Can You Use Angel Card At Bath And Body Works?

Nowadays, several stores have their credit and gift cards, which are made available for their customers. Credit cards are important means of transaction these days, whether online or in-store. With your credit card, you can make exact payment for your purchases and avoid delaying time as the retailer search for your balance to give you. Other benefits include; it saves time, it is easy to use, it does not consume space, it protects you from robbery attacks, and it allows for flexibility in purchasing items. This article will discuss whether an angel card can be used at Bath and Body Works stores.

Can You Use Angel Card At Bath And Body Works?

Can You Use Angel Card At Bath And Body Works?

Bath and Body Work business companies allow the use of Angel cards in their stores. The reason is that Angel card is owned by Victoria’s Secret, and they are partners with Bath and Body Works. The two business stores belong to a particular parent company. Bath and Body Works have their gift cards and also accept other forms of payment, other than Victoria’s Secret’s Angels card. Below is a list of other payment options accepted by Bath and Body Works.

List of different forms of Payment you can use at Bath and Bodyworks 

The following are other forms of payment you can use at Bath and Body Works other than Victoria’s Secret Angel Card. They include:

  1. Mastercard: Mastercard credit or debit cards are accepted by Bath and Body Work stores.
  2.  Visa: Visa card is an acceptable form of payment at the Bath and Body Work stores.
  3. Discover: Discover cards can be used to buy and pay for products at Bath and Body Work stores
  4. American Express: You can use American Express as a payment method at Bath and Body Work stores, both their credit and debit cards. 
  5. ApplePay: Account holders at ApplePay are approved to use their accounts to make payments at Bath and Body Works Stores.
  6. PayPal: This is another payment platform approved by Bath and Body Works stores.
  7. Bath and Body Work Gift cards: This is owned by Bath and Body Work stores. For you to use these cards at checkout, you will be required to enter the gift card’s number and pin. However, you may also add any other form of payment, that is any other card if the available balance will not be enough to cover your purchases.
  8. E-Gift cards: E-Gift cards are accepted at Bath and Body Works, but you have to ensure that the card is registered with the issuing bank, which is always indicated in the card before payment will be allowed.
  9. White Band Gift cards: These gift cards can also be used for making purchases at Bath and Body Works. The principle that guides E-Gift cards is also applicable with this form of payment.

Requirements to apply for an Angel Credit Card

Angel cards are owned by Victoria’s Secret, and they are issued by Comenity bank. For an individual to apply for this card, the following requirement is important for you to successfully apply for this card.

  1. You must be of the required age, which is age 18 years and above
  2. You need to have a United States address
  3. You will be required to provide your details, such as name, address, phone number, and identification number.

Bottom Line

Bath and Body Works and Victoria’s sprang from the same parent company. They are partners, hence the reason that makes Bath and Body Works allow for the use of Angel cards for payment in their shop. Bath and Body Works has other forms of payment they accept that were listed above, which you can also opt for any of the options to allow you to make payment at Bath and Body Works Stores. Angel Cards are closed-loop cards that allow their usage at Victoria’s Secrets stores PINK and Bath and Body Works. However, there are certain requirements you must achieve for you to become an Angel card account holder.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Is there any reward option for Angel card users?

Yes, there is. You earn rewards by shopping with your Angel cards. The more money you spend shopping the more your reward points accumulate. 

  1. Does Bath and Body Works retail stores issues credit cards through Comenity Bank?  

No, Bath and Body Work did not have their credit card at the moment. However, they have their gift cards, which you can use for shopping in their stores.

  1. Why is Angel card not acceptable at other stores?

Angel cards are closed-loop cards, hence the reason they are not acceptable at other stores. You can only use the angel cards at Victoria’s Secret stores, The PINK stores, and Bath and Body Works. 

Can You Use Angel Card At Bath And Body Works?

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