Does San Diego Zoo Have Wheelchairs? – Know More

San Diego zoo is a zoo-based in Balboa Park,  San Diego, California, USA. San Diego zoo was opened in the year 1916 and has always had the pioneering concept of creating an open-free, cageless natural environment for the habitat animals which are present there. This zoo houses more than thirteen thousand ( 13000 )  animals which are of different species, there are about  650 and above species spread across acres of land. Let us know ‘Does San Diego Zoo Have Wheelchairs?’.

Does San Diego Zoo Have Wheelchairs?

According to the recording, there were about 4 million more visitors to the zoo in the year 2018. Travelers have cited that this zoo is one of the best zoos in the world and In the United States, San Diego zoo is the most visited zoo from all over the world. 

What are the services provided at the San Diego zoo?

They provide several services for all the guests even with disabilities to enjoy their visit to the zoo. These services are blind and low vision guest assistance,  deaf or hard of hearing guest assistance, developmental disability guest assistance,  services for guests who have sensory processing needs, limited Mobility guest assistance,  easy access pass, parking, shuttle services, kangaroo bus services, guided bus tours, Skyfari aerial tram, restrooms, dining and shopping,  drinking fountains, health / first aid services. They also provide wheelchairs services and electric scooters and other power-driven mobility device services. 

About the wheelchairs 

The wheelchairs ( manual and the electric  ) are provided to the guests who require them at the entrance. The wheelchairs cannot be pre-booked Before arrival. These wheelchairs or electric scooters are available for rent on a first come first serve basis near the entrance and guests with disabilities must pay the admission fees to the zoo. To rent the wheelchairs picture ID is required and there are weight restrictions also. The minimum age for using electric wheelchairs is 16years old.

What are the rental charges for the wheelchairs?

The rental charges for the wheelchairs and ECV ( electric conveyance vehicle ) differ from day today. The availability of the wheelchairs and the rental charges are not standard, there can be changes without any prior notice these prices are posted on-site at the rental facilities and the availability is based on first come first serve. The minimal charges are 

Manual Wheelchairs – $ 14

ECV – $5

What is the accessibility for the wheelchairs users in the zoo?

Easy access pass

This is a pass given to the guests who are unable to stand in the queue at the guest service office near the entrance of the zoo this pass can be used at the guided bus tour and skyfari.


This is available based on a first come first serve basis.  The placard should be properly displayed.

Shuttle services

This can accommodate any Mobility devices, this service can be availed by contacting A staff member at the entrance.

Kangaroo bus services

This is not a tour bus but a mode of transportation for limited loading and unloading,  this requires the guest to walk stairs to go into the bus.

Guided bus tour

It covers About 50% of the area of the zoo, it is a one-day pass for the guests with a wheelchair area on the lower deck of the bus, and each tour bus can accommodate one wheelchair. The staff must be made aware of reserving the seat in the wheelchair area of the bus.

Skyfari aerial tram

offers 4 passenger gondolas over the treetops to show a spectacular view of the zoo. The guest is seated in the gondola seats with or without assistance and the wheelchairs can be collected at the opposite terminal.


San Diego zoo is one of the Frequently visited tourist spots. It attracts a population of various age groups from young to old. Different guests are visiting the zoo-like guests with disability hence accessibility is of importance in such tourist spots. 

This importance of accessibility is given in san Diego zoo-like renting wheelchairs for the guest with a disability which allows the guest to enjoy the tour around the zoo with ease.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can we pre-book the wheelchair before coming to the zoo? 

No, The booking of the wheelchairs could be done only when the guest with a disability is at the entrance of the zoo

  1. Is there a free pass for the attended accompanying the guest with a disability?

Yes, they do provide a complimentary pass for the attended accompanying the guest,  this pass can be obtained from any ticket counter.  

  1. Is there a map route that recommends the best travel pathway?

Yes, there is a blue dotted line on the map which suggests the best travel pathway. 

  1. Can the guests with disability get their wheelchairs? 

Yes,  they can get their wheelchairs but they will be examined to see if it is safe to use in their faculty

  1. Is there an attendee service available for the guest with a disability in the zoo?

No, The staff in the zoo are not trained as attenders but they will provide their assistance.

Does San Diego Zoo Have Wheelchairs? – Know More

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