Can I Rent a Car With a Temporary Driver’s License?- Know More Interesting Facts

Are you currently in need to rent a car but don’t have a driver’s license?, Or are you waiting for your license to arrive after application but urgently need to rent a car?. How do you go about renting a car with a temporary license? In this article, we will see about ‘Can I Rent a Car With a Temporary Driver’s License?’.

Can I Rent a Car With a Temporary Driver's License?

Can I Rent a Car With a Temporary Driver’s License?

Yes, you can rent a car with a Temporary License as far as it is authentic, it covers the period of rent and you have a valid means of identification i.e a valid ID or passport.

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Requirements to Rent a Car With a Temporary Driver’s License:

  1. Validity
  2. Driving record
  3. Proof of identification
  4. Age Restriction
  5. Authenticity
  6. Country of issuance.

1. Validity

Since your temporary license is usually valid for 30 days, it’s advisable to check this first before proceeding to rent a car, as an invalid temporary license will be rejected, get a valid license and you’re good to go.

2. Driving record

Before you can successfully rent a car, car rental companies have to ensure you have a clean driving record, they do this by checking your driving record on the DMV database, you might be denied a rental due to some of the reasons:

  • Invalid driver’s license
  • Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol and so on.

3. Proof of identification

You’ll need another form of identification such as a passport because your temporary driver’s license isn’t an official mode of identification, though your permanent driver’s license can be used as a mode of identification in its absence, another valid mode of identification is required.

4. Age Restriction

There are certain age restrictions when it comes to renting a car, most car rentals company or sites require the driver to be above 21, and some states require drivers to be above 18, your state and age matter a lot, in some states, if you’re below 25, you might need to pay a young driver’s charge.

5. Authenticity

If you want to use your temporary driver’s license to rent a car, the car rental company would most likely check your temporary driver’s license if it’s indeed authentic by checking if the DMV issued the license or not, and would deny you access to rent if the license isn’t authentic

6. Country of Issuance

You have to make sure the country you were issued the license is accepted by the car rental company you would like to rent a car from, if you’re in the US you can use a license from Canada or other countries while some other foreign countries license might not be accepted so make sure your license is accepted by the car rental company you choose to rent from.

After making sure you have all the requirements it takes to rent a car in your state with a temporary driver’s license, you would most likely want to know the steps in renting a car, here are some of the steps to be taken in renting a car below:-

  1. Have a valid driver’s license (temporary)
  2. Verify age restrictions
  3. Pick a rental car company
  4. Select the vehicle of your choice
  5. Have a valid form of payment
  6. Return your vehicle on time.

These are quite easy steps as far as you have all requirements, these steps are easy to follow as you’d have a smooth and well-detailed renting process.

Now, after getting all the requirements and knowing the steps in successfully renting a car, you might want to know the best car rental companies and sites out there that accept temporary driver’s licenses, here are a few below:-

Best Car Rental Companies

 •  Enterprise Rent-A-Car

 •  National Car Rental

 •  Hertz

 •  Sixt

 •  Avis

 •  Budget

 •  Dollar car rental

 •  Enterprise e.t.c.

  These are some of the best car rental companies in no particular order, they are highly rated due to their efficient pick-up and drop-off processes, Low cost, and highly efficient and effective cars.

Some of the best car rentals sites are listed below:-






Amongst others, These sites are also very effective and efficient as to why they are ranked as the best in no particular order.

If you also need a low-cost rental company due to a low budget but require highly efficient rental companies, some of the best low-cost car rental companies are listed below:-

•  Payless

•  Thrifty

•   Sixt


 Before successfully renting a car, you would need a valid debit card to be able to make successful payments so before proceeding to rent a card make sure you have a valid form of payment before proceeding.

  And finally, you can always rent a car with your temporary driver’s license as you await your permanent license, but make sure all requirements are met.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Can I rent any car of my choice if I’m using a temporary driver’s license to rent??

Answer:- Yes you can pick any car of your choice out of the options given to you by the company.

  1. Can I rent a car without a debit card??

Answer:- Depending on the company, some companies only make use of debit cards, while some do not so you can always pick a company that accepts another form of payment.

  1. Where can I get a good rental company that accepts temporary driver’s licenses?

Answer:- some of the companies that accept temporary driver’s licenses are mentioned above.

  1. Can a 16-year-old rent a car??

Answer:- No, most car rentals company allows only 18 years and above. 

Can I Rent a Car With a Temporary Driver’s License?- Know More Interesting Facts

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