you never run out of fresh content to watch. 

People binge-watched Netflix shows throughout the ongoing pandemic. They’ve added several movies and shows to their continued watching list. Some of the tried-and-true ones succeeded in impressing the audience, while others did not. These failed ones also appeared in the continue watching list, making scrolling and selecting the right one more difficult. Netflix, on the other hand, has just introduced a feature that allows users to remove all undesired content from their actively watched profile.

Netflix Remove From Continue Watching

Remove a show from your Netflix Continue Watching list:

This feature works on all latest version Netflix app platforms, including televisions, laptops, smartphones, tablets, and all other iOS devices.

  1. On your phone/tablet by following these steps-
  • Remove the show by tapping the three dots at the bottom of the show title.
  • Select Remove From Row at the bottom of the list.
  • To remove the title, click Remove.
  1. On your laptop/PC by following these steps-
  • Place your cursor on the title of the show you wish to delete without opening it.
  • Find X (cross) in the list beneath the preview of the title. The thumbs-down icon is right next to it.
  • Remove the row from the list by tapping on it.
  • Netflix might ask for your feedback before removing the title.
  1. On your television by following these steps-
  • Click on the show or movie you want to get rid of.
  • Now click on Remove from the continue watching list.
  • Click the back arrow if you change your mind and wish to reverse your removal.

But what is the purpose of Netflix’s Continue Watching feature?

The Continue Watching feature works as a quick way to resume watching your favorite movie or episode of a TV show where you dropped off. For example, if you are binge-watching a Show and fall asleep in the middle, or if you have certain work promises to keep, or if any other circumstances arise. In that case, the Continue Watching section will automatically pause your show and keep it in this list even with the show’s duration of that particular session.


As an entertainment hub, Netflix’s addition of features like Continue Watching to users’ profiles makes it beneficial, yet some users find it inconvenient. Those who find it inconvenient can now remove the show title from the Continue Watching section, as Netflix has changed its features to make it easier for customers to remove undesired content from their profiles. This problem can be simply solved by following the steps listed above.

Some Frequently Asked Question-
  • Why is it that I can’t remove Netflix’s Continue Watching?

This feature is only accessible if you have the most latest version of the app, as it allows you to remove the show’s title from the Continue Watching section. This won’t function if you have a bad internet connection or if you haven’t refreshed the website recently. Before you go any further, make sure you check this out.

  • How much time does it take for something to disappear from Continue Watching on Netflix?

Within 24 hours of hiding an activity, the show or movie will be removed from your Continue Watching section. Hide and remove features of Netflix are two different things based on your preferences.

  • Why did Netflix stop offering a free trial?

Before, Netflix viewers could sign up for a 30-day free trial, which was the most extensive free trial for any streaming service. But now, a majority of streaming providers including Netflix stopped offering free trials in 2020 to avoid any losses from releasing movies to streaming services that were previously only available in theaters. However, to stay one step ahead of the startup streaming services, Netflix has experimented with alternatives to the free trial for its new users.

  • What makes me ineligible for a Netflix-free month trial?

It signifies that you can’t use a promotional offer or a Gift Card with your current billing method. This promotional or gift card offer is only applicable for new Netflix accounts, not for already existing accounts. New users can avail of this offer and enjoy a great variety of entertaining TV shows, movies, documentaries, etc. 

Netflix Remove From Continue Watching

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