Invitation Wording For Adults Only Party

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There’s nothing worse than having things not go your way. One common example of this is people not getting the memo about a certain event. It is not a rare occurrence that people bring children to a party where things get a little out of hand and the event turns out to be not so fun and even traumatic for the children and everyone else involved. It is better to just keep children out of such things so that everyone is happy.

Invitation Wording For Adults Only Party

When you plan a party just for adults, there are bound to be things that are not meant for children. But as an adult, a lot of us also have responsibilities often known as children. Here are a few ways to frame a party invitation so that people understand it is for adults only. Like, we get it, you have wonderful well behaved children, but none of us want a hand in corrupting them or having to plan our lives according to their convenience. 

A party can be of various types – a fun gathering just for friends, an office party where you are allowed to bring family members, a wedding reception, or even a birthday party. I mean, it’s not like if you get older you’re not allowed to have fun or have a birthday party; only it is now a birthday party for adults, which is appropriate. 

Invitation Wording For Adults Only Party

Here we will see the Invitation Wording For Adults Only Party. There are a few ways of wording your invite so that your guests get a clear memo that they are not allowed to bring children to the party. 

If it is a casual get-together that involves drinking and talking, you need not be serious with your wording. You can use one of the following ways –


Party at my place/[designated place] on [designated time]. It will involve drinking. Only for adults. 

See you there!

If it is casual but you have to put in details, you can also use the following method –

Party at [designated place]. Activities include [mention things which aren’t children appropriate] so please be considerate of who you are bringing. It is recommended that you don’t bring children for the sake of everyone involved.

Some other ways you can frame the message depending on your approach are – 

Make it upfront 

After mentioning the details, you can add an “Adults Only” or “Please be mindful of the people at the party and do not bring children with you.”

This is preferable for when you have to host a formal party or there are going to be a lot of people there. You don’t have to get personal about it. The uniform tone will make sure the message is sent across surely and there’s very little chance of people getting offended. 

Make it light-hearted

If it is a small get-together, and you are worried people may take it the wrong way, write it in a fun, jokey way. Examples include –

Use this party to give up on your responsibilities! Hire a babysitter and let loose.

We’re all kids here, so no need to bring anymore. Come and have fun for a day/night!

Keep it a little polite

You can use a formal yet polite way out of it. You can write something like –

Due to alcohol being served at the party, it is advisable to not bring children for their own sake.

We are not responsible for the behavior of our guests at the party so it is highly recommended to not bring children to the party.

We don’t have an arrangement for children at the venue hence it’s advisable to not bring them to this party.

Blame it on the management/venue

The easiest way out of this pickle is by tactfully removing yourself from the situation. Blame the venue or the management.

This can go something like this –

The party is going to be at [address] which is not a kid-friendly place. We regret to inform you that you will have to leave your children at home for this party.

Due to the budget management has provided us with, we have to limit this party to adults only. Please be mindful of this detail.

Another subtle but firm way to make yourself heard can be by designing the invite in a way that has “Adults Only” written on it beforehand. Doing this along with writing about it will make it noticeable enough.

Phrases You Can Add to Your Invite

Additionally, you can use these phrases in your invite to convey the fact that the party is for adults only.

  1. Please note this is an adults-only event.
  2. We respectfully request no children under the age of 18/16 at this party.
  3. Please keep in mind that an adult-only reception will follow the wedding.
  4. We regret to inform you that the venue we have chosen does not accommodate children, so please be mindful of that.
  5. We are huge fans of children but due to budget restraints, we won’t be able to allow any at this party.
  6. [X] the number of seats has been reserved for your family, please grace the event with your presence!
  7. The bride and groom have requested that the wedding be an adults-only event.
  8. The hosts have requested that there be no children at the party.

You can also get personal if you are inviting a fewer number of people. You can make it seem like you regret the way the party has shaped up but you are still hoping they will attend and have fun –

  1. You know how much we adore Julia and Steph but we don’t think this party is appropriate for children their age. But we still hope you both will come out and let your hair down!
  2. We are so sorry Max and James won’t be able to attend this event. We hope to meet them soon! We’re looking forward to both of you at the party!
  3. Since we would all be drinking, we didn’t think it would be fit for Sam and Lou to attend this party. Use this as a chance to get away from responsibilities for a while! Come and have fun with us!

If you use the templates provided up there, there’s no way someone will still bring their child to your gathering, lest they are actively trying to ruin your party. 

Furthermore, the few points you should keep in mind while writing up an invitation are summed up here in case you wish to write one of your own instead of using a template provided above – 

  1. Keep it precise. Do not beat around the bush.
  2. Be explicit about what your party is going to entail. 
  3. If possible, make sure the RSVP has the setting that your party only allows adults.
  4. Pick a venue that does not allow children. This will help you get out of it easily.
  5. If you are unsure about how seriously people will take it, make a reservation and book set only for the adult family members for each attending family. 
  6. Send the invites out in advance so that the people can make appropriate arrangements for their children. When the party is nearing, make sure to send a mass email/text to everyone and make sure you mention that the party is only for adults in that follow-up message.

We are sure that this article Invitation Wording For Adults Only Party will help you.

Hope you have a safe and fun party!

Invitation Wording For Adults Only Party

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