Charlotte Airport lost And Found

While lots of people find traveling calming and enjoyable, it’s undoubtedly stressful regardless of any medium being used, be it by road, rail, water, or even air. And trust me, it’s very easy to misplace or forget your belongings or properties at terminals, checkpoints, or anywhere at all, especially if you’re traveling by train or air. Let us know more detail about ‘Charlotte Airport lost And Found’.

Charlotte Airport lost And Found

Charlotte Airport lost And Found

On that note, it isn’t shocking that lots of people misplace their items at the airport. And with Charlotte Douglas Airport being one of the busiest airports in the world ( as it was ranked 5th worldwide for air traffic and 6th worldwide for Passengers Traffic), people misplacing or losing items at Charlotte Douglas Airport’s checkpoints, restaurants, gates, etc is ultimately inevitable.

Even though Charlotte Douglas Airport does have a lost and found office, the messy or let’s say tricky part about the lost and found is that items are sorted into different agencies depending on where your item was found. 

As discussed, there are different agencies in which your lost or misplaced item night be found at Charlotte Douglas Airport. below are the various agencies you can contact when looking for your items

Charlotte Douglas International Airport lost and found agencies.

1. lost in the airport or other common areas

If you misplace your items in common areas like gates, waiting rooms, baggage claim, or even restrooms, you should contact the airport lost and found as it’s most likely with them.

The airport’s lost and found office is in the baggage claim area of the terminal (zone B), and if you’re busy and unable to go there in person, you can contact them at 704-359-8765 or by email at

2. lost on the aircraft/plane or boarding area

And if you perhaps left your item on the plane before disembarking, you should contact the lost and found for the airline you boarded ( that is if you board the emirate airline, contact Emirates lost and found) cause it’s most probably with them.

3. lost or misplaced in the restaurants or bar

And if you forget your items in restaurants, bars, or food courts in Charlotte Douglas Airport, you should contact the HMS host at 704-359-4997 as they are the company in charge of restaurants and the like in Charlotte airport.

4. lost or forgotten at security checkpoints

Most times, it’s quite easy to forget your stuff at security checkpoints, you should contact the lost and found department- “TSA lost and found” at 794-916-2200 to list items at security checks.

5. lost in retail stores or shops

Lastly, if you forget anything in retail stores while shopping you should contact the agency at 704-359-1890 to check for and retrieve your items.

Alternatively, if perhaps you can’t remember the last place you sighted your misplaced item or for any other reason, you can choose to fill and submit the “lost and found reporting form” so the airport can help contact all agencies and help with the search.


On a final note, CLT’s sport lost and found opens all week from 8 a.m- 6 p.m. Therefore if you’re contacting the office before 8 a.m. or after 6 p.m ensure to drop a message which includes your name, number, and email address. You should also include the description of the misplaced item, where and when the item was lost or last seen, and if it’s a phone you should include the number in the cellphone and the phone’s brand.

Rest assured, if your property was discovered or found, the administrator will get back to you on how to pick it up. On the other hand, if you don’t Lodge a report or inform them about your item, if found, it’ll become the city’s property after 30 days!!!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Charlotte an international airport?

Yes!In fact, its full name is Charlotte Douglas International airport ( CLT) and according to ACI’s rankings is one of the world’s busiest international and National airports.

  • How do I find something I misplaced in an airport?

It’s quite easy to find something you misplaced in an airport if it falls into the right hands. You can either contact the airport directly and send in the description of your lost item or as some airports have an online lost and found report, you can fill in the form instead.

  • What do airports or airlines do with lost and found items?

Valuable items like passports, documents, electronics, etc found by the airport or airlines are passed on to the host airport, and efforts are made to contact the owner of the property. Other items that are hard to trace to the owner if not claimed, become the airport’s state property after a range of 1 – 3 months

  • What are the most commonly lost items in airports?

Individually, the most commonly misplaced items in the airports are usually one’s luggage, wallet, or phone. Sometimes, another person might end up retrieving your luggage unintentionally.

Charlotte Airport lost And Found

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