Where Can I Deposit Cash For Meta Bank?

Meta Bank is considered among one of the top mid-sized retail banking organizations in the USA. It was founded in 1954 and headquartered in Sioux Falls in South Dakota, the U.S. Apart from providing conventional banking services, it is doing four primary businesses – Payments, Tax Services, Commercial Financing, and Consumer Lending. Its mission is to provide financial inclusion to all. In 2013, it has been ranked at 5th position among top-performing mid-sized banks in the nation by ABA Banking Journal and recognized among the Top 25 in U.S. community banks & thrifts by American Banker Magazine. Let us know ‘Where Can I Deposit Cash For Meta Bank?’.

Where Can I Deposit Cash For Meta Bank?

Where Can I Deposit Cash For Meta Bank?

Both ways are available, conventional and modern, for depositing cash in your Meta bank account. Since its incorporation, cash was deposited through conventional methods like branch visits or via depositing a check. In the year 2004, the bank came with its new division for electronic payment named MPS (Meta Payment Systems) in Sioux Falls and after that cash is being deposited through modern ways like online banking, mobile banking, using ATMs, etc. Let’s discuss them in detail for better understanding: –

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Business Mobile Deposit:

With the introduction of MPS, the bank launched a service for depositing your check online. Till then, encashment of a check used to take almost 2-3 business days, when deposited at any bank branch. But, now you can scan the front and back parts of the check and put the dollar amount on the online app of the bank. And Voila! Your money will be credited to your account the same day or the next working day.

  • Direct Deposit: – Your salary or any government benefits like tax refunds can now be credited directly into your account with the help of Ace Flare Account. You have to provide your employer with the routing numbers issued by the bank and get the cash 2-3 days faster than usual. You will also get access to High Yield Savings Account and will receive an APY (Annual Percentage Yield) of 6%. 
  • Prepaid Cards: – The bank issues 3 types of cards – Travel Cards and Gift Cards by MASTERCARD, and METABLUE Reloadable Prepaid Cards by VISA. You can deposit cash in these cards online or at the branch. These cards are like phone recharge cards as you can spend up to the amount you have deposited in them. You can use them anywhere anytime as these are accepted worldwide. 
  • Through ATM: – Money can be deposited or withdrawn at any Meta bank ATM for free. Around 70% of the total ATMs in the USA are managed and sponsored by MPS and its business partners. So, you can find the bank ATM at every location. There is no annual charge for using an ATM debit card. 

What are the steps to use the service of Mobile Banking?

  • First, download the app of Meta bank from Google Play Store.
  • Now, fill in your bank account details in the dialog box that appeared after opening the app.
  • If your details are correct, you will be taken to the home page of it.
  • Select the “deposit” tab.
  • Choose the account type in which you have to deposit the money.
  • Click a photo of the front and back of the check.
  • Enter the amount.
  • After clicking on “Send”, you are done.

Some of the Special Products offered by this bank: –

  • Tax Services – It has a separate division that solely works for providing its customers with services of tax payments and refunds. It has partnered with ERO (Electronic Return Originator) tax preparers, through which taxpayers get their refunds quickly and securely via direct deposit or other online channels. This service is available nationwide.
  • National Lending – It is fulfilling its mission of financial inclusion for all by giving loans to Small and Medium Enterprises on easy terms. Its focus is to bring small entrepreneurs to the same level as owners of big companies. Crestmark and AFS/IBEX are their two commercial finance division that caters to the lending needs at B2B (Business to Business) level. Asset Based Lending, Factoring, Equipment Financing, Insurance premium financing, etc are some of its financial product lines, operating nationwide.
  • Consumer Lending – Personal loans are also being provided to the customers for housing, educational, or other purposes at reasonable interest rates. These loans are tailored as per the customer’s ability to repay the loan within a period ranging from 18 to 84 months.

Why choose Meta bank?

  • Good Hospitality – Not only regular customers, even a random person who just walked in here for the first time, to enquire about opening an account will get a warm welcome from the banking staff. You are welcomed by offering a tea or a coffee that will create a nice image of the bank in the customers’ minds. After all, “First impression is the last impression”. 
  • Personalized experience – Two or three employees will be associated and dedicated to you after opening an account. In case of any query, you can contact them personally.
  • Your time is valued – The transaction (whether you want to deposit or withdraw money) is made on the same day if you visit the branch and meet the teller. They will not going to delay you for the tea or lunch break and are very dedicated & passionate about their work.
  • They do reply to your queries – One person is made available during business hours of the bank to receive and solve the queries on phone calls. You can also have the option of sending voicemails after the bank is closed, they will be replied to by the very next working day.
  • Believe in Financial Inclusion to the unreached sector – Having the motto of Financial Inclusion for All, the bank issued prepaid debit cards so that every person, who is living in the unbanked area, can also be benefitted from the banking services.


Meta bank is one of the top banks in the USA that provides traditional as well as online retail banking services. It is a highly recommended bank, 9 out of 10 persons recommend it to their family and friends after using its services. If you want to get your work done promptly then, Meta is the one-stop solution for all such demands of yours while banking.

Where Can I Deposit Cash For Meta Bank?

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