Can I Use Nordstrom Gift Card To Buy Other Gift Cards? – Know More

Nordstrom is an American company which is a retail store for fashion accessories and clothing. It first began in 1901 and was founded by John W. Nordstrom in Washington, United States. It first began as a company which sold only footwear and repaired footwear but later expanded to all possible fashion products being sold at their stores. Nordstrom now displays and sells clothing, footwear, handbags, perfumes, accessories, beauty products, and much more. Let us know ‘Can I Use Nordstrom Gift Card To Buy Other Gift Cards?’.

Can I Use Nordstrom Gift Card To Buy Other Gift Cards?

As of 2021, Nordstrom has 100+ stores in the United States itself and has expanded their retail store to international borders such as Canada and Puerto Rico. Many stores depending on the location with fashion products include furniture and wedding items as well. Retail stores with clients of a higher income background have in house coffee bars and snack bars as well.

Products at Nordstrom 

Nordstrom is known for all their products, especially clothing and shoes. They are also known for their uniqueness, high in quality clothing, finesse and good quality materials. Nordstrom is also known for their exceptional customer service as the employees are social and great help.

The clothing of Nordstrom is comfortable, classy yet fashionable. They introduced lounge wear which is comfortable and breathable; great for work from home individuals. Their formal wear is best suited for all curves and tailored to fit their preferences as well. Their shoes are true to size and have styles which stand out in a crowd. As its parent product, the footwear holds a special place. Perfumes and accessories are the latest addition and even though are exceptional in quality, require more precision and uniqueness.

Gift cards at Nordstrom 

There are gift cards available at Nordstrom in store or at their online official website The gift card bought online is known as an “e-gift card” as it is an electronic device bought as a gift card. One can buy these gift cards starting at a price range of 25$ to 500$ and gift it to someone or use it for themselves. Nordstrom donates 1% of each gift card amount to the community members who are in need of help.

One can buy their gift card by going to the store or buying it on an online platform. After buying the gift card, one has to register the card in order to redeem the amount or add in more points.

Nordstrom gift card used to buy other gift cards 

Nordstrom gift cards, unlike other gift cards from various stores, can be used to buy gift cards from other places.

But these stores must be partnered with Nordstrom or should be another retail store of the parent company. Gift cards from Nordstrom can be used to buy or redeem from other stores of Nordstrom all across the U.S. , it can be used at Nordstrom rack, can be used at trunk club website and Hautelook website. These are the only stores and websites Nordstrom gift cards can be used either to buy other gift cards or redeem the points of existing gift cards. The Nordstrom gift card can also be used at Target domestic shopping market.

How to redeem the gift card points? 

In stores, at checkout one must present their Nordstrom gift card which is registered to their name for redeeming the points. Instead of redeeming one can also add more points, that is the purchase amount will be converted to points and added to the card for future redemption.

While buying the products online, at their official website, one can select the option of coupon or gift card, click on it and enter the gift card number and personal pin code for confirmation and redeem their points. At other stores than Nordstrom, one can only redeem the points and not add more points. The adding of points can only be available at Nordstrom retail stores or their websites. In countries like Canada, gift cards can only be used at Nordstrom only and one cannot buy gift cards from other stores other than Nordstrom itself.


Nordstrom has expanded their brand by partnering with other companies and branching their own retail stores. By introducing all accessories and varieties of fashion products and the introduction of using Nordstrom gift cards to buy other cards at various stores, Nordstrom breaks the boundaries of being a textbook retail store.

With this, the donation to small business and community for being gift cards and also additional amount can be paid at check out by customers for helping those in the community makes purchasing at Nordstrom even more pleasing.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • Can I combine a Nordstrom gift card with other gift cards?

No, you can combine a Nordstrom gift card with a Nordstrom gift card only. 

  • Can I purchase an amazon gift card with a Nordstrom gift card?

No, one can only purchase from above mentioned retail stores only. They have to be partnered with Nordstrom.

Can I Use Nordstrom Gift Card To Buy Other Gift Cards? – Know More

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