White Plains Parking Tickets-Know More

Parking in White Plains can be challenging. Unlike other places where one  can park a few blocks from a destination and just walk, the parking situation in the city may come as a bit of a surprise. Let’s know more about White Plains Parking Tickets.

White Plains Parking Tickets

At the White Plains, parking is a difficult task that many people struggle with; other places allow parking without any restrictions. The place has limited parking on the streets, so people need to be aware of this, they will find themselves with surprise parking tickets. 

The parking has an installed metered on them, drivers need to be aware of the rules and regulations involved in parking and parking meters. For those who wish to move around the city, the information provided in this paper will guide you on how to avoid parking tickets at White Plains.

White Plains Parking Violations & Penalties

The parking meter charges on the streets are high as $25 for meter time expiry, for other places such as downtown, meter charges up to $10 for overtime notice. The meters on the White Plains have a six-minute after payment for users to leave the parking.

Ensure to pay attention to the time indicated on the meters, the time shows you the required parking time that is legal and with necessary information. If you feel like you do not have enough information or you are new in the city, ask for any help on the parking criteria or call 866-661-2707.

How To Dispute Your Parking Ticket

If you suspect that your parking ticket was given out wrongly, never worry, White Plains parking ticket will be right there to help you with all the assistance you need. Call the parking ticket number or visit them from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 4 pm. Reach out to this address and get your dispute solved, Public Safety Building – Main Floor, 77 S Lexington Avenue, White Plains, NY.

Bring all the necessary documents such as a driver’s license, proof of your suspicion, and a parking citation, if you opt to initiate the dispute alone. Use DoNotPay to quickly and smoothly end the dispute.

How to pay White Plains Parking Tickets.

Travelers and drivers need to make their payments 100 days before to avoid towing, booting or debt collectors coming for you. For those who have parking infractions worth $350, below are methods that will guide you to pay for your tickets without any difficulty.

Make payments via phone- Make calls from the provided phone number between Mondays to Friday.

Make the payments online- for any outstanding debts for your car, pay them through the online method. Ensure to access the service within the required hours, online services are not available between 2-2:30 am every day due to maintenance.  

Make the payment in person-visit the office and make your payments, use the address provided and ensure to be there during their normal operational hours.

Pay using the mail. Send money through the address: City Court – Parking Violations Office, City of White Plains, and P.O. Box 6500, White Plains, NY 10602-6500.

For online or phone payments, a charge of $3 is charged per ticket. 

The Lowdown on White Plains Street Parking 

Street parking is offered both on multiple spaces of single-space meters around the city. On every street, there is the provision of on-street metered parking, which only lasts for an hour, and the off-street parking goes for a long period. All the information related to the parking is provided on the signs, make sure you pay attention to the details.

Parking downtown is majorly on-street meters, which are effective from Monday to Sunday between 9 am to 9 pm. 

Parking outside the area is allowed from 9 am to 6 pm, and for the off-street meters, payments can be within 24 hours in a day, or 7 days.

On Sundays and holidays, parking’s offered free. Multi-space extends your parking period without returning to your normal place. Pay extra charges for additional time using your phone or MasterCard or use the ParkWhitePlains app, the app is suitable for remote users but for it to be effective, you have to park to a sign having the app logo.


Many streets have limited parking, while those in busy areas are often metered. It is recommended for travelers to learn about street parking rules and parking meters to avoid a White Plains parking ticket. 

Frequently asked questions.

Can I make payment and book in advance?

Yes, booking is allowed for drivers to get the parking spot before they arrive, if you book in advance you will enjoy the benefits of choosing the parking suitable for your car. Use Park Whiz or Spot Hero apps to make bookings.

Can I use White Plains Transportation as an alternative?

To avoid straining so much on a parking spot, which is a challenge at White Plains parking tickets, opt to use city transport, which is much more convenient and easy. There are different buses, subways, and trains that can be used as an alternative.

How can I avoid White Plains Parking Tickets?

It is important to have all the parking tips at your fingertips before parking your car on the streets of White Plains. There are pre-parking services offered by the city and this helps drivers who do not like parking along the meter, or the other alternative to avoid parking tickets utilize the transportation offered by the city. 


White Plains Parking Tickets-Know More

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