Roku Error Code 014.30 – All About it

Roku offers unlimited access to customers to stream media content online. This Online media has over 60 million users worldwide. If you are looking for an online streaming service where you can watch lots of entertainment videos and content, then Roku is such a platform. Let us have a look over Roku error code 014.30

Roku Error Code 014.30

 Although Roku is one of the top services worldwide, it is not 100% perfect. Customers tend to encounter different technical issues and errors due to their imperfectness. One such error is the error code 014.30. You might be facing this error code, and you are wondering what it means. This article will guide us on what the error code signifies.

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Roku Error Code 014.30

Error 014.30 is an error that occurs when your device refuses to connect to your Ethernet network or your Wi-Fi while streaming on the Roku TV. Even the tiniest error faced by a customer can interrupt and cause discomfort to a customer. Although companies are working on doing their best to satisfy their users, they work with the slogan “customer satisfaction is our priority”, but it is difficult to achieve it. In this article, we will look at the factors that cause the error code 014.30 to surface.

What Causes The Error 014.30 

There are varying factors causing error code 014.30 to surface while using your Roku device. It can be caused by different factors like inputting a wrong Wi-Fi password, due to a wrong network setting, due to interference with your antivirus software, due to a bug on your Roku device, or due to a distance from your dance-to-a-router which could lead to an unstable connection.

Let us take a look at the causes of the errors individually.

Inputting a wrong Wi-Fi password:

You may have inputted the wrong password which can cause glitches with the system. When the system is trying to establish a connection, it can trigger this error code as the system will be unable to connect to the internet.

Distance From your device-to-your-router:

There is supposed to be just a little distance between your router and your device else it could make the signal very weak. For most Roku devices to work, it needs an efficient signal. When the distance becomes too wide with the wireless signal, it will get disconnected.

Wrong configuration setting: 

When your TV is wrongly configured, it could cause the error 014.30 to pop up. You want to make sure your TV is perfectly configured so you can enjoy the service.

Due to an Interference with the anti-virus software:

When there is an issue with the software of your TV, it could cause it to malfunction. There is some essential software that is needed to ensure the smooth function of your TV, and anything that interferes with it could cause an error.

When there is a poor  internet signal:

While users are streaming with this device, if there is a poor signal connection, this error will occur. The poor signal might be in front of the user’s end or even from the end of the service provider. Since Roku needs a strong internet signal to function well, it won’t perform efficiently when it is not fed enough signal.

How Can The Errors Caused By 014.30 Be Fixed?

It is not difficult to fix this error as so many of the causes are minute. Most errors do not need in-depth technical knowledge of the error to fix it. If you have identified the cause of the errors, then follow these steps to have it fixed.

Keep your software up-to-date:

If the problem is with your software, then it needs to be updated for the error to be fixed. The first step to updating your software is to connect your device to a Wi-Fi network. Then navigate to Settings and click on update software. When the software finishes updating, you can then reboot and see if it works. You can also check if the error is caused by interference resulting from antivirus software. Then disable it.

  • The second way to fix this issue is to restart your modem. When you do this, all errors will be rectified automatically. Since the error may be caused by a bug on the device, this can help in fixing the error.
  • The third way to fix this error is to stay very close to your router and avoid keeping too much distance between your device and the router as the wireless signal can easily disconnect from your device. To have a strong connection, you need to stay close to your router.
  • The fourth way to fix this error is to test your Wi-Fi network with other devices like your laptops or phones to ensure that there is stable internet.
  • The last step is to reach out to your Roku customer Support to explain the error to them and have it fixed.


Roku is without any doubt one of the best streaming devices that work in collaboration with other devices like Netflix. Since it is imperfect, once customers are faced with little issues, they can fix them using the steps highlighted above.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Can I manage to use Roku TV with a weak signal?

Answer: If by weak signal you mean, network disconnecting and reconnecting. Then it can get frustrating as you won’t enjoy the film you are watching with a weak signal.

  • What do I do after trying the solutions above but the error refuses to disappear?

Answer: You can contact the Roku customer helpline. they are ever ready to support.

  • Will restarting my Roku device and router in any way help fix the error code?

Answer: Yes, restarting both devices can help in fixing the error code.

Roku Error Code 014.30 – All About it

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