EBay Complaints -Find More About It

EBay is an online site also called an auction site. Mainly due to the fact that eBay does not promote any items itself. In reality, it allows a consumer to consumer sales by allowing users to list items of their choice for sale, and other users would bid on them in auctions. Anyone can open an eBay account without paying anything and promote or purchase any product. Let us know about ‘EBay Complaints’.

EBay Complaints

EBay Complaints

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Since eBay is undeniably one of the biggest e-commerce corporations, receiving complaints from clients is likely to occur frequently. In this article, you will find out in which cases you should file a complaint, as well as the most frequent scams to look out for.

When To Report A Seller?

Only report a seller when you suspect they’re violating eBay’s policies. Here are, for instance, a few cases of when you should be reporting a seller:

  • The seller desires to sell you an item outside of eBay.
  • You suspect that the seller might be under the age of 18.
  • The seller no longer displays dedication to completing the sale.
  • The seller communicates with abusive language or sends threatening messages. 
  • The seller didn’t provide you with valid contact information.
  • The seller published someone’s contact information without permission.
  • Tap on this link for Customer Support “https://www.ebay.com/help/home” 

When To Report A Buyer?

Only report a buyer when you suspect they’re violating eBay’s policies. Here are a few examples of when you should be reporting a buyer:

  • The buyer is making a false claim.
  • The buyer is requesting something that is not mentioned in the original sale.
  • The buyer is misusing the returns system or the “eBay Money Back Guarantee” 
  • The buyer wants you to make a sale on eBay. 
  • The buyer is exploiting the bid retraction process by repeatedly bidding and retracting.
  • The buyer is messaging you continuously with no intention of buying.

Most Frequent Scams To Avoid As A Buyer:

More often than not, eBay tends to side with the buyer in terms of disputes, so the purchaser has less to worry about in these cases. But there’s always a great chance that you’ll fall for a scam on eBay, so here are a few common scams to look out for:

1. You Send The Payment, And The Seller Runs Off With Your Money

for most listings. But, if you don’t receive your order after paying, the eBay Money Back Guarantee protects you. Nonetheless, some high-value listings aren’t covered by the eBay Money Back Guarantee, so to stay safe, try to avoid purchasing an item that is not protected by the eBay Money Back Guarantee.

2. The Seller Ships Your Order With An Incorrect Name:

You receive a package with the wrong name on it so, you send it back thinking it isn’t yours. Afterward, that marks your order as “refused” or “returned”. In other words, it will not be protected by the eBay Guarantee procedure. So now the buyer has your money, and you have nothing in return, not even protection. To stay safe, always open the packages that come to your house if you are expecting one, and the address on the delivery matches yours. You can always report that the item isn’t the same as the listing. 

3. The Seller Is Listing An Empty Box:

In that case, you might have seen a hot new item, but with a low price compared to the market value, so you rush to buy it before realizing that the listing clearly states that it is an empty box and you’ve been ripped off. You can file a complaint if the seller intentionally hid the fact. However, if it was stated that it’s a “box only”, then, you’ll most probably win the dispute. To stay safe, read a listing carefully before purchasing. 

Most Frequent Scams To Avoid As A Seller:

Sellers face many problems on eBay due to the fact that it is definitely easier for a scammer to strike a seller when there’s no fear of consequence. And in most cases, scammers will pose as buyers to take advantage of the consumer protection measures. To stay safe, here are some scams you should avoid:

  • A buyer offers to pay more money for the item listed;
  • The buyer wants to purchase outside of eBay;
  • The buyer reports that he has received from you an empty box.


Even if it is a reputable company, known as one of the biggest shopping sites, it can get many complaints at a time. You have the right to report a complaint whether to the seller or buyer in many cases listed above for your information. Therefore, if you were not sure about filing your dissatisfaction and reporting, do not worry as it is a frequent thing eBay receives and their customer service is ready to assist you whenever their help is needed.

EBay Complaints -Find More About It

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