Is McDonald’s Meat Real? – Read more about it

McDonald’s is one of the leaders in the market when it comes to fast-food joint companies in the United States. Founded back in 1955, the company made huge revenues ever since it started business. The company has also evolved not only in terms of its products but they have made significant changes in its services too. McDonald’s has its headquarters situated in Chicago, Illinois, United States, and currently, the company operates in more than 120 countries worldwide with more than 68 million customers visiting its stores each day across the globe. In this article will see, Is McDonald’s Meat Real?

Is McDonald’s Meat Real?

McDonald’s does use 100% real beef meat in its fast food products. The company does not compromise when it comes to food quality and ethnicity. McDonald’s is known for its quality food and the variety of options on its menu for kids and as well as adults.

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McDonald’s rolled out its ‘Happy Meal’ video game for kids. This is a free application that can be downloaded on a smartphone that is used for scanning happy meal toys to get prizes. This shows that McDonald’s has achieved great heights through its effective marketing. The Happy Meal segment was solely introduced for kids and the company had great success in it.

Are McDonald’s Meat Real & Safe?

McDonald’s meat is 100% real and the company does not tolerate any compromise when it comes to the products and services of the company. Not only McDonald’s meat is 100% real but they are safe as well. The company uses a certain method for making beef meat safe during its processing and this process has been approved by the FDA. So, if you think or doubt the quality of the meat then you should know that the meat used by McDonald’s is completely real and safe.

Also, the meat used by McDonald’s is of good quality and does not promote any harmful substances in them. Kids and adults should feel completely safe eating them without thinking about their quality or the way they are processed. According to McDonald’s official website, the company purchases beef from ranchers who are located all over the United States of America. Apart from buying from ranchers within the country, McDonald’s purchases from countries like New Zealand, Australia, and Canada as well.

How Are McDonald’s Meat Made/Processed?

There is a certain process of the meat being processed at McDonald’s so that there are no compromises in their quality. People love their food only because they are tasty but they certainly are not healthy. McDonald’s has got a reputation now and they should maintain that reputation by providing better service and keep rolling out their exclusive products in the market.

The meat that arrives at McDonald’s is first inspected thoroughly which is also its initial phase before processing it further. If meat is found to be damaged or not appropriate for further processing then that meat is not considered and is not used. Once the proper inspection is done the meat is then put into a grinder machine and is formed into patties and then frozen and these frozen packages are shipped to McDonald’s locations to be used for cooking on-site.

The process of inspecting the meat might sound simple but it is one of the most crucial points of maintaining high-quality meat. Apart from inspecting meat daily, McDonald’s checks against key food safety standards. These procedures are conducted in every store they have and play a crucial role in the success of maintaining safe eating.

What Is McDonald’s Plant-Based Patty?

McDonald’s had brought out a plant-based patty which was also suspected to be ‘fake meat’ by most people. Customers should know that this is not something fake, it is a vegan option but the recipe has been kept the same. This exclusive idea of plant-based patty was co-developed with Beyond Meat and the ingredients used in it are pure vegetables. There are no fake items or ingredients used here.   

This idea was something that gave an option for vegan people coming for a meal at McDonald’s. The plant-based option gives a chance for people to choose a vegan option in case they are not interested in eating meat. These vegan options are made fresh and give vegan options something to order even if they are sitting at McDonald’s.


McDonald’s is one of the best fast-food companies not only in the United States but has grown reputation across the globe. McDonald’s does not allow any nonsense when it comes to its food quality and services. With strict food quality maintenance and continuous checking, McDonald’s has been proved to be a safe company to eat meals for both adults and as well as for kids.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is McDonald’s beef really fresh and original?

Ans: McDonald’s meat is 100% fresh and original. Several ranchers from across the country and outside the country supply fresh meat to McDonald’s.

2. How toxic is McDonald’s food?

Ans: Some researchers sampled some fast-food items and found that there was some amount of phthalate found in those food items. This chemical is linked to reproductive health problems among human beings.

Is McDonald’s Meat Real? – Read more about it

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