Louisiana Fishing License- Find More About It

Nationals and foreigners aged 18 and above are obliged to possess a basic fishing license for recreational fishing in Louisiana waters. This license gives you all legal aspects to catch freshwater species. But if you want to fish around the south saltwater line you will have to purchase a saltwater license. If you wish to fish with hooks and poles, then you’ll be needing a hook and line license. Across south Louisiana, you can catch many freshwater and saltwater species cheek by jowl. Let us know more detail about ‘Louisiana Fishing License’.

Louisiana Fishing License

How Do I Get A Recreational Fishing License?

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You can purchase your fishing license online, at LDWF ( Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries) located at 2000 Quail Drive in Baton Rouge, and many other local retailers. All online purchase payments are made through debit/ credit cards including visa, American Express, Mastercard, or discover which might deduct a small handling fee while processing. Once you purchase your fishing license you’ll receive an email with a temporary authorization number and a PDF of your license which you can either print or digitize a copy of it on your mobile and show to the authority when needed.

What Are The Types Of Fishing Licenses?

There are many types of fishing licenses including basic fishing license, saltwater fishing license, hook and line fishing license, senior fishing license, Louisiana sportsman’s paradise license, charter passenger freshwater license, and charter passenger saltwater license.

How Much Does A Fishing License Cost? 

There are various types of hunting licenses as discussed above. The charges are varying from type to type. Let us see some of the types and their charges.

  • Basic Fishing License. 

Resident : $17 Non resident : $68

  • Saltwater Fishing License.

Resident: $15 non resident : $60

  • Hook And Line Fishing License .

Resident: $5 non resident : none

  • Senior Fishing License.

Resident: $5 non resident: none

  • Louisiana Sportsman’s Paradise License.

Resident : $100 non resident: $400

  • Charter Passenger Freshwater License.

Resident: $20 non resident: $20

  • Charter Passenger Saltwater License.

Resident: $10 non resident: $10

How do I qualify for a resident rate purchase of the license?

  • To make a purchase under a resident rate you must complete the necessary requirements and present one of the valid documents stated below to do so.
  • Louisiana driving license valid for 6 months or more.
  • Louisiana identification card issued by the Louisiana Department of Public Safety.
  • The residency requirements on bonafide 
  • The right to vote in Louisiana with the registered voter identification.
  • A valid driving license if you drive a motor vehicle.
  • A valid Louisiana registration of the motor vehicle if you possess one within the territory of Louisiana.
  • Louisiana state income tax revenue return if you earn an income in Louisiana. 

If you possess any other state’s license you won’t fall under the category of getting a fishing license under resident rates.

Can I Fish On The Texas Border? 

Yes, you can. The waters in western Louisiana structure a shared line with Texas, so Louisiana and Texas have an equal arrangement that permits Louisiana and Texas sporting anglers to fish line waters (aside from the Gulf of Mexico) under their occupant permit from their home state. They are not expected to buy an alien permit. Those excluded from occupant licenses for their state (see above) are additionally remembered for this arrangement. Line waters include: 

  • Caddo lake
  • Toledo bend reservoir
  • Sabine river
  • Sabine lake
  • Sabine pass 

Louisiana occupants age 65 or more seasoned are not expected to buy a Texas alien permit to fish in any Texas public waters (both freshwater and saltwater), yet they should have a substantial Louisiana inhabitant senior fishing license(s) and consent to Texas regulation. Louisiana occupants from 17 to 64 years old are as yet expected to buy a Texas alien fishing permit while fishing in Texas waters, except for boundary waters.

How To Replace A Lost License?

Don’t worry, it’s a piece of cake. If you have lost your fishing license you can get a duplicate for just $2. If you have purchased it online, you can reprint the PDF you received in the first place. But remember, duplicate licenses are not issued for temporary licenses. 

Who Does Not Require A Fishing License? 

The locals and foreigners under the age of 18.

Natives Who Are Born Before The 1st Of June 1940 Lived In Louisiana For Six Months. 

Can disabled persons possess a fishing license in Louisiana? 

Yes! Differently abled persons of Louisiana are provided with fishing licenses for free or at reduced rates. This includes persons who are blind, paralytic, amputees, or the ones who use artificial limbs or permanent braces.

What Is A Lifetime License?

The lifetime license is issued for a citizen of Louisiana which is valid for the entire lifetime, even if you become a citizen of other nations you can still use the fishing license in Louisiana.


Fishing remains popular in the state of Louisiana. This is the reason for Louisiana to offer fishing licenses for the locals and foreigners in the nation for recreational activities. Apart from the types of licenses mentioned above, Louisiana also issues additional special licenses to fish across the south saltwater. Fishing without the proper type of fishing license might result in criminal or civil sanctions. To avoid unpleasant incidents, get a fishing license in Louisiana and enjoy fishing.

Louisiana Fishing License- Find More About It

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