Is Wish Legit?- Everything You Need to Know

Online buying can be daunting. No matter how authentic a shop appears, you are always concerned about being scammed. Wish, a large American online e-commerce company has frequently been questioned for its exceptionally low-cost products. So, how trustworthy is Wish? Should you make a purchase from it? Is wish legit? We investigate how legitimate Wish is, why the products are so cheap, and how to watch out for scams. Let’s learn about ‘Is Wish Legit?’.

Is wish legit?

What is Wish?

Wish is a real online e-commerce platform headquartered in San Francisco in the United States. The company was started by ex-members of Google’s and Yahoo’s programming teams. Since its launch in 2010, Wish has attracted 500 million people on its platform. It is currently one of the top-selling e-commerce companies in the US. 

Customers can purchase things from a variety of categories on Wish. This includes shoes, clothing, watches, phones, and almost anything else you can think of. Wish acts as a mediator between thousands of different sellers in China who ship the products to America and other parts of the world.

How legit is Wish? 

If you are an active Wish user or even a new user, you would have noticed that the items are extremely cheap when compared to other online platforms such as Amazon. You can find smartwatches that cost less than $40, Bluetooth earphones that cost $10, purses that cost $8, and so on. These cheap prices may make you question the platform’s legitimacy and rightfully so. But there are several reasons behind such cheap prices as explained below: 

  • Many Wish products are sold from China, where many fake products are created. Counterfeit goods are sold at a lesser price than original products.
  • The materials used for the products are frequently of poor quality, which is another cost-cutting strategy reflected in the cheap prices. China’s labor policy accommodates sellers who want to produce goods in large quantities but at a low cost.
  • Wish products are frequently shipped directly by the seller, sparing them the expense of managing a physical shop. Products can also be held at Wish-owned facilities and shipped as soon as a buyer makes an order.
  • Wish sellers also save on shipping costs because items take months to ship, while other online sellers, such as Amazon, ship items in a matter of days.

Yes, Wish has millions of inexpensive products that you may be shopping for yourself, as gifts, or for other purposes. However, you should expect low-quality products that reflect the pricing. So, if you buy anything for $1, anticipate it to be of that quality. What is true is that your products will ship and you will receive them, hence Wish is a legitimate site in that sense; however, whether the product lives up to its advertising or works is not something you can expect. You can check YouTube for unboxing videos of Wish products to get a better sense of the quality of Wish products. It will become evident that most products are essentially knock-offs and not from any globally recognized brands.

Although the products you purchase may be of poor quality, and the low prices may make you wary of paying on Wish, it is normally safe to join Wish and make purchases there, just as it is with other online sellers. Wish, like other online platforms, collects personal information such as your name, email, address, computer IP address, and other details. Wish is unlikely to steal your personal information if you create an account and purchase goods, although there may be risks of being hacked as with other online platforms. 


Wish is a legitimate company, but the products it sells may not be; rather, they are likely to be counterfeit or low-quality Chinese-made products. Although some products are inexpensive, you must consider whether they are worthwhile. Wish may be suitable if you are mainly seeking short-term goods of low quality and are on a limited budget. Wish, like other online marketplaces, is secure in terms of payment, so buyers should not be concerned. To make secure purchases, read seller reviews on the marketplace and watch out for deceptive product information. If your item is still not delivered after several months, you can get in touch with Wish.

  • Where do Wish products ship from? 

They ship from China.  

  • Are products sold on Wish counterfeit ones? 

Yes, they are mostly knock-offs. Although they may be advertised as such, the things sold on Wish are not from original brands. Keep an eye out for misleading product descriptions. The pricing alone indicates that the products are not from original brands.

  • How long does it take Wish to ship?

Wish typically takes months to ship. It is possible that you will never get your items. In that case, you should contact Wish, as they will try to help you. 

Is Wish Legit?- Everything You Need to Know

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