How Much Does A Pot Belly Pig Cost?- Know More

A unique type of domestic is the pot-bellied pig. These pigs are presumed to have come from Vietnam in south-east Asia. They are black, although some may have white patches, hairy with short legs, and tinier compared to their colleagues with an average weight of 70-150 pounds. Their most prominent physical feature is their low-hanging, sagging bellies from which their name originated. In this article, we will see about ‘How Much Does A Pot Belly Pig Cost?’.

How Much Does A Pot Belly Pig Cost?

How Much Does A Pot Belly Pig Cost?

1. Cost of purchasing a pot-bellied pigs

The cost varies depending on several elements which include:

  • Availability: if you live in south-eastern Asia where they are commonly grown you will get it at a more than someone who lives where they are raised in small quantities or not reared at all
  • Place of purchase: furthermore the place of purchase is another ample fraction to be considered. confidential individuals typically charge higher rates than public adoption centres. The average price for chasing a pot-bellied pig from private owners is relatively higher than public adoption centres and ranges from about 600-800 dollars. This commonly includes vaccination expenditures: getting a pot-bellied pig from public adoption centres can amount to as tiny as $70 with a normal range of 60 -$300.
  • Transportation cost: If you live far from the spot the pig was acquired, the transportation price will necessarily increase the total price of the purchase. For example, interstate shipping can cost up to 250 dollars depending on where you live for the shipping service, and extra certificates are commonly expected like a USDA health certification which can cost 300-500 dollars before shipping can be authorized

2. Cost of rearing a pot-belly pig

After evaluating how much to purchase these charming creatures, another crucial trait a pet owner should also consider is how much it would cost to care for these animals. The cost is classified into two mains groups, for simplicity

1. Repetitive costs: these are costs that have to be repeated repeatedly

2. Non-repetitive costs: these are costs that do not need to be reiterated repeatedly

Examples of repetitive costs

  • Feeding: this is an important aspect of pet possession. The amount and type of food they eat with age and how active the pig is. The traditional nourishing rule suggests that half a cup of pig chow should be given per 25 kilograms of the pig’s weight. However, pigs not up to six months could be fed as much as they can eat until they attain the age of 3 months. The average cost of nourishing ranges from $115-$600 monthly, depending on the amount and type of food the pig eats. Purchasing specific feeds can cost up to 300-$600 monthly while letting the pig eat leftovers can cost as meagre as $155 monthly, but this is not advisable as these breed of pigs can easily get obese and needs a diet high in protein and fibre which are contained in these specific feeds.
  • Veterinary care: like most pets, pot-belly pigs compel veterinary care. These visits may cost up to $250 per vet visit, it can also alter if the pig has crucial illnesses and can cost up to $1000 depending on the disease.
  • Pet sitting: this is optional if you are not a very busy person but for very busy persons a pet nurse will be mandated as these animals are over-demanding and are often illustrated as a 2-year-old toddlers cost of pet nursing amounts to a cost of about $25 per day but may cost higher depending on the personal
  • Pet training: being animals of high intellect, pot-bellied pigs can be educated to do multiple complicated tasks as already stated above. The cost of training a pot-bellied pig depends on the trainer, to be more inexpensive a pet owner can decide to educate the pet themselves. This can cost between 50-$700 or even more depend on the task and education interval

Example OF Non-Repetitive Costs

  • Shelter: although pot-bellied pigs are indoor animals, ample barricading should be around the house to avoid the pig getting lost. Fencing costs vary depending on the person providing the service and the category of material used for fencing. And can average 300-$2000
  • Toys: like toddlers, these pigs need toys to keep them company, the budget of the toys is purely dependent on the pet owners and can be from 4-$30


Pot bellied pig is a breed of domestic pigs from north-east Asia, they are usually raised as pets and cost an average of – 70-$300 to purchase from public shelters—600-$800 to acquire from private owners—transportation costs an average total of $600—total cost of raising a pot-belly pig varies a lot depending wholly on the preferences and budget of the owner and can cost a span of 400-$2000 for NON-REPETITIVE costs.

Frequently asked questions

1. Are pot-bellied pigs adequate pets?

Answer: yes they are due to multiple benefits which include: – Their high intellect: pot-bellied pigs have shown to be more intelligent than several animals including dogs and cats with proper training, they can perform many progressive feats like performing circus tricks, solving puzzles, playing the piano, and many others.

-Their neatness

-They are also perceived to be very affectionate animals.

2. Pot Bellied bellied pigs live long?

Answer: yes pot-bellied pigs live long, they have an average life duration of 12-18 years and can even live up to 20 years if given tremendous care

3. Are pot-belly pigs destructive

Answer: no they are not, although ugh they may display a little aggression given not give enough attention there, they are usually calm and collected animals.

How Much Does A Pot Belly Pig Cost?- Know More

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