Where Did Patrick Mahomes Move To College?

Like many things in life, football involves labor, dedication, perseverance, sacrifice, respect for authority likewise, and self-denial. One of all America’s best Football players who strive to possess all the attributes we just mentioned is Patrick Mahomes. In this article, we’ll consider the background, education, sports career, and private life of this exceptional American football player! Let us also know ‘Where Did Patrick Mahomes Move To College?’.

Where Did Patrick Mahomes Move To College?


Born on September 17, 1995, Patrick Mahomes grew up in Tyler, a city located in eastern Texas, United States.

His full name is Patrick Lavon Mahomes II, and he’s the son of a former big-league baseball pitcher formally referred to as Patrick Mahomes Sr. His mother is Randi Martin Mahomes.

In the early years of his life, young Patrick often lived in hotel rooms and apartments in cities where his father played like a baseball player. Sometimes he even got a chance to travel along with his father to the ballpark, where he got good playing guidelines from well-known players like Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez.


Patrick Mahomes attended Whitehouse high school, which was located shortly aloof from Tyler. In high school, he decided to play three different sports namely football, baseball, and basketball. Interestingly, he managed to excel in all of them!

As a senior student, he achieved the following as a baseball pitcher:

  • He threw 16-strikeout.
  • He employed a 93-mile-per-hour fastball.
  • He was considered the number 35 overall prospect in Texas.

As a senior student, he achieved the following as a football quarterback:

  • He throws 4,619 yards
  • He nearly reached 1000 yards and 50 touchdowns.

In 2014, Patrick was chosen within the 37th set of the “Major League Baseball” draft by the Detroit Tigers. However, he decided to attempt football instead of baseball.

After high school, Patrick attended Texas Tech University, located in Lubbock, Texas. This university is considered a public research university. Additionally, Texas Tech was called Texas Technological College up until the year 1969.

During his sophomore year, he achieved the following:

  • He became one of the foremost skillful passers in the United States.
  • He became the fifth quarterback in the history of FBS.
  • He attained 30 touchdowns and 4000 yards.

During his remaining years at Texas Tech, he achieved the following:

  • He took the lead within the FBS in-passing yardage.
  • For being one of the best passers in college, he was awarded the Sammy Baugh Award.
  • He was named FBS yards leader in 2016.
  • He got recognized by the Big 12 Conference’s Football Scholar-Athlete in 2016.

Football Career

In 2017, Patrick got a chance to be drafted by the Kansas City Chiefs, a national league team within the United States. This chance opened new opportunities to kickstart his formal career as a football game player.

In the early years of his football journey, he was a backup quarterback, but he was later named starting quarterback in 2018. Later that year, Patrick received the National League MVP award.

Over the years, Patrick gained extraordinary skills like astonishing intangibility, strenuosity, and excellent running capability, which made him a challenging opponent. He also gained a large field knowledge, which helped him devise game plans when playing. However, the foremost outstanding ability he has is the ability to release his passes at many angles.

Here is a summary of Patrick’s  most outstanding achievements:

In 2018:

  • NFL MVP award
  • All-Pro squad
  • NFL Passing Touchdown Leader
  • Declared NFL Offensive Player
  • Bert Bell award
  • Pro Bowl
  • Declared Associated Press most valuable  Player

In 2019:

  • Declared Associated Press NFL Offensive Player of the year
  • Declared Associated Press most valuable  Player
  • Pro Bowl

In 2020

  • Super Bowl MVP
  • All-Pro Second Team
  • Pro Bowl
  • Sports Illustrated Sportsman of the year.

Personal Life:

Patrick Mahomes proposed to Brittany Mathews at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, Missouri after receiving his Super Bowl LIV Championship Ring. They later got married in the same year. On February 20, 2021, Brittany gave birth to their firstborn daughter.


Patrick Mahomes has proved to be one of the best quarterbacks in football history and he continues to be a valuable player on his team. His labor, commitment, positivity, hard work, and real passion have greatly contributed to his amazing success. Additionally, his outstanding abilities and skills enabled him to grow and develop over the years, which resulted in all the awards he won during his football career. Indeed, Patrick is on his way to being one of the greatest football legends!


  1. What is Patrick’s net worth?
    • Patrick’s net worth is approximately $40 million. 
  2. How many Conference Championship Rings does Patrick Mahomes hold?
    •  Patrick Mahomes won two Conference Championship Rings.
  3. Did Patrick Mahomes get the Super Bowl in 2021?
    • Patrick Mahomes lost the Super Bowl in 2021.
Where Did Patrick Mahomes Move To College?

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