Bath And Body Works Customer Service – Know More

Bath & Body Works, is America’s popular retail store that sells the best fragrances of soap, lotions, sanitizers, and candles. They have a variety of fragrances and have developed new ones recently. Bath & Body Works was founded in 1990 in New Albany, Ohio, and has expanded its stores on 6 continents. They became the largest bath in the United States in 1997. Know more about Bath And Body Works Customer Service.

Bath And Body Works Customer Service

Having over 2000 stores in the country and 300 around the globe, Bath & Body Works has been expanding its branches and improving its customer services as well. They have the gifts and goodies that you can surprise your friends and family with. Bath & Body Works offers amazing fragrances, candles, body care products, hand soaps and sanitizers. They have products for both men and women with lovely gifts you can present each other with. Customer services at Bath & Body Works can be reached online on their websites, and in person. Their official address is: –

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Bath And Body Works Customer Service

Bath & Body Works, 7 Limited Parkway East, Reynoldsburg, OH 43068.If you want to have a live chat with a representative from Bath & Body Works you can contact at 1-800-756-5005.  Forward any complaints or queries at 

Besides that, you can ask any questions on the page of their website for customer care services Every question you ask will direct you to the right answer and help you instantly. The Bath & Body Works customer care website provides several FAQs with their answers where you can immediately find assistance to your queries.  You can ask questions about their products, shopping facilities, and shipping information. You just have to choose the right topic provided in the list and click away! The customer service hours are 6 am to 2 am official, from Monday to Sunday and they will respond 24 hours a day.

How Can We Contact Customer Services?

To contact on phone, you can call these numbers: –

  • Online customer care- 1-877-832-9272
  • Store customer care- 1-800-395-1001
  • Accessibility support- 1-800-531-4504

To contact through social networks, you can reach out to: –

  • Facebook page of Bath & Body Works-  Bath & Body Works Facebook page.
  • Twitter Page of Bath & Body Works- Bath & Body Works Twitter page
  • Latest Photos-  Bath & Body Works Instagram page
  • Latest Videos-  Bath & Body Works Youtube page

To contact through e-mail, reach out to the following link: –

  • Bath & Body Works contact form

What Kind Of Privacy Policy Do They Address For Customers?

Bath & Body Works have addressed the following issues in their policy: –

  • Information to be shared with third parties and sister brands
  • Choices of customers on the information they can use
  • Update personal information
  • Protect personal information
  • Collect children’s information
  • Store personal information and share
  • Contact person to ask questions and concerns
  • Share updates on these policies

They are willing to go to lengths to create as much transparency as possible for their customers. They need to get as much information as required from you to ensure the best services. If you have any queries then always contact them directly. There are also options to opt-out of any e-mail list if you no longer want information or text messages sent to you.

Where Can A Customer Place Complaints About Any Poor Service?

If you have met with poor service and want to consult with a representative of Bath & Body Works then you must Fill up the form regarding your complaint and your information then submit it. You will get a response as soon as they can resolve the problem. If you have any issues getting through then contact them directly by dialing their number or for a live chat to resolve your problems instantaneously. Besides, you can always talk to customer care online, through mail or e-mail, and direct call on the phone. In case, a package is late to arrive or damaged you can call at 1-877-832-9272 from 6 am to 2 am. 


Bath & Body Works services have earned a rating of A+ from the Better Business Bureau. They will respond to your services in every way possible. Either through phone, e-mail, online, or a live chat, you can reach a representative of the customer care unit and ask your questions. To file a complaint, you will need to go to their site and click on the complaint button to fill-up the form. If you do not want to wait long there are several contacts provided on their website.

FAQs: –
  • Can We Find Bath & Body Works on social networks?

Yes, you can find them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube

  • Will I get information at any time of the day?

Their customer care office is available from 6 am to 2 am and responds 24 hours a day

  • Where can I call to talk directly to Bath & Body Works customer care?

You can call at 1-800-869-0158 (6 am to 2 am) and 1-800-395-1001 (9 am to 7 pm)

Bath And Body Works Customer Service – Know More

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