Zaxby’s Military & Veteran Discount

Zaxby’s is an American restaurant chain majorly famous for its fast-food items like chicken wings, chicken fingers, sandwiches, etc. The company was founded in 1990 and has 900 stores in the southern United States of America. The company is private, so it is not available for trading in any form. The headquarters of the company are located in Athens, Georgia, and the company has a revenue of around $20 million per year. It mostly works in the franchisee business, so getting an employee count is difficult for this type of company. Let’s have a look at ‘Zaxby’s Military & Veteran Discount’.

Zaxbys Military & Veteran Discount

Zaxby’s Military & Veteran Discount

Zaxby’s offers a very generous veteran and military discount to their customers of 10% on every purchase. The customer just needs to give their identity card to the checkout center of the store, and this offer is only valid for in-store and not online purchases.

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Does Zaxby’s offer veteran discounts both in-store and online?

No, Zaxby’s does not offer veteran discounts online as it is a restaurant chain and they don’t have the technology on the website for online orders to check the identity proof. They are thinking of adding that into their online order app and website where the customers upload their identity cards and pay the full amount first, and after the verification, which might take a day or two, the discount will be refunded into their account, but this has yet to be implemented.

  • In-store: in the restaurant, you will just need to show your identity card at the checkout counter and the bill will get a 10% discount. They also offer free meals to veterans on Independence Day, which is the 4th of July, and Veterans Day, where the full meal for the veterans is on the house.

Who is eligible for the discount?

Any veteran who has a valid identity card as proof that he/she is or was a working employee for the US army, US air force, US Navy, US Marine Corps, or national security guards, etc. In short, every other person who has done their service for the nation is eligible. Not only them, but their first families are also eligible. They will just need to show their military identity cards and valid proof of being their first cousin.

What are the other discounts or benefits Zaxby gives?

Zaxby’s also gives other discounts to their online customers in the form of gift cards that they cannot give in restaurants. Most of the time, it is because they respect the loyalty of their customers. One of the reasons is that they do not give the veterans discounts on online orders, so they compensate with these types of discounts.

Types of discounts:

  1. 25% offer: if you are ordering for the first time online from the restaurant, then they give you a coupon code that gives 25% off on the full bill, and the delivery charge is also free.
  2. Zaxby’s offers a free sandwich to their customers when they join, just like McDonald’s gives a free meal to the customer when he/she joins their app for the first time. Just like that, Zaxby’s offers a free sandwich to their customers when they join, which they can order whenever they want, and the offer is valid only once.
  3. They also provide gift cards to their customers when they order from their website or app as a token of appreciation. If you are very consistent with your orders, they give you a family deal of 4 for $25, where the whole family can eat for just $25, which is a very good deal when the average amount you spend, according to the surveys, is about $40, so you are saving up to $15 on that meal, and any veteran can use both the discounts on that meal, which means more than 10% on $25.
  4. In addition to the last offer, they also sometimes offer very heavy discounts to their pro members, like 80% off, or give them a free meal as part of their loyalty program.
  5. And some discounts do come and go on their app on a daily to weekly bases, like a 10% discount on a chicken wing plate, etc.


Zaxby’s veteran discount is very good as they offer a 10% discount, which is a big one as the taxes sometimes become more than 10% of the bill, so in short, your order is becoming tax-free and having valid identity proof is necessary or else the discount won’t be initiated. And they also want to offer this discount to all the online veteran users who cannot come directly to the restaurant and have food. The process for it has started, and soon it will be implemented.


  1. What does Zaxby’s offer complimentary on Veterans Day?

Anyone with valid proof of military service will receive a boneless wings meal.

  1. When is Veterans Day celebrated?

It is always celebrated on the 11th of November.

Zaxby’s Military & Veteran Discount

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