Why is KFC so Good?

“Hmmm. I’m about to use my last card on this bucket of chicken” I bet this statement resonates with you. KFC sprung up, and even chicken haters turned into big fans of KFC’s tasty and irresistible chicken menu! This brand became a household name in no time. What makes it exceptional? Read further to see what makes this fried chicken finger-licking good. 

Why is KFC so Good?

The carefully formulated blend of 11 herbs and spices is what makes KFC chicken so good. Its crunchy, juicy, and spicy taste makes it top-notch. There you have it! Now you know why KFC chicken remains irresistible. Care to know the 11 herbs and spices added to your favorite chicken? Read on! 

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The Holy Grail Of Fast Food 

In a quest to understand the secret ingredients behind KFC’s fried chicken, In August 2016, the Chicago Tribune documented their findings after they got in touch with Joe Ledington, a nephew by marriage of the founder of KFC, Colonel Sanders. Joe Ledington alleged that he found a copy of the original KFC fried chicken recipe. A discovery! The staff of Tribune went further with their discovery by embarking on a cooking test with the recipe. After some trial and

error to uncover the taste of the KFC fried chicken, they finally got it right! 

Below is the recipe found by Joe Ledington: 

· 2⁄3 tablespoon of salt 

· 1⁄2 tablespoon of thyme 

· 1⁄2 tablespoon of basil 

· 1⁄3 tablespoon of oregano 

· 1tablespoon of celery salt 

· 1tablespoon of black pepper 

· 1tablespoon of dry mustard 

· 4tablespoons of paprika 

· 2tablespoons of garlic salt 

· 1tablespoon of ground ginger 

· 3tablespoons of white pepper 

These11 herbs and spices should be mixed with 2 cups of white flour. 

What are the benefits of these spices? 

· Thyme 

Thyme is known as a spice used in marinating foods, as well as in baking. It is used to add flavor to meals. More than just using garlic as a spice, it has antibiotic properties and helps boost your body’s immune system 

· Basil 

Basil gives off a fresh flavor with subtle mint notes. It also helps to lower the risk of inflammation. 

· Oregano 

Oregano adds a sweet, and peppery taste to the chicken mixture. 

· Celery salt 

More than just the normal salt, celery salt gives your mixture a fresh and earthy

aroma. Now you know where that KFC chicken scent comes from 

· Black pepper 

Black pepper adds a mix of peppery and earthy flavor. 

· Dry mustard 

When added to cooking mixtures, dry mustard adds a distinct spicy and sour taste. Due to its acidic nature, dry mustard can help take your mixture to another level with the right amount of balance. 

· Paprika 

Paprika adds a mix of flavors to your meals, from subtle to sweet to peppery to a very hot taste. It has a distinct flavor when added to meals. 

· Garlic salt 

Garlic salt is slightly different from the normal salt used. How? It brings out the tastes in various foods like normal salt but then throws the garlic flavor into the mix making it different. 

·Ground ginger 

Ground ginger gives off a sweet, spicy, and peppery flavor. The flavor might be more intense. 

· White pepper 

Milder than its counterpart, black pepper, white pepper often gives off a grassy and musty flavor when added to meals. Just breathe in these natural herbs and spices! Not just are you eating fried chicken, but you’re also consuming these healthy and natural ingredients that have been consciously and intentionally added to your favorite chicken pieces! 

What is on KFC’s food menu? 

What is better than ordering a bucket of chicken or fries from KFC? It is getting a full look at other dishes they have to offer! Yes. It’s not just chicken. Get a look at what the KFC menu looks like below: 

· Match Day Specials: Imagine watching your favorite football club with KFC’s match day specials! How amazing. This special offer ranges in price

from €608 – €978 

· Chicken Buckets: Do you want to share a bucket of chicken with your friend? The chicken buckets offer has a special section just for you and your friend. This special offer ranges in price from €440 – €755 

· Biryani Buckets: This special offer ranges in price from €198 – €777

· Box Meals: This special offer ranges in price from €199 – €345 

· Burgers: This special offer ranges in price from €166 – €545

· Stay Home Specials: This special offer ranges in price from €362 – €777 

· Snacks: This special offer ranges in price from €30 – €450 

· Beverages: This special offer ranges in price from €60 


You might find yourself moving

towards KFC’s chicken in recent times. Trust me, you’re not alone. A lot of people, just like you have succumbed to the enticing appeal of this irresistible fast-food brand. In recent times, KFC has become the go-to brand for people. Are you on your way to work? Grab a bite. On your couch? Netflix and chilling? Order for some bucket of chicken with sides. Contributing to the millions of people who are enticed by this food, is also the fact that this household name has branched out to over 10,000 countries with franchises in each of them! KFC has leveraged these opportunities and deeply rooted its charm in the hearts of its customers. 

In conclusion, while enjoying 

this tasty chicken on the go, remember that your health comes first. Nothing is worth more than a healthy heart and body to continue eating your favorite chicken! Thank you for reading. 

Frequently Asked Questions About KFC 

Does KFC food contain gluten? 

It may be difficult to find gluten-free food among the choices in this brand. Some of their food contains gluten. But one thing I find inclusive about KFC is that they’re open about the ingredients on their menu. 

Does KFC use real chicken? 

KFC chickens are 100% real. 

Are there healthy KFC food options?

KFC takes pride in inclusion. They’ve taken into consideration the needs of their customers by reducing the salt in their foods. 

Why is KFC so Good?

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