Family Dollar Bereavement Policy 

As a company with a very large amount of workers and employees, one might just be wondering what the Family Dollar bereavement policy entails. 

Family Dollar Bereavement Policy 

There are no federal labor laws requiring companies to grant their employees bereavement leave, only a few state laws provide for this. So if you are an employee of Family Dollar you may be wondering if it is a company that has a bereavement policy and if it does you may want to know what the bereavement policy entails. 

This article will explain what a bereavement policy is, how it comes about, why employees take a bereavement leave, how to apply for bereavement leave and the policy that governs the bereavement leave of family dollar, while also answering some frequently asked questions at the end, so we suggest you read till the end of the article. 

What is a bereavement policy? 

A bereavement policy is the procedure a business employs in allowing employees to have time off from work when they lose a member of their family, a friend or a relative to death. The time off may be paid or unpaid. Bereavement leave is also commonly used interchangeably with compassionate leave. 

Why do workers take bereavement leave? 

People take time away from work after losing a loved one for one, few, or all of the following reasons; ● To grieve and mourn; to express sorrow over the departure of a loved one. ● To put the legal affairs of the departed person in order; an employee after losing an 

immediate family member such as a spouse may require time off from work to let the employers or the employees of the spouse know that he or she is no more. 

● Perform religious or cultural rituals; rituals to be performed vary on the basis of the religion one practices and the culture to which a person belongs, an employee may need time off from work to cremate, or bury the deceased. Rituals may also include deliverance of eulogy, singing of hymns and others 

● Handle financial accounts of the loved one; to do this an employee will need time away from work to gather the deceased financial documents, update or appraise the will of the deceased and other such actions. 

● Organize and attend funeral services 

● Spend time with other family members; as the period of mourning is a tough one, an employee may require time with other loved ones to remember the good life the deceased lived and also to gain emotional support. 

Most companies give a period of 3 to 5 paid days off for workers that have lost a family member, while some companies grant their employees up to 2 weeks paid or unpaid leave when they become bereaved. Bereavement leave is usually measured by companies after considering how close the employee was to the deceased.

Does family dollar have a bereavement policy? 

As at current i.e 2022 family dollar is known to allow its employees to take a bereavement leave if they lose a family member. 

How many days off does Family Dollar give its employees as bereavement leave?

There isn’t a specified number of days that Family Dollar gives its employees as bereavement leave, the typical number of days though, is 3. 

Does Family Dollar pay during bereavement leave? 

Yes, family dollar grants paid days off during bereavement leave, but this has to do with only full-time employees who work 40 hours or more on a weekly basis. If part-time employees of family dollar take days off as bereavement leave, the company will not pay during those days. 

The death of which relation does family dollar allow bereavement leave for?

As mentioned in the introduction of this article there aren’t any federal laws governing bereavement policies, so it is left to the companies to decide which relations’ death they’ll grant leaves for. Some companies allow bereavement leave for loss of immediate members of the family, for loss of extended members of the family and also for loss of friends or coworkers. Family Dollar allows bereavement leave for only Immediate family members, usually held to consist of; 1. Parents 

2. Siblings 

3. spouse(s) 

4. Children (adopted, birth, step) 

5. In-laws (mother, father, sister, brother, son, daughter) 

6. Nieces 

7. Nephews 

8. Grand or great grandparents 

How do you request for bereavement leave at Family Dollar? 

Some companies require their employees to provide the name of the deceased, the relationship the employee had with the deceased and sometimes even the proof of death of the deceased. At Family Dollar all you need to do is send a request to the store manager, your application will be reviewed and leave will be granted to you. 


To want to know more about the bereavement policy of a company you work for, must mean that you are going through a tough period. We hope this article eases some of the hardship of this process for you in this difficult period of mourning and answers some of the questions you may have regarding the bereavement policy of the Family Dollar company.

Frequently asked questions 

When should you take your bereavement leave? 

It may seem as if an employee must take a bereavement leave immediately after death of a loved one but one should note that there are different stages of grief, Family Dollar recognizes this and provides for its employees to take a bereavement leave if requested within 3 months of the loss. 

What does bereavement leave come under? 

At family dollar, bereavement leave is recognized under the category of paid time off. 

In what states is it mandatory for companies to give bereavement leave? 

Family dollar is a company located in the united states, the only state in the US that makes it mandatory for companies to provide bereavement leave is Oregon state. 

Can you be dismissed for taking a bereavement leave? 

Yes, you can. Because companies make up their own policies, taking a bereavement leave without submitting a request and without the request being approved may lead to an employee being fired

Family Dollar Bereavement Policy 

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