Shell Apple Pay – Know More

Shell apple pay is a mode of contactless payment that enables the customers to pay at Shell Pumps using their Apple Pay App. This contactless payment capacitates the customer to fill up their car tanks without having to use their credit/debit cards or cash. It is the most advanced and efficient mode of payment at Shell pumps which saves time and effort for the customers.

Shell Apple Pay

You simply need to Download the shell app and integrate your Apple pay to the Shell app or you can add your Shell card to your Apple Wallet. To use this as your payment mode at Shell, you are required to link your credit card, debit card, or gift card to your Apple wallet. This will enable the option of payment through this while you are using the shell app at the pump. 

Two ways in which Apple pay can be used at shell 

1. Adding the shell card to the apple wallet. 

2. Making the payment through Apple pay using the Shell app.

Steps to use the Apple Pay 

Shell has initiated Shell Apple Pay in 2022 to facilitate the customer to pay their fuel bills while sitting right in their vehicle seats. Following are the simple steps that the customer needs to follow to enable the latest contactless and risk-free payment: 

● Open your Apple wallet and add your credit or debit card if you haven’t yet added it. 

● Download the shell app on your iPhone. 

● Open the Shell app and add the pump number when you are at the pump. 

● You will be then given an option to pay through Apple pay. ● Just by clicking the option, you will pay in no time. 

Benefits of Shell Apple Pay 

It enables the customer to enjoy the most advanced payment method. It is not only the most efficient contactless payment method but also the safest one. It keeps them from following the time taking customary steps of swiping their cards and waiting for the recites. It also eliminates the risk of card information reveal and fraud. You can also use your Apple pay to pay at the convenience stores at Shell pumps. 

Why is Apple Pay worth using at shell? 

It is worth using at shell pumps because it is efficient and safe and it awards points to the frequent user. If you use this you will be enjoying three benefits; the efficiency of contactless payment, the safety from the unmasking of information, and extra points of discount at shell pumps. You will be able to use this at the Shell convenience stores as well which makes it even more fun to use. 

Availability of Apple Pay service 

This service is available all over the world in almost all countries where Shell pumps are in operation. However, Shell pumps in some areas do not support it. Shell is working to bring all the pumps on this pay. This year the company has planned to provide Apple Pay service to a maximum number of pumps. 


It can be used to fund your shell app or to pay at the shell pump. It is the most convenient and the safest mode of payment at the shell. Whenever you visit your nearest Shell pump do not forget to ask if they offer payment through Apple pay. The facility of apple pay has revolutionized the mode of payment by making payment methods easier, faster, and safer. You should avail this facility at Shell because why wait for a receipt when you can get the digital one right on your Apple Screen. 

Frequently Asked Question

1. How to use shell apple pay? 

Follow the steps below to use the Apple pay using the app;

● Enter the pump number 

● Select apple pay as your payment choice. 

● Wait for the “start fueling” message to appear on your screen.

● Then fill up your fuel and drive off to your destination.

2. How will Shell Apple pay benefit the users?

It will benefit the users by allowing them to pay at their Shell pump sitting right in their vehicle seat. They will just have to verify their pump number and the payment will be just a click away. 

3. What extra advantages does payment through Shell Apple Pay gives?

It gives some additional advantages to the customer by awarding extra points to the regular customer (who pays at shell through the Apple pay). These points will be a discount price for the customer. The customer can also pay at the shell convenience stores through this pay.

4. Does it produce a receipt for the customer?

Yes, It does produce a digital recite for the customer with all the details including; fuel price per liter, fuel filled in the tank, the total bill of the fuel, and the total amount paid through Apple Pay.

Shell Apple Pay – Know More

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