What channel is TNT on fios?

Fios is much more reliable than other regular connection options because of its fiber-optic network, which can deliver greater speeds without interruption. Verizon’s Fios service is a fiber-optic, ultra-high-speed Internet connection. Fios provides online speeds of up to 500 Mbps, which is 20 times faster than traditional broadband. In addition to fast speeds, Verizon offers a variety of benefits to its subscribers, including being a low-cost company that has a myriad of bundles that can help suit your needs as well.Let’s read What channel is TNT on fios?

What channel is TNT on fios?

If you are unable to view TNT on Verizon, the channel numbers 551 and 51 are the legitimate channel numbers. TNT programming gets broadcasted in HD on channel 551. Channel 51 is dedicated to broadcasting high-definition programming (SD).

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What is TNT?

TNT Channel, often known as Turner Network Television (TNT), is an American cable television channel that debuted in 1988. It was previously known as Network Television (NTN), but in 1989 it was renamed TNT. In 1996, Time Warner bought the company. The channel was renamed TV Land in 2007.

On October 2, 2008, however, it was rebranded TNT. TNT is a satellite television station that focuses on action, adventure, and drama series and films. Turner Network Television was the first broadcast before being amalgamated with The Cartoon Network to establish Turner Network Television. In October 1988, it was renamed TNT and separated from Cartoon Network in August 1992. 

TNT is a basic broadcast and cable station in the United States, owned by Time Warner’s Turner Broadcasting System division. Drama series, as well as paranormal, magic, sci-fi, action, and mystery programming, are shown on the channel. The following are some of the films and television shows produced by the company:

  • Angie Tribeca, 
  • The Last Ship,
  •  Good Behavior,
  • Search Party

Popular TV Shows On TNT

The TNT network is chock-full of awe-inspiring and engrossing entertainment. Below are some of TNT’s most popular shows. 

1. Claws 

Claws are presently among the most underappreciated television shows on the air. It’s not simply a story; it’s also the ideal blend of humor, adventure, and emotion. It’s an addictive show that follows a group of nail technicians who work in a criminal underground to supplement their income. There have been three seasons of the show so far.

2. Animal Kingdom  

Ellen Barkin, Scott Speedman, and Denis Leary star in TNT’s Animal Kingdom. The plot revolves around criminals and drug addictions. In this interesting TV drama, expect startling turns, dark themes, and brutal action. We anticipate it to be extended for a season 4 because it is such a successful series with so many committed followers.

3. The Last Ship 

We’re looking at a post-apocalyptic action drama that has piqued our interest from the start. The plot centers on a navy crew that decides to create a vaccine to save the globe from a deadly illness. But without the vaccine, the entire human race would perish and the planet would come to an end. Will they be able to complete this difficult mission? You had the best figure it out! With the coming fifth season, the show will come to an end.

Fios Plants To Watch TNT

Fios Cable Plan 1 – the most Fios TV

This plan is best for people who love to watch TV. With over 400 channels and at $110 per month excluding service charges and taxes, this is one of the best plans for people who have a large family or love watching live TV as well. Plan perks are as follows:

  • $200 Verizon gift card 
  • A set-top box is included 
  • DVR service included  

Fios Cable Plan 2 – the more Fios TV

Perfect for those who know what they like, this plan is much more streamlined than the previous plan. With over 300 channels, this plan costs $90 per month excluding the taxes and the service charges. You will also be able to access regional sports channels as well. It has the following perks:

  • Basic DVR service 
  • One set-top box 

Fios Cable Plan 3 – your Fios TV

Further streamlining your tastes will get you this plan, which costs $70 for more than 120 channels. After choosing 5 of your favorite and most liked channels, Verizon will be able to send you a customized viewing list based on these preferences. The plan perks only include an on-set top box. 


Fios TV is a cable service provided by Verizon that lives up to people’s expectations. To get the most out of your money as well. TNT is one of Verizon’s several channels. TNT may readily be found on the channel list most of the time, yet it can also disappear into thin air. Fios also does not have any data restrictions, and they also have a 24/7 customer support team which can be accessed easily by Verizon’s Fios users.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Does Fios offer TNT as a channel? 

Yes, Fios offers TNT as a channel 

2. Is TNT free with Verizon? 

Fios subscribers can access TNT as long as they have their Fios password and account details.  

What channel is TNT on fios?

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