Metropcs Internet Speed – Read To Know More

Metropcs which is currently known as Metro or Metro by T-Mobile is a brand that is owned by the United States T-Mobile. The telecommunication industry was founded by Rodger Linquist and Malcolm Lorang. It was founded in the year 1994 and apparently has over 10,000 employees. Internet speed is the quantity of data that is mostly measured in seconds. Such quantity of speed is also known as bandwidth. Let’s know more about ‘Metropcs Internet Speed’.

Metropcs Internet Speed

Metropcs Internet Speed

The Metropcs telecommunication network industry has really great speeds compared to other networks. T-Mobile which is the owner of Metropcs has speeds of 22.7 Mbps upload and 13.2 Mbps download speed which is considered amazing speeds. On the other hand, the Metropcs network has an average upload speed of 9.1 Mbps and a download speed of 16.7 Mbps. This broadband internet service is only present on the Android operating system.

Metropcs Broadband Internet Access

The broadband internet access services that are available are:

  • 5G 
  • 4G
  •  3G
  •  2G 

They comprise achievable characteristics and network practices. Moreover, the internet can be used through the following devices: Tablets, smartphones, mobile hotspot devices, and other wireless devices. Clients that use Metropcs as their broadband internet access choice usually experience the following types of networks. It should be known that these ranges of network coverage and speed performance signals offered may vary depending on different locations.

The Ones On Device

5G Network

  • This is the fastest network among the common ones
  • Latency of 24 to 40 ms
  • A download speed of 38 to 136 Mbps
  • Upload speed that is 10 to 34 Mbps

4G Network

  • Has a latency of 24 to 40ms
  • The second fastest network
  • An upload speed of 3 to 18 Mbps
  • The download speed that starts from 9 to 48 Mbps

Through Mobile Hotspot

5G Network

  • It should be noted that these networks comprise the mobile phone internet and 5G tethering plan that was included later on in 2020 that offered 30GB of the network per month.
  • Has a download speed that ranges from 36 to 133 Mbps
  • A latency of 24 to 40 ms
  • The 5G tethering arrangement has an upload speed of 10 to 34 Mbps

4G Network

This plan was also introduced with the 5G network on the smartphone hotspot but had a 4G LTE tethering and gave an equal 30GB of internet data per month.

  • The 4G network has latency speeds of 24 to 40 ms
  • Comprise a download speed that is from 4 to 25 Mbps
  • Offers an upload speed of 3 to 17 Mbps

Metropcs Slow Internet

Internet buffering and slow connection happen from time to time. For Metropcs users, the network can appear slow because of:

  • Too much data usage
  • Low network coverage
How To Fix Metropcs Slow Network?

Here are some of the simple steps to take when you are experiencing poor network coverage.

  1. Confirm the strength of your connection
  2. Disable background widgets
  3. Update your apps
  4. Remove all unnecessary apps to clear your phone’s space
  5. Block the needless pop-up adds
  6. Then restart your phone to make changes
  7. Lastly, erase the cache on your device

Metropcs Internet Packages

Metropcs offers three major packages to their home users that have great prices. In addition, there are other features that come with the internet subscription. The packages involved are:

  • $60 Unlimited Package

This network offers 4G LTE data, voice calls, and SMS that are unlimited. It also provides 5GB of 4G LTE mobile hotspot for subscribers and 5G international connections.

It costs $150 per month and upfront $40 for Google one and Amazon Prime.

  • $50 Unlimited Package

The $50 unlimited package is the second affordable plan that is available at Metropcs. The arrangement costs $140 per month with $40 upfront. Services provided are voice call minutes, SMS, and 4G LTE data under Google one. 

  • $40 Unlimited Package

If you are a new user, you can try to use this plan to gauge Metropcs’ internet speed. In addition, this plan has the least price and can be subscribed with $130 per month. 

It also comes with an upfront of $40 for specific 4 lines. The services that are offered in the $40 unlimited package include a variety of SMS, voice call minutes, and 10GB of 4G LTE data allowance.


Metropcs is operated by T-Mobile which has great internet speeds. Metropcs has been able to grow on its own in recent times offering customers great services. Compared to other brands, it has relatively high speeds with network coverage of 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G at affordable prices.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the best way to reduce slow internet speeds?

Select the best internet plan

  1. How can one manage high data usage?

Clear your cache and reduce the network performance.

  1. Can one use another network other than Metropcs?

Yes, as long as they are compatible

Metropcs Internet Speed – Read To Know More

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