AutoBuy Vs CarMax Vs We Buy Any Car – Which Is Better?

Selling or buying a vehicle is a big decision in one’s life. AutoBuy, CarMax and We Buy Any Car are some companies that provide simple, haggle-free and appropriate appraisal deals through their professionals to ease the process of buying and selling vehicles. Here, in this article detailed information about the company’s process is listed. Let us read ‘AutoBuy Vs CarMax Vs We Buy Any Car’.

Autobuy vs Carmax vs We Buy Any Car

AutoBuy Vs CarMax Vs We Buy Any Car

Let’s see the difference between AutoBuy, CarMax and We Buy Any Car:

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AutoBuy ‘A Car Buying Company’ is a pre-used vehicle buying company. It is a Florida based company which buys pre-used or new cars from individuals and sells them to those who desire to buy the vehicle. AutoBuy is in the motor vehicle manufacturing industry. 

AutoBuy offers fast, free and certified appraisals to their customers. AutoBuy entrusts customers with their registered trademark, ‘We Pay The Max’ by paying maximum appraisal to an individual’s vehicle.

AutoBuy has appraised over 2 million vehicles over time. The appraisal is completed in 20 minutes or less at times. Cars, SUVs, trucks, motorcycles, boats, RVs, and Commercial vehicles can be sold to AutoBuy and one can get them appraised.


Step 1: Submit your vehicle

First, the seller has to submit some basic information about their vehicle. One can do this step directly from AutoBuy’s website. The staff then assist the seller in gathering basic details such as its model, how long it’s been used, its current condition, etc.

Step 2: Complete the Appraisal

Second, after collecting adequate information about the vehicle, one of their professionals will meet at their car centre to complete the evaluation. This step evaluates the vehicle’s overall condition, mileage and other factors. It often takes 20 minutes or less to complete this step.

Step 3: Accept the Offer

After the vehicle is appraised to its best maximum evaluation, the seller will receive a written offer for the vehicle. One can choose to instantly take up the offer or take 5 days to make a decision. 


CarMax is a pre-used vehicle retailer based company. It makes the process of buying and selling pre-used cars easy and customer friendly. It has its headquarters in Virginia, United States. It was founded in 1993. 

CarMax is known as the Nation’s largest used Car Retailer. It ensures to help their customers to buy a car that truly fits their life and desires. It aims at giving iconic customer experiences to individuals selling or buying vehicles from CarMax.

SUVs, Trucks, Sedans, Crossovers, Coupes, Convertibles, Luxury, Sports cars, Diesel vans, hybrids, Wagons and electric pre-used vehicles can be sold and bought through CarMax. 

They have sold over 9 million cars, over 33 million cars appraised and a million vehicles are purchased from CarMax over these years. 


Step 1: Get Your Offer

Once a seller or buyer decides to sell or buy a vehicle, they have to register the details on their website. A seller has to provide details such as the vehicle’s license plate number, condition, model, and other details. After providing the needed information, you will get an offer for your vehicle online within 2 minutes.

Step 2: Make an Appointment

If the seller is interested in the offer, he has to visit the nearest store to physically verify the vehicle. The offer is held for 7 days for the seller to compare it with other deals

Step 3: Complete the Sale

Once after the verification and satisfactory evaluation of the vehicle, one can accept the offer to complete the procedure. CarMax will pay the amount offered for the seller’s pre-used vehicle on the spot.

It is a take-home test drive that gives one individual up to 24 hours to decide whether they want to buy the vehicle. If you have bought the vehicle and later decide to return it then it must be within 30 days that too the vehicle must be driven fewer than 1500 miles. 

We Buy Any Car

We Buy Any Car corporation is a car buying service-oriented company in the UK. It was started in 2006 to offer the customers a haggle-free alternate option to sell their vehicles.

It is regarded as United Kingdom’s largest car buying service company. Over 2 million customers have sold their cars through We Buy Any Car.


Step 1: Free Valuation 

We Buy Car provides free valuation to the seller about their vehicle through their website. The seller needs to provide some basic details. The seller gets instant valuation within seconds for free.

Step 2: Book an Appointment

After the valuation step, the seller needs to book an appointment through their website at their local branch for a physical assessment.

Step 3: Sell Your Car

Once all the necessary information and verification, the store is ready to buy the seller’s vehicle for the best deal. This step is done under an hour without the delay of their customer’s time and interest.


These were some of the differences between Autobuy and Carmax. The major or the important differences are very well cleared in the article above. 

AutoBuy Vs CarMax Vs We Buy Any Car – Which Is Better?

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