Does Albertsons Do Money Orders?

Albertson is one of the biggest retailers of drugs and food in America. It was founded by Joe Albertson, with headquarters in Boise, Idaho. They partner with brands like Safeway, Shaws, Tom Thumb, Randalls, Vons, United Supermarkets, Pavilions, and Jewel-Osco. Albertson provides a convenient shopping environment and experience for everyone. They are a world-class grocery store that operates in over 20 states and has a variety of consumer products.  A money order is a paper payment instrument used to make payments or send money to another party. It is like a check that has been prepaid and is used to make payments. A money order is purchased from a third party, and the amount to be given to the recipient is paid for, so we can say that each money order is equivalent to a certain amount that has been paid for. Let us know ‘Does Albertsons Do Money Orders?’.

Does Albertsons Do Money Orders?

Does Albertsons Do Money Orders?

 A money order is usually purchased from organizations that render this service in the US three, organizations recognized are USPS, MoneyGram, and Western Union. However, these services can be accessed at various outlets and retailers like Albertsons. Albertsons do money orders and accept cash, debit, and credit cards as means of payment for money orders. A fee of $0.89 is charged and the maximum amount that can be purchased on each money order is $500, although you can buy it not more than twice a day. For this reason, money orders are better options for little transactions not exceeding $1000 per day. 

Albertsons Money Order

With Albertsons money order, you can send money to almost anyone in any part of the world. The recipient can cash out the money order at acceptable institutions that accept money orders, it does not have to be in the same place where the order was purchased although cashing out at an institution outside the bank that issued it can delay for a while. Money orders don’t have to be cashed out immediately. They can be deposited into a bank account, and this saves the payee from bank charges for cashing out directly. When cashing out a money order, the recipient receives cash on demand without going through much documentation or having a standard checking account. 

Benefits Of Albertsons Money Order

1. Money orders are a means of payment that is inexpensive, accessible and allows payee access to the money without stressing.

2. Most people do not have bank accounts and often find themselves in situations where certain transactions have to be made, with money orders you can have a stress-free transaction as no account or bank details are required. International Payments are made easy through money orders. 

3. It is usually addressed to one person, which is the recipient, and so the recipient’s name is written on the money order, and as such, no other person can use a money order of another person, this prevents theft and secures payment.

4. Money orders can not be bounced back. 

Documents For Purchasing A Albertsons Money Order

1. The recipient’s full name

2. Your house address

3. The equivalent dollar amount for the money order form

4. A means of payment either credit, debit card, or cash. 


Not all Albertson’s local outlets offer the money order service, you have to place a call to be sure. Money orders can be used for transactions that involve buying a house, a car or paying for a leased apartment, or sending money to a third party through a post office. Money orders are redeemable only by the name on the order although the purchaser has the power to stop the payment. 


1. If Needs Be, Can I Ask for A Refund?

Refunds can only be approved if you are yet to use your money order before it expires and in such situations, a fee of about $15 is charged to process a refund. 

2. What Are The Requirements for Cashing out?

When you get to a place where a money order is accepted, you would first have to sign and then next provide a means of identification to ascertain that the money order is for you. A government-issued means of identification is made, it could be your driver’s license or passport.

3. Are there risks associated with money orders?

 Yes, some money orders can be fake, and also, the purchaser can cancel the order even before you cash out. 

4. Can I correct mistakes on a purchased money order?

No, getting a new one is the only way, but you would have to cancel the previous one. 

5. Can I Track My Order?

Albertsons cannot track money order transactions, but you can contact whichever vendor processed your order from Albertsons. All information needed for tracking is written on the form given to you after purchase, so be sure to keep it safe.

Does Albertsons Do Money Orders?

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