Who Does The Bay Use For Shipping?

The Bay is quite a famous departmental store present in Canada. There are various departmental stores in Canada but The Bay is one of the most successful ones in the country. It is Canada’s iconic department store and is famous for selling varieties of products to customers. Let us know ‘Who Does The Bay Use For Shipping?’.

Who Does The Bay Use For Shipping?

Who Does The Bay Use For Shipping?

The daily visitors at this iconic department store have asked who the company uses for any shipment. The Bay uses two different companies for shipment; they are Canada Post and Purolator. These two posting companies have been in touch with The Bay for quite a long time now. Both the posting department ensures that all the deliveries are done at the given time. 

Other than that, it is one of the oldest and long-surviving companies situated in North America. Today, the store sells different varieties starting from shoes to big accessories. 

Bay – Standard Shipping Time

Both the companies The Bay and Hudson’s Bay have a great shipping delivery time. The company ensures all the shipments are done on time and sometimes before that. Customers are quite satisfied with the shipping process by the positing companies used by The Bay. 

Both the posting companies work 24/7 throughout the country and other operating countries. They are given different areas to cover up for the shipment around the country. This is one of the reasons why the deliveries are done smoothly and faster. 

The standard shipping time for any product bought from The Bay takes 1-7 business days. Yes, the shipping time and estimation highly depend on the area or the address of the customer. Additionally, the company will charge the shipping fee as per the address of the customer. If the customer lives in a rural area or on the outskirts of the country then a slightly higher delivery fee will be charged. 

Canada Post and Purolator Shipping Rate 

Canada Post Corporation has been in the country for quite a long time now. They have started operating in many different countries worldwide. This posting company was founded way back in 1867 and has been successfully running ever since. 

Purolator is another great shipping company that is based in Canada. This company is 91% owned by Canada Post and 7% of it is owned by Rainmaker investment. The other remaining percentage is owned by a few other companies in the market. This company is not as old as Canada Post but, it operates smoothly all over the country. 

The shipping rate given by this company depends on the area, address, location, and item bought by an individual. This is followed by most of the other competitors of Canada Post in the country. 

The average shipping rates are given below:-

  • $1.07 per stamp
  • $0.92 per stamp in a booklet
  • $1.30 over 30g-50g 
  • $1.30 for 0-30g (US)
  • $1.94 for 30g-50g (US)

The Bay’s Free Shipping Policy 

The company and its parent company do offer a free shipping policy for all customers. But, there are certain terms and conditions that customers need to follow for getting this benefit. To avail of this offer is very simple just like any other company in the market. 

Hudson’s Bay offers free shipping on all orders to customers that are above $99 in Canada or more before taxes. This offer is only for those products that have a price tag above $99 without having any taxes. Unfortunately, this offer is not valid for any type of furniture purchase. 

But, there are many products sold by the company where one could avail of this great offer easily. Other than that, we are not sure if the offer is valid for the American market as well. But, for the Canadian residencies, this offer is valid for all areas and addresses. So, make sure to add products that go above $99 without taxes and enjoy the free shipping from the posting companies. 

Can we return items to The Bay?

All the subsidiaries from Hudson’s Bay have a free and easy return policy. Yes, customers willing to return the product can easily return them to the company. In this process, again the same positing partner will come to your address and receive the item for return or exchange. 

Additionally, if the item has been returned then the company will issue the refund within 30-days. The return might be made on the gift card that is provided by the company. Now, if the customers are willing to get the refund amount in their respective bank accounts then they can do that as well. 

Additionally, while receiving or returning the parcel or any item the customers will not need to sign any document or paper. The receiving and returning process is paperless. Anyone could do it. But, returning the original receipt or bill must be shown to the pickup man. 


Both the positing companies have been in the market for quite a long time now. Additionally, a few customers have been faced with an issue with them but, the maximum of them did not face any. Both positing companies have been doing well along with The Bay. 

Who Does The Bay Use For Shipping?

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