Will AutoZone Recharge my AC?- Know more about it

AutoZone is a company in charge of body parts of automotive and related equipment, it has been existing for many years now, and is of great importance in today’s society, providing services to different customers daily. In this article, we will see about ‘Will AutoZone Recharge my AC?’.

Will AutoZone Recharge my AC?

Will AutoZone Recharge my AC?

Those services include selling automobile parts and other accessories your automobile requires.  So no AutoZone will not recharge your AC, it can sell you the equipment needed for you to charge it yourself or somewhere else.  All about AutoZone, its ‘competitors,’ and many more would be treated in subsequent paragraphs, read below for more information.

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AutoZone Services

AutoZone, previously known as Auto Shack, is one of the biggest automotive industries in the US, with its headquarters based in Memphis, Tennessee. The corporation deals with body parts of automobiles, batteries for sale, engine oil, antifreeze, and many other accessories. Below are some of the free services provided by AutoZone.

  • Battery Change. You can get your car’s battery changed for free as long as you buy a battery from the store.
  • Engine cleaning and replacement.
  • Automobile assessment for problems.
  • Advice on how to go about fixing some automobile problems yourself.
  • Borrowing efficient equipment needed in repairs.
  • Installing wiper blades for customers.

For all these services, you would have to visit an AutoZone store, calling an employee to your house to get a free engine light diagnostics or any other service is not acceptable. In a situation where your car needs servicing in the nighttime, and you call for assistance, not only would it be unsafe to send an employee out, but it could also be unsafe for the store in the case of theft happening.

Your AC is indeed part of your car, so why would AutoZone not get it recharged for you, the reason may be that it is time-wasting for the employees to do this, instead, they sell you products that you will need to recharge your car AC yourself, also it’s not part of the services they offer. They may also tell you the procedures you should use in recharging your AC.

Similar Stores Like AutoZone

Other than AutoZone, the following named stores also specialize in the automobile industry and would be good places to visit if in search of a place to get your car’s AC recharged.

  1. O’Reilly Auto Parts.
  2. Advance Auto Parts.
  3. Pep Boys.
  4. LKQ Corporation.
  5. Carquest Auto Parts.
  6. AAMCO.

1. O’Reilly Auto Parts

O’Reilly’s automotive store deals with all automobile parts and products. They offer a range of services with good and efficient parts and services. You can order any part or accessories online and pick them up in any shop in your location.

2. Advance Auto Parts

As the name entails, sales of the most reliable and trustworthy products are provided in this corporation. This corporation offers car care tips, advice, and home delivery of ordered car parts and products or shop recovery.

3. Pep Boys

Pep Boys automotive service previously known as Pep Auto Supply, provides automobile servicing and repairs and regular oil changes. They also provide services such as AC recharge.

4. LKQ Corporation

LKQ sells replacement parts, engines, batteries, and products to repair your automobile. It deals with automobiles, trucks, and any other vehicle.  

5. Carquest Auto Parts

Carquest is currently owned by Advance Auto Parts. They are involved in the supply of automotive parts with great quality, they have connections with other automobile corporations where they are supplied.


This automotive company provides car care services and transmission repair. This service provides engine repair, recharge of AC, car oil change, and many more. Some AAMCO stores give free services for AC recharge and other services.


AutoZone has a lot of services available, it is trustworthy and efficient. With free services and affordable car parts and accessories. However, if you are looking for a place to recharge your car AC, AutoZone is not an option, at least not in 2022. Any other service your car needs would be provided in good time.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How much is a car battery at AutoZone?

The batteries vary in amount but a car battery at AutoZone ranges between fifty dollars and one hundred and fifty dollars. Again, the cost of a battery depends on its type.

  1. Can I get my Car’s oil changed at AutoZone?

Just like recharging your car AC, you cannot get your oil changed, instead, you can buy an oil changing kit with everything you need to change the oil of the car yourself or somewhere else.

  1. Can AutoZone put in the headlights of my car?

AutoZone can install headlights into your car, as long as you purchased the needed parts from an AutoZone shop. The installation could be free since you bought parts off the shop’s shelf, but it depends on the location of the store.

  1. How much does it cost to recharge an AC system?

Recharging your AC system in a shop costs between two hundred and six hundred dollars. The amount to be paid varies with the refrigerant level in your system, your location, the shop, and the HVAC ( Heating and Ventilating Contractors Association) provider you have chosen.

  1. Does AutoZone repair flat tires?

No! AutoZone would likely not repair flat tires, they sell automobile parts and when servicing cars is involved, a flat tire is not on the list. 

  1. What is AutoZone’s return policy?

When returning a product to any AutoZone shop, you need to have the product in its original packaging and your receipt of payment with you, you can also go with your credit card used for payment of the product. All returns must be made within 90 days after the purchase of the product.

  1. Can I return a product to AutoZone without a receipt?

Yes, you can. Even without a receipt, you can return parts to AutoZone.  You can contact AutoZone Customer service for more details on their returns policy without a receipt.

  1. Does AutoZone deliver on the weekends?

It depends on your location and the AutoZone store’s working hours policy. You could call and ask if you could get your purchased parts delivered to you during the weekend.

Will AutoZone Recharge my AC?- Know more about it

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