Does FedEx Leave Packages In The Rain Or Snow?

FedEx Is a shipping service that delivers goods to businesses at a low cost. FedEx also transports products to homes and companies within five days of order. FedEx is a friendly delivery service that allows customers to track and manage their packages and get real-time alerts on the state of their parcels. FedEx also tries to stick with time when delivering any product as much as possible. In this article, we will see about ‘Does FedEx Leave Packages In The Rain Or Snow?’.

Does FedEx Leave Packages In The Rain Or Snow?

Does FedEx Leave Packages In The Rain Or Snow?

FedEx employs a team of meteorologists to forecast the weather and the severity of any storm that may arise. So FedEx delivers in the snow or rain, depending on the severity of the weather. FedEx distributes packages in the snow or rain but will never leave the parcel in that weather; they look out for a covered area and place the box there away from the elements that can destroy them. 

How Does FedEx Deliver In The Rain Or Snow?

FedEx has the best interest of every customer at heart, and they are well aware of forces that may disturb deliveries like snowstorms or rainstorms. FedEx understands that the weather may disrupt deliveries. However, FedEx also prioritizes the life and safety of every employee over customer rating. So they employed a team of meteorologists to read and forecast the weather at least two weeks before the delivery day.  

There are three things that FedEx drivers do when there is rain or storm: 

  • They keep them in a plastic waterproof bag: FedEx riders are specially trained to stay safe in the rain and what to do with the packages they deliver when it is raining. The driver places the box in a plastic waterproof bag and puts them in a covered area.
  • Suspend the delivery: FedEx priorities the well-being of their riders, so the local managers can call back a driver to cease delivery if the weather is severe. FedEx drivers are trained to deliver in any weather and know what to do to keep packages in the best condition possible until the customer can pick them up. If FedEx cannot deliver due to the storm, FedEx may shift the delivery day by the length of time the delivery truck is stuck.
  • They keep the package in the awning or archway: FedEx drivers could leave the box under an archway or canopy. When there is no archway or awning Driver will cover the package and leave it where the container will remain as dry as possible. The riders can also leave the box in the mailbox, provided the client makes it available. 

If the client indicates that the driver can leave the package with a neighbor, FedEx drivers can drop it off with the neighbor, provided the individual has the required QR code. FedEx advises their customers to order their products before Christmas when it is more likely to snow so that FedEx can have ample time to deliver products without snow interruption. 

What Should Customers Do When They Want Their Package Urgently?

FedEx understand that sometimes, a delivery is urgent, and customers need to get their goods as soon as possible. When customers want their packages at all costs when it is snowing, FedEx advises that they clear their driveways and walkways to improve drivers’ movements and reduce accidents.  

Also, customers can take a few steps to help drivers with the delivery and ensure their goods are delivered on time, even in the rain or snow: 

  1. Download the FedEx app 
  2. Track your assigned driver with the FedEx app
  3. Customers can request that their package be dropped off at the local pick up area to ensure that it is easier for the customers to pick up the package at their own time
  4. Customize can ask a neighbor to pick up the package from the store. Customers should send the QR code assigned to their package to anyone picking up the item on their behalf. 
  5. Customers can leave instructions for their drivers, telling them where to keep the package in the case of rain or snow

These can be done using the FedEx delivery manager app on App Store or play store. Also, customers are advised to invest in waterproof outdoor storage to ensure that packages are safe when they are delivered to them. 

What Should You Do When Rain Damages Your Package?

When the rain or snow destroys a customer’s package after delivery, the customer should do the following immediately.

  1. Please take a picture of the damaged package: Evidence must be that the rain or storm destroyed the box. Therefore, customers should take a perfect image of the ruined package. 
  1. Customers should share the pictures with the company or individual who sold the product to them: The company or the individual who sold the product will report to FedEx directly. Customers are encouraged to share the pictures with them first. 
  1. After the individual or the company shares the picture with FedEx and FedEx verifies that the rain or storm destroyed the product, FedEx will either refund the customer or replace the products. 


FedEx delivers in the rain or storm, depending on the severity of the weather. FedEx drivers ensure that they keep the package in a covered area away or a plastic bag away from the rain or storm. FedEx reschedules the delivery for a more suitable day if the delivery is impossible due to the weather. 

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Does FedEx leave the package outside? 

Yes, FedEx leaves packages outside but in a safe place. However, if the box requires a signature and there is no one to sign it, the rider returns the package to the office, and then FedEx gets in touch with the customer to reschedule a convenient delivery date. 

  1. What happens if FedEx does not deliver packages on time? 

FedEx is known to deliver packages on time, and they are never late, even by one minute. Customers can ask for a refund or credit on the shipping charges if FedEx is late.

Does FedEx Leave Packages In The Rain Or Snow?

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