Customer Loyalty Programs Of FedEx Useful


Customer Loyalty Programs of FedEx have become a very useful tool in customer retention. Companies are spending top dollar to ensure their customers enjoy multiple rewards for choosing them in a very competitive market. FedEx is a shipping and transportation company based in Tennessee, which boasts a market share of 38% in the transportation industry.

Customer Loyalty Programs Of FedEx Useful

Answer of How Are Customer Loyalty Programs of FedEx Useful?

FedEx introduced a reward program called `my FedEx rewards’ that targets small and medium businesses. This program is valid for customers who have an existing shipping account and gives them access to gift cards and massive shipping discounts and can be enjoyed using both personal and business accounts.

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How the FedEx does rewards program work?

To enjoy the FedEx rewards program, one has to create a `my FedEx rewards’ account. Once the account is up and running, you would have to log in and would immediately have access to different reward options. Selecting one option to work towards is the most convenient and effective way to go, as opposed to just earning points. This, however, may be complicated if you have to change your shipping requirements, depending on what option is most convenient for your customer’s needs.

Benefits of the FedEx rewards program.

The FedEx rewards program allows loyal customers to enjoy gift cards and discounts of up to 70% on shipping expenses by selecting from the reward alternatives on the site and working towards being suitable.

How to redeem Fedex rewards?

The process of redeeming the FedEx rewards is quite simple. You need to enroll in the `my rewards’ program, which will require you to provide the details and specifics of your shipping account. After enlisting, you will have access to various offers. Each one will contain additional information on the requirements and expectations to meet to qualify for and collect your reward. You would need to make purchases, which will be linked to your account and once you hit your target, the rewards will be sent to your shipping address or via email.

How does one know the balance on their FedEx gift card?

Accessing the gift store balance site permits any user to check their balance on any gift card. You would need to input the merchant information which will be FedEx. The search will provide you with a breakdown of your transactions and a final balance.

FedEx Discounts

If you do not want to sign up for the rewards program, but would still like to enjoy various discounts offered by FedEx, you can still do so. The discounts are:

bonus

Once you create an account with FedEx, they have a special which offers a 40% discount on their package delivery services.

29% discount on select U.S. services.

This discount is available to customers shipping within the U.S using the express shipping option.

25% discount on international shipping services

This discount is available to customers shipping products internationally using the express shipping option.

20% on Ground services

This discount is available to customers making shipments by road for certain products.

10% on Home Delivery services

In case you are making door deliveries to your home, FedEx offers a discount on specific items.

78% on Freight services

This discount is available for certain items shipped by air.

How can you find out which products are discounted on FedEx?

A customer can get information on shipping discounts using the FedEx website at Accessing the `great rates’ site will give you a comprehensive breakdown of all available discounts whether you plan on shipping by air or ground. In addition, you can call the FedEx team at 1.877.463.7408. You should have your account details as well as information on your shipment ready before making a call. The line is available from Monday to Friday from 8 AM to 8 PM EST.


Loyalty programs are not uncommon in today’s business environment. With competition for a significant market share growing daily, businesses have to invest in programs that assist in retaining current customers and possibly attracting new clients. Rewarding customers for their loyalty communicate their value to the company and motivates them to keep making repeat purchases.

Frequently asked questions

Does FedEx have annual rewards?

Unfortunately, FedEx does not provide any annual rewards. The `my rewards’ program is the only loyalty program offered by FedEx.

Do FedEx rewards have an expiration date?

The rewards accumulated have no expiry date and can be amassed over a long period and be redeemed as soon as you meet the target.

How much are FedEx points worth for rewards?

FedEx does not calculate rewards based on points but rather based on targets. The size of shipments does not matter when it comes to accumulating the targets, you could make small shipments over time and still manage to exceed the target goals.

How much does the FedEx Rewards program cost?

Luckily, the `my rewards’ program is completely free and anyone who makes monthly small shipments can enjoy its benefits.

Customer Loyalty Programs Of FedEx Useful

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