What is KastKing Loyalty Program ?

Loyalty programs are a way to attract customers and to keep engaging their existing members to continue to shop and be associated with the brand. In today’s time, most eCommerce platforms offer loyalty programs that benefit the customers in many ways like product offers, discounts, VIP events, etc.KastKing offers Loyalty Program to customers that shop from them or their fishing gears and becomes a member of their loyalty program. The Loyalty Program of KastKing offers multiple loyalty rewards such as exclusive products for its members, reward gifts, product release notices, discounts, etc. Let us get to learn more about the products that KastKing deals with and the benefits of their KastKing Loyalty Program.

KastKing Loyalty Program


KastKing offers a range of affordable fishing products, better quality, and sustainability. Their products are fishing reels, rods, lines and accessories. These fishing gears can be used by a skilled and professional or a novice.

A company named, Eposeidon Outdoor Adventure, Inc. was established on March 13, 2013, and KastKing is their brand.  Their mission is to make fishing a fun activity that is sustainable and technologically advanced. With a vision to make their products affordable, that means affordable innovation and cost-effective practices. They cater their products directly from manufacturing to customers saving a big sum of money and making it affordable for customers.

KastKing Loyalty Program

The KastKing Loyalty Program is for the members of KastKing. Once you purchase products of KastKing, Extremus, and Madbite from the KastKing site, Amazon, or eBay you can enroll in it. 

Visit their site https://KastKing.com/pages/about-loyalty-program and log in to your account and if you do not have an account, create one. It is simple, just put your name, email ID and create a password.  

If you are a member, there is no limit to the number of points that you can earn. The points earned will get you rewards and you can also buy using the points. The points can be redeemed for the purchase of KastKing, Extremus, and Madbite products at the KastKing site or Amazon or eBay.

Benefits of KastKing Loyalty Program

The benefits of the KastKing Loyalty Program depend on which category you fall in. Based on the number of points that you have earned, members are categorized into Silver (<1000 points), Gold (1001-2000 points), Platinum (2001-3000 points), and Diamond (>3000)

  • If you are a member of the loyalty program you can earn points for every dollar that you spend on purchasing the products from their site or Amazon and eBay.
  • There are products and reward gifts that are exclusive to the members.
  • Loyalty members get the privilege of access to new launches as they get the pre-release notice exclusively.
  • If you are a loyalty member you can even get to try the newly launched products for free. 
  • KastKing loyalty program benefits the members by offering great discounts on the products. You can save big by being a member.
  • KastKing loyalty program members are eligible to get 2x points on special occasions. The special occasions are your Birthday, Father’s Day, New Year’s Eve, KastKing Anniversary date March 15th.

If you earn more than 1000 points you get additional benefits-

KastKing Inner Circle 

KastKing loyalty program members get to be in the KastKing inner circle. The inner-circle members get some exclusive privilege.

  • Members can get the opportunity to design product for Kastking.
  • Members can win Tackle test for free.
  • Members get the opportunity to win Fishing Tackle Deals.
  • Members can get the chance to go on a fishing trip with the pro staff of Kastking.
  • Members can get hands on giveaways and contest prizes.
  • Members get Company news and product update notices.
  • Collecting more than 2000 points in your account will give you additional benefits such as-
  • Extended warranty on purchased products that are not available to the general public.
  • Customer support for VIP for those who fall in Platinum and Diamond group.
  • Surprise gifts are given to the Platinum and Diamond group member of the KastKing Loyalty Program.

If the loyalty program members earn more than 3000 points they are welcomed in Diamond group with Diamond Member Welcome Gift and also given Gift as a token of Appreciation.


KastKing offers quality fishing gear and is innovative in its approach. Their products are durable, affordable, and sustainable. 

KastKing has KastKing Loyalty Program for its loyal customers that give them multiple benefits that are not available to the general public. It also helps them in saving money on their next purchase. Loyalty Program members can get gifts, additional customer support, and news related to new launches. There are many other perks of being a member of the KastKing Loyalty Program.


Q1. How to redeem points of the KastKing Loyalty Program?

To redeem points go to the Loyalty & Rewards section on the KastKing website. Enter the order number and shopping platform to redeem points. First-time members will be asked to set up a pin.

Q2. How to shop using redeem points?

To use points to redeem rewards go to the Rewards Shop section on the KastKing page. Each product will be of certain points that you can use from your account to redeem. 

Q3. Which company owns KastKing?

Eposeidon is the company and KastKing is the brand name.

Q4. What products do MadBite and Extremus offer?

Eposeidon owns the MadBite and Extremus brands. MadBite offers fishing tools and other fishing accessories, Extremus is focused on camping products.

What is KastKing Loyalty Program ?

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