Cheaper Versions Of Name Brands 

Save money on cheaper versions of name brands. Higher cost always seems to be associated with better quality. But in this article, we will provide information disputing that belief, showing that what you buy for a huge amount of money, thinking it’ll have better quality can also be gotten for a lot less in some of the cheaper versions. We suggest reading this article till the end to see how these cheaper versions compare to their name-brand counterparts and also find out how much money you’ll be saving. A name brand refers to products that have been made by well-known manufacturers or companies and have the manufacturers or companies’ labels on them. 

Cheaper Versions Of Name Brands 

Generic brands are about 30% cheaper than brand names. It is no wonder that our advice to the reader as we provide this article is for you to keep these versions in mind for the next shopping trip you go to. 

Cheaper Versions Of Name Brands 

Products that are known to always come in 2 versions; a cheap version and a name-brand version. 

It is a very rare thing to find any name-brand product that does not have cheaper versions. But in this article, we will provide the reader with 20 examples 

1. Footwear 

2. Drugs; 

3. Toilet paper 

4. Milk 

5. Flour 

6. Staple cereals 

7. Bottled water 

8. Baby formula 

9. Salt 

10. Sugar 

11. Bleach 

12. Antacid 

13. Pain-relieving medications 

14. Earbuds 

15. Shaving sticks 

16. Cosmetics 

17. Liquor 

18. Hair products 

19. Cereal

20. cookware 

Reasons Why cheaper versions of products are seen as inferior concerning quality. 

The belief of whatever is more expensive has better quality stems from the 1980s when products did not have quality as good as name brand products, which caused the spread of the bad reputation cheap versions of products have today. 

Comparisons between name brands and their cheaper versions. 

If you check the ingredient composition of a name-brand product and then compare those ingredients to their cheaper versions. One will find that the only difference appears only in the form of the cost of the 2 products being compared. 

Saks avenue fifth avenue clothing: 

this house line is not what one might exactly refer to as generic. In the same building where Armani fabrics are sewn is where the Saks collection is also sown according to the LifeHacker. Although the Saks fabrics are still unaffordable to most, when compared to the prices of Armani fabrics, one just has to see how buying the Saks fabrics will keep their purses from becoming too light. 

Comparison between Saks and Armani 

● Saks cashmere cardigan (women)-$350 while Armani Collezioni cashmere cardigan-$595 

● Saks leather bomber jacket (men)-$698 while Armani Collezioni lambskin jacket- $1,475 

Razors at Walgreens; 

popular shaving razors such as Gillette or Schick’s are quite expensive while razors sold at Walgreens that are just as sharp and are known to last almost as long cost nearly half as less. 

Price comparison between Gillette and Walgreens razors 

● Walgreens 10 count twin blade cartridges- $8.79 while Gillette 10 count trac 2 version- $ 17.49 

● Walgreens five-blade razor-$5.99 while Gillette fusion razor- $14.29 

● Studio 35 razor (with 6 replacement blades) – $5.29 while the Gillette razor package will cost about $13 

Costco’s Kirkland signature products;

Shampoo, ice cream, tuna fish, diapers, and liquors are a few of the things Costco provides cheaper versions of. Because Costco has such high and strict standards on what it puts the Kirkland’s label on, the versions they provide on some occasions are a lot better than name brand products. 

● Kirkland signature french vodka -is $20 while Grey goose vodka -is $48 There are even rumors about both liquors being manufactured by the same person because of how similar they are to each other in quality and taste, yet the Costco Kirkland signature version costs half less. 

Comparison between some more name brands and their cheaper versions. 

1. Benefit! They’re real mascara -$26 while Covergirl’s lash blast mascara – is $6 2. Ikea kyrre stool-$20 while artek Aalto stool E60-$410 

3. Ninja chef countertop blender-$160 while Vitamix A2300-$500 

4. Women’s bear paw Emma short boots – $77 while ugg classic II boots – $170 5. Men’s amazon essentials lightweight packable puffer jacket -$39 while Patagonia men’s nano puff jacket -$199 

Reasons why generic brand products cost less than name brand products

As earlier stated. Because a product is more expensive does not necessarily mean the product has better quality. Here are some reasons why name brand products cost more. 

● Advertisement and marketing; name brands budget quite a lot of money when it comes to creating public awareness for their products and because they have spent such huge amounts of money, they require ways to make a profit and regain the money spent ● Absence of development costs 


It might be a mistake to dismiss generic brand products because of the belief that the name brand product provides better quality. As we have shown in the information provided in this article, this is not always the case. Products such as gas, drugs, and others are guided by certain regulatory specifications thus showing that products frequently provide the same quality and are set apart only by their costs. There’s no need to skimp on quality just because one is getting the cheaper version of a product 

Frequently asked questions 
  • Are cheaper versions of products (generic brands) as good as brand-name products?

Yes, generic products are as good and sometimes even surpass brand name products when it comes to quality. According to a study, more than 50% of cheaper versions of products proved to be just as good or nearly even better than name brand products. 

  • Is it safe to take cheaper versions of drugs? 

Yes, it is safe to take generic brand drugs according to prescriptions. According to the united states, food and drug agency “generic drugs are just as good as their branded counterparts” 

  • Are cheaper versions of name-brand products popular? 

Yes, cheap versions of name products are quite popular to the extent that 22% of shoppers choose which supermarkets to shop at partly because of the quality of the store brand products, according to consumer reports.

Cheaper Versions Of Name Brands 

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