White Gold: 10k, 14k & 18k! -Know More

White Gold: 10k, 14k & 18k!

Before We Start…So, as the world sees several changes with time after Covid-19 Pandemic, be it geopolitical tensions or supply chain bottlenecks, it has simply made our life hard due to increasing inflation & decreasing the value of portfolio investments that we usually prefer in equity stocks, debt stocks. But with these there is another option that many industry veterans strongly prefer to be invested in, & that is Gold. Yes, Gold is considered to be a really good hedging tool against periodic risks that markets face occasionally. Now, Gold is not really a new thing to learn about, but ‘White Gold’ sure is. Let’s read about ‘White Gold: 10k, 14k & 18k!’

White Gold: 10k, 14k & 18k!

‘Pure Gold’!

Let’s start from scratch! The gold that we normally talk about to be purest & most expensive is called as 24 Karat, which includes at least 99.9% gold & silver or copper for the rest. It costs $59.3 USD/Gram 24k as I write. Now, the gold that we use to make ornaments or jewelry is 22 Karat (as 24 Karat gold is too soft to be made & carried as jewelry & breaks, bents immediately) which contains 91.6% gold & other metals for rest portion. 22 Karat amounts to $54.4 USD/Gram 22k at today’s date.

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So What White Gold Actually Is?

Above were Alloys of gold that we know, whereas White Gold is also another such alloy which varies due to the amount of gold it contains. White Gold is made available in three forms, – 10k, 14k & 18k. To go further, it is important to understand that White Gold is not at all ‘Fake gold’ as it still has gold with strong metals such as silver, nickel, zinc & palladium. White gold is widely considered to be valuable in form jewelry (rings, specially!) for various occasions, such as- birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, etc. This form gold really looks modern with traditional touch & obviously goes with any look we want to go with. So let’s try to understand various types of White Gold with various parameters such as quantity & quality standards, market prices (prices are subject to the further embedment made, if any, also brand, manufacturer that gold belongs to).  

10K White Gold 

As it is an alloy, it contains 41.7% gold, with above mentioned metals. This is a cheap option for those who want gold with minimum price to expend. This gold is stays for quite a long period as it is not risk averse of being bent or broken easily. Pricewise, it values $24.7 USD/Gram 10k, as I write this blog.

14K White Gold 

This is a more pure form of gold than 10k, which is combined by 58.3% gold with other metals, such as silver, nickel, etc. It is considered to be the most affordable gold quality & pricewise as well. It possess quite good quality than 10k White Gold having fine price point. Those who do not wish to go for 18k gold have really good option in this metal piece. As I write, 14k White Gold costs $34.6 USD per gram.

18K White Gold

18k White Gold contains 75% gold in it (more than 10k & 14k) which makes it quite high priced item than 14k & 10k accordingly. It comes after 22k gold when purity is concerned while making & purchasing.  18k White Gold costs as on 2nd June 2, 2022, $44.5 USD per gram.

  1. Is white gold ‘fake gold’? 

As answered above, white gold is as actual as any other gold form, as it contains gold in it. Now it obviously varies on indicators such as quality, durability & price point. White gold is one of the best options for those who do not wish to invest in pure gold. As it costs too much but want to have in some quantity. Hence its availability in 10k, 14k & 18k makes it highly desired metal & accordingly wise investment.

  1. Then, is it not good to have pure gold as an investment?

Again, it all depends on choice of the person purchasing gold. When having a jewelry, durability of gold matters the most for the purchase. As he/she will be wearing the gold jewelry every day or occasionally for longer period it needs to resistant to risk to get broken or bent. So it is wise to choose white gold or 22k gold for making ornaments. Whereas, when it comes to using gold as an investment, it actually makes sense to investment in pure gold (if one wishes to), as it could be done in when various form such as Gold Biscuits or even in digital forms, the way which is done in India through investment in Sovereign Gold Bond Scheme. In this scheme, though we do not actually get the gold. But when coupons are matured we get the amount equal gold’s live market price with interest.

I hope this article clears concepts regarding White Gold to readers! Thank you! 

White Gold: 10k, 14k & 18k! -Know More

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